Chapter 1921: Betraying the Huang Family

The disciple shook his head. “Wangu Wudi does not have big enmity with Huang Family’s Family Head Huang Xiao Hai. However, no one needs a reason to kill someone. It might be because Wangu Wudi found Huang Xiaohai and the Huang Family not pleasing to the eye.”

“In the past several thousand years, the Huang Family has controlled the Alchemist Grandmaster Union, and countless families have submitted to them. Huang Family had suppressed the Wangu Clan, but they finally managed to grow strong thanks to the appearance of Wangu Wudi. After slowly wrestling control over the Alchemist Grandmaster Union, they accomplished their goal of suppressing the Huang Family a hundred years ago!”

A chilly light flashed through Huang Xiaolong’s eyes. “In the past, when President Huang ascended to the Divine World, he managed to subdue the Ghost Refining Gate. With the assistance of the Ancient Demon Race and the support of the Ghost Refining Gate, how could the Wangu Clan suppress them?”

The disciple shook his head and chuckled. “Senior brother has definitely been in seclusion for too long. How can you not know that the Ghost Refining Gate has already betrayed the Huang Family and thrown themselves under Wangu Wudi’s banner?”

“What about the Ancient Demon Race?” Huang Xiaolong’s face sank.

“That’s right. They turned and allied with Wangu Wudi as well.” The disciple thought for a moment before continuing, “In the past, President Huang killed the Sect Master of the Ghost Refining Gate and the old ancestor of the Ancient Demon Race. They have been carrying out massacres on the Huang Family’s disciples for the past 100 years.

A frosty expression appeared on Huang Xiaolong’s face.

Ghost Refining Gate!

Ancient Demon Race!

Huang Xiaolong had thought that he would be able to return and meet with the Huang Family members before taking them away.

He had even thought that his journey back would be extremely uneventful. It seemed as though that wouldn’t be the case…

“No matter how skinny the camel, it’s still stronger than a horse. Even with the decline in strength, the Huang Family can still rely on the Asura Gate’s strength and the Buddha Emperor Country. They are not at the end of the road yet. The Asura Gate has many Tenth Order Highgod Realm experts, and it won’t be easy for Wangu Wudi to exterminate the Huang Family.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head.

When he had ascended, he had assisted Fei Hou, Zhang Fu, Hao Tian, and the Violet Spirit Devouring Monkey in increasing their strength. With the resources he had left behind, all of them had to be at the Tenth Order Highgod Realm by now.

“However, if Wangu Wudi breaks through the fifth level of the Sacred Dan Temple, he would turn into the Alchemist Grandmaster Union President. The moment he gains control of the Alchemist Grandmaster Union, countless families and sects would ally themselves with him. It wouldn’t be difficult for him to exterminate the Huang Family if he wanted to.”

“Several days ago, Wangu Wudi sent out a message that if Huang Xiaohai refuses to bow down before him and bring the whole Huang Family to submit to him, he will exterminate the Huang Family the moment he becomes the director of the Alchemist Grandmaster Union!”

“Even if Huang Xiaohai wishes to submit, there would no longer be a chance for him to survive.”

The disciple gasped in surprise and continued, “When President Huang had yet to ascend, the Huang Family was such a glorious existence! In the myriad of worlds, who would have dared to go against them?! Who would have thought that they would face extermination in just several thousand years…”

A smile suddenly broke out on Huang Xiaolong’s face. “Isn’t Wangu Wudi afraid of Huang Xiaolong’s return?”

The disciple was shocked when he heard the question, but he chuckled in response. “There are countless experts who ascended to the greater worlds, but no one has ever heard of them coming back.”

Huang Xiaolong looked at the disciple in the eye before asking him more questions about the Wangu Clan and Wangu Wudi.

In the past, when Huang Xiaolong had made an abrupt rise, the Wangu Clan was the number one race in the myriad of worlds. Their strength was frightening, but they had submitted to Huang Xiaolong in the end. Since they had never shown signs of hostility towards him, Huang Xiaolong hadn’t suppressed them before ascending.

Wangu Wudi had appeared out of nowhere, and the strength of the Wangu Clan had risen once again. With the assistance of the Ghost Refining Gate and the Ancient Demon Race, the Wangu Clan had the power to dominate the myriad of worlds.

Without exaggeration, the current Wangu Clan was comparable to the Huang Family of the past.

The disciple who spoke to Huang Xiaolong was called Mu Junyue, and he was a member of the Mu Family.

Huang Xiaolong was no stranger to the Mu Family.

During the Highgod Advancement Tournament, the strongest genius of the Mu Family, Mu Qi, had weathered the storms along with him.

“Who is the current patriarch of the Wangu Clan?” Huang Xiaolong asked all of a sudden.

In the past, the patriarch of the Wangu Clan was called Wangu Yutai.

“The current patriarch of the Wangu Clan is Wangu Yanhui.”

Huang Xiaolong was stunned for a second, but a smile broke out on his face in the next instant. As it turned out, the current patriarch of the Wangu Clan was someone he knew. Wangu Yanhui was the number one genius in the younger generation. If not for the appearance of Fang Chu and himself, Wangu Yanhui would have gotten first place in the Highgod Advancement Tournament.

“I’ve heard that the current patriarch of the Wangu Clan shared some close ties with President Huang. Even though he’s the patriarch of the Wangu Clan, he can’t order Wangu Wudi around. Wangu Wudi’s status in the Wangu Clan has already surpassed that of Wangu Yanhui.” Mu Junyue continued, “Even if Wangu Wudi wants to exterminate the Huang Family, Wangu Yanhui can’t do a thing about it.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head silently.

“Brother, now that you have just left seclusion, are you headed to Divine Dan City?”

“I’m going to the Abundant Deities Manor,” Huang Xiaolong replied.

Mu Junyue was dumbfounded. However, a smile broke out on his face soon after. “Are you still going to support the Huang Family after hearing what I just said? If you really insist on supporting the Huang Family, you might as well join my Mu Family. You should be a Highgod Realm expert, right? We will definitely welcome you!”

Huang Xiaolong chuckled softly, and he didn’t reply.

A disturbance happened in the crowd all of a sudden, and many disciples around them turned to look at the source of the commotion.

“There’s going to be a good show! Disciples of the Wangu Clan are fighting with the disciples of the Huang Family!”

“The Huang Family’s disciples are so bad they can only take a beating! Look at them! They look like dogs getting beaten up!”

Mu Junyue snapped back to attention, and he turned to Huang Xiaolong, “Brother, shall we go over and take a look?”

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head. Even if Mu Junyue hadn’t suggested going, he would have gone over.

As they slowly made their way over to the location of the battle, a massive crowd had already formed around the two parties.

Huang Xiaolong ignored everyone as he made his way forward. A path formed for him, and it was as though there was a pair of invisible hands pushing everyone in his way away.

Mu Junyue couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva in shock as he followed behind Huang Xiaolong.

When they finally arrived before the two parties, Huang Xiaolong saw six Huang Family disciples kneeling in the air. Their bodies were soaked red in blood, and there were some whose arms had been torn apart. There were even some whose rib cage was blown apart with all their bones shattered. It was a sorry sight.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t recognize any of them, but he knew that it had to be his younger brother, Huang Xiaohai’s later generations.

There were several tens of disciples from the Wangu Clan staring them down.

One of them looked at the Huang Family’s disciple, whose hand was torn to shreds as he laughed, “Huang Kebin, how dare you fight over a woman with me, Wangu Rui! I’ll leave you alive today after taking an arm! You had better come to your senses. If you dare to harbor delusions on Zhang Wei, I’ll cripple your third leg!”

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