Chapter 1938: Returning to the Divine World

The moment the heads appeared on the city walls, the several hundred thousand experts from the various superpowers teamed up and charged towards Divine Dan City. The Wangu Clan, Ancient Demon Race, and the Ghost Refining Gate led the way as countless experts trailed behind them.

As soon as they arrived at Divine Dan World, they merged into a single army as they soared straight towards Divine Dan City.

This time, the Wangu Clan was led by Wangu Changyue. He was the twin brother of Wangu Changlong, who was killed by Huang Xiaolong not too long ago.

“I had said this before! We should have exterminated the Huang Family a long time ago! If we had killed all of them several years ago, Wangu Changlong and the others would still be alive!” The Chief of the Ancient Demon Race sighed with regret.

Wangu Changyue’s expression turned gloomy, and he growled. “I am definitely going to kill Huang Xiaohai! I’ll kill him with my own two hands! I’ll grind his children into meat paste before feeding it to my mount!”

When the Wangu Clan had received news of Wangu Changlong’s death along with the demise of nearly a hundred experts from their race, rage had clouded their minds. They had nearly gone crazy.

Being the twin brother of Wangu Changlong, Wangu Changyue’s killing intent had soared through the sky, and he had vowed to destroy the Huang Family.

The sect chief of the Ghost Refining Gate chuckled, “Brother Wangu Changyue, you don’t need to worry. As soon as we take Huang Xiaohai down, we’ll hand him over to you! You can do whatever you want with him.”

“Strange… Lord Wangu Wudi didn’t reply to me when I contacted him a moment ago…” Mo Cang, the sect of the Ancient Demon Race, frowned.

“Lord Wangu obtained the first position in the competition, and he is probably enjoying the post-competition celebrations right now. Why will he bother to look at your message?” The sect chief of the Ghost Refining Gate snickered. “With Lord Wangu Wudi’s strength, who will be able to cause trouble for him?”

Mo Cang nodded his head after thinking about it for a moment.

His words made sense. All of them were clear on Wangu Wudi’s strength.

“We’ll arrive at Divine DanCity in a few hours.” Wangu Changyue looked in Divine Dan City’s direction as horrifying killing intent burst out from his body. “Let’s hope that the members of the Huang Family don’t take the chance to run away.”

The You Family Patriarch, You Yiyang, laughed. “Brother Wangu Changyue doesn’t need to worry about that. Lord Wangu Wudi controls the Alchemist Grandmaster Union! Even a mosquito from the Huang Family won’t be able to get away!”

Wangu Changyue nodded his head when he heard what You Yiyang said.

After several hours…

The superpowers’ combined army summoned by Wangu Wudi saw Divine Dan City’s outline lying ahead of them.

The moment the sight entered their eyes, all of them couldn’t help but speed up.

They came closer and closer to Divine Dan City. 

However, a cry of surprise escaped Wangu Changyue’s lips when he stared at the sight on the city walls.

He saw several items hanging on the walls, but he failed to identify the objects.

“What are those?” The sect chief of the Ghost Refining Gate noticed the anomaly as well. Since the Alchemist Grandmaster Union had opened the protective array, no one managed to see the objects hanging on the city walls even after opening their heavenly eye.

The hundreds of thousands of experts moved closer and closer to Divine Dan City.

“Something’s not right!” Mo Cang exclaimed in surprise. “Why is there no one here to welcome us?”

Everyone felt a shiver running through their hearts when they heard what he said. 

The sect chief of the Ghost Refining Gate muttered in a low voice. “Don’t tell me… Did something happen in Divine Dan City? Did Lord Wangu Wudi already declare war on the Huang Family?! Is that why no one came to welcome us?”

Wangu Changyue couldn’t contain his suspicion, and he yelled, “Hurry up!”

All of them no longer held anything back as they rushed towards Divine Dan City with everything they had got.

Before long, they arrived before the city gates.

Mo Cang stopped all of a sudden as a look of shock appeared on his face. He stared at the objects hanging from the city wall, and his jaws dropped to the ground. Previously, they weren’t able to see the items clearly. However, they were close enough to notice the facial features of the heads hanging on the wall.

They were the heads of Wangu Wudi and some of the elders!

Wangu Wudi’s head was hanging on the wall!

“No… no… no!” Mo Cang’s body started to tremble. He felt as though the world had collapsed on him as he turned to stare at the face on the head beside Wangu Wudi.

You Wuguang!

Chen Xinghui! Cheng Ping! Yan Jinwen!

Every time they recognized the face of a head hanging on the wall, a tremor ran through their heart.

Wangu Changyue and the others stopped dead in their tracks when they realized the identities of the heads hanging on the wall. A look of fear and shock appeared in their eyes as they stared at the heads with disbelief.

“Wan… Lord Wangu Wudi?!” The sect chief of the Ghost Refining Gate yelled in shock, breaking the silence. “Is this an illusion?! This isn’t real!”

“Illusion?!” Wangu Changyue and the others felt a lightbulb going off in their head.

However, they couldn’t react as blinding rays of light assaulted their eyes. Huang Xiaolong, Huang Xiaohai, Zhao Shu, the Ascending Moon Old Man, and the others appeared from inside the city.

“Huang Xiaohai! It’s you!” Wangu Changyue’s eyes turned red when he saw Huang Xiaohai. “You dared to kill my brother, and you’re messing with us with weird illusions!”

Being too lazy to explain the situation to them, Huang Xiaolong waved his arm. Endless experts streamed out from Divine Dan city, and if there weren’t a hundred million of them, there were probably several tens of millions. The massive army surrounded everyone Wangu Changyue had brought along with him.

After killing Wangu Wudi, Huang Xiaolong had gained control of all the experts in Divine Dan City.

“This…” Wangu Changyue and the others stared at the scene before them in shock.

“Kill them.” Huang Xiaolong’s voice rang through the air.

In an instant, experts charged towards Wangu Changyue in an endless stream. Ferocious roars filled the sky. Huang Xiaolong had already promised them ten thousand top-grade divine stones for every elder they could kill. 

The reward was enough to drive any one of them crazy, and they rushed out without regard for their life.

Looking at how enemies were charging towards them, bursting with killing intent, Wangu Changyue snapped back to attention. He roared, “How dare you all?! Do you dare to attack my Wangu Clan?! Are you trying to rebel?!”

It was too bad no one cared about Wangu Changyue. Instead, they became even more fired up. Since they had already thrown in their lot with Huang Xiaolong, there was no longer a route of retreat for them.

The stench of blood filled the sky.

The sound of the battle lasted for half a day before slowly dying down.

Huang Xiaolong’s expression turned frosty when he saw Wangu Changyue’s corpse along with the Patriarch of the Leng Family. Every single expert who had come to Divine Dan City was killed. Huang Xiaolong had refused to spare a single one of them. 


Several days later, in the Abundant Deities Manor…

Huang Xiaolong looked at Huang Xiaohai and said, “Xiaohai, are you really not planning to ascend to the Divine World with me?”

These few days, Huang Xiaolong had paid the Wangu Clan, Leng Family, Ghost Refining Gate, Ancient Demon Race, and other superpowers a visit. He had taken a stroll through their headquarters and killed everyone down to the last dog. Since he had already settled everything in the Lower World, he felt that it was time to return to the Divine World.

Huang Xiaohai shook his head. “Even though the Wangu Clan has been destroyed, there are still a ton of things to take care of. I should take care of the Huang Family before going up to look for you.”

“Alright then.” Huang Xiaolong nodded his head.

In an instant, Huang Xiaolong opened the path back to the Divine World, and he brought the Ascending Moon Old Man, Xie Puti, Fei Hou, Ao Taiyi, the Nine-Tailed White Fox, and the others into the tunnel.  

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