Chapter 1924: Gate Master, You’re Back!

“Fight to the death?” A bitter smile formed on Huang Xiaohai’s face. “We’ll definitely be the ones to die. I have exchanged blows with him in the past. His strength is unfathomable. I’m afraid he’s no weaker than big brother before he ascended…”

In the past, Huang Xiaolong was at the early-Tenth Order Highgod Realm before he had ascended. When Huang Xiaolong was at the mid-Ninth Order Highgod Realm, he had killed the strongest expert acknowledged by all of them, the Gate Master of the Ghost Refining Sect. One could only imagine Huang Xiaolong’s strength.

Since Wangu Wudi’s strength was said to be comparable to Huang Xiaolong of the past, it only emphasized how terrifying he was.

Everyone fell into silence.

An invisible pressure pressed down on everyone in the hall.

As they thought about their grim future, Huang Xiaolong had already arrived on the street where the Abundant Deities Manor was located.

The gates of the manor appeared in Huang Xiaolong’s field of vision.

When he laid eyes on the familiar structure, a myriad of feelings washed over his heart.

In the past, he had personally built the manor, and the plaque that was hanging above the main gate was personally inscribed by him.

After the multitude of years that had passed, the grandeur of the Abundant Deities Manor hadn’t diminished in the slightest. However, it was clear that it had weathered many storms. Time seemed to have made its mark on the buildings.

From the corner of Huang Xiaolong’s eye, a figure emerged from the gates. It was a familiar face. It was a face that Huang Xiaolong could never forget…

The person who appeared was precisely Fei Hou!

He was the person who had served by Huang Xiaolong’s side from the very beginning and the person who had protected Huang Xiaolong when he was still a little kid!

When Fei Hou looked at the group of people approaching him, he stood rooted to the ground. His eyes slowly widened as he scanned the face of the person standing behind Huang Kebin’s group.

Even though thousands of years had already passed, the image of Huang Xiaolong had never faded from his memory.

Fei Hou’s eyes turned bloodshot in an instant, and indescribable excitement appeared on his face.

Without warning, he rushed towards them.

When they realized that Fei Hou had appeared before them, the group of disciples nearly died from shock.

Fei Hou was an existence even the head of their family, Huang Xiaohai, had to be polite to!

Despite realizing that something was off about Fei Hou’s expression, all the disciples couldn’t help but fall to their knees to greet him. “Greetings to Lord Fei Hou!”

However, Fei Hou didn’t notice their presence, nor their greeting. His soul seemed to have flown away as he walked mindlessly towards Huang Xiaolong. Tears started streaming down his face as he started bawling his eyes out.

When Huang Kebin and the others heard how Fei Hou cried, they jumped in fright. They turned around and stared at each other in shock.

What… what in the world is going on?!

From what they knew, Fei Hou was a peak expert of their Huang Family, and he usually wore a deadpan face no matter where he went. This was the first time they had seen him lose his composure!

Lord Fei Hou was a Tenth Order Highgod, and his state of mind was supposed to be unshakable. None of them knew the reason behind him crying like a little child before their very eyes.

Huang Kebin and the others subconsciously turned to look at Huang Xiaolong.

Just as Fei Hou was about to fall to his knees, Huang Xiaolong waved his hand and shook his head at him.

Fei Hou snapped back to attention. He knew that they couldn’t leak the news of Huang Xiaolong’s return.

“All of you can leave.” Fei Hou suppressed the excitement in his heart and turned to look at Huang Kebin’s group behind him.

“Yes, Lord Fei Hou!” Huang Kebin’s party didn’t dare to go against Fei Hou’s order, and they quickly took their leave.

After they left, the shocking scene replayed again and again in their heart.

Seeing that there was no longer anyone around, Fei Hou fell to his knees, and he started crying all over again. “Gate Master, you are finally back!”

A smile appeared on Huang Xiaolong’s face. “Why are you crying? Is everyone doing alright?”

When Huang Xiaolong’s question left his lips, the situation that the Huang Family was in replayed in his mind. He couldn’t help but feel aggrieved.

“Gate Master, the Wangu Clan…”

“I know everything about the Wangu Clan.” Huang Xiaolong interrupted him, and he nodded his head reassuringly. “Let’s go in first. Is Xiaohai, Zhao Shu, and Xie Puti still around?”

Fei Hou nodded his head and bowed respectfully. “Everyone is present.”

Huang Xiaolong casually asked about the changes in the past several thousand years, and Fei Hou replied to all of them without missing out on a single detail. He even found random stuff to talk about, bringing back all his happy memories.

Huang Xiaolong was the backbone of the Huang Family. His presence alone supported the Huang Family, and it was enough to destroy all threats against them. The matter of the Wangu Clan was forgotten the instant Fei Hou started chatting with Huang Xiaolong.

It took several minutes for Huang Xiaolong to walk all the way to the main hall with Fei Hou, and when he entered, he saw that everyone had their brows tightly knit together as they discussed the matter with the Wangu Clan.

“Who cares about Wangu Wudi?! If he really becomes the director of the Alchemist Association, we’ll just leave for the Divine World!” Zhang Fu flung his sleeve, and he raged.

Huang Xiaohai shook his head. “My parents have already headed to the Divine World. They handed the Huang Family over to me. If I cause the destruction of the Huang Family, I won’t be able to face them when I arrive at the Divine World!”

“If only my big brother were here…” Huang Xiaohai sighed.

As the sigh left his lips, his eyes widened in shock as he stared at the entrance of the hall. He rubbed his eyes in disbelief before rubbing them again as he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Huang Xiaohai’s abrupt change in attitude caused everyone to look at the entrance of the hall. As soon as they saw the figure standing before them, they mirrored whatever he did just a moment ago.

“Gate… gate… gate…” Hao Tian’s tongue got tied as his entire body started to tremble. “This isn’t real, right?!”

“Is this an illusion?!”

Before he could continue spouting more nonsense, a slap brought him back to reality.

“Who! Who hit me?!” Hao Tian spun around in a rage, but he was met with Zhao Shu’s questioning gaze. A smile immediately appeared on his face. It was too bad Zhao Shu couldn’t be bothered with him as he got to his feet shakily. He stared at the figure at the entrance, and the corners of his eyes turned moist.

Like Zhao Shu, tears formed in Zhang Fu, Xie Puti, Long Huangao, and the others’ eyes.

“Gate… Gate Master!”

“You’re back!”

All the members of the Asura Gate kneeled down in unison.

Hao Tian stared at Huang Xiaolong in shock.

I not dreaming, am I?!”

In an instant, he fell to his knees.

Huang Xiaohai’s reaction was even more intense as he lunged towards Huang Xiaolong to grab him with a bear hug. “Big brother, it really is you! You’re back! You’re back to see us!”

Huang Xiaolong hugged Huang Xiaohai, who was acting like a little kid as a smile appeared on his face. “Aren’t all of you ancestor level figures? Why are you crying like kids?”

“I’m not into guys anyway…” Huang Xiaolong started to fool around when he realized that Huang Xiaohai had no intentions of letting go.

Everyone stared at him in stunned silence for a second before bursting out into laughter.

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