Chapter 1920: Wangu Wudi

As the world turned upside down in Huang Xiaolong's eyes, a bright light shone, and in the next second, he was plummeting from the boundless space.

Feeling the surrounding environment’s thin spiritual energy, Huang Xiaolong roared in happiness, and the soundwaves spread over a hundred thousand li far.

He was finally back!

Here, looking at the surroundings around him, everything felt familiarly close to him.

Though he had ascended to the Divine World only several hundred years ago, now being back in the lower realm felt as if it was another lifetime.

He once again remembered earth from his past life after feeling the lower realm’s familiar environment.

In this lifetime, he had managed to return to the lower realm. But what about the earth? Would he get a chance to go back to the earth? If he could, god knows when that would happen.

The earth had always been Huang Xiaolong’s sustenance to move forward, to grow stronger in his spirit and soul.

A few minutes later, Huang Xiaolong pacified his emotions. He then determined a direction and flew onwards.

The Huang Family and Shi Xiaofei lived in the Divine Dan City’s Abundant Deities Manor. However, first, Huang Xiaolong needed to determine which world surface he was on currently.

When he reached a world surface not far away, Huang Xiaolong made some inquiries and learned that he was actually at the Fortune World surface. He was relieved to hear that.

Based on his current speed, rushing from the Fortune World to the Divine Dan World wouldn’t even take a day.

Huang Xiaolong originally wanted to stop by the Fortune World’s Fortune Gate. After all, in the Divine World, he was a disciple of the Fortune Gate. But on second thought, Huang Xiaolong gave up on the idea and rushed to the Divine Dan World surface instead. He was more in a hurry to reunite with his family and Shi Xiaofei.

“Father, Mother, Xiaofei, are you all doing well?” Huang Xiaolong mumbled under his breath as he sped forward.

Huang Xiaolong arrived at the Divine Dan World in less than a day, and he headed straight to the Divine Dan City.

As Huang Xiaolong got closer to the Divine Dan City, he inexplicably felt nervous.

Perhaps, this is what is meant by being homesick?

Finally, Divine Dan City’s city gates came into view.

Looking at the city in space, Huang Xiaolong inhaled deeply to calm his surging emotions.

Roughly ten minutes later, Huang Xiaolong descended some distance from the Divine Dan City’s city gates.

“Divine Dan City!” Huang Xiaolong read out the three ancient characters over the city gates.

Divine Dan City, he had finally returned! Huang Xiaolong merely stopped for a short few moments before walking towards the city gates and entered the city.

The Divine Dan City was just as he remembered it. It was bustling and prosperous. Pedestrians were hurrying on the streets, and various forces’ disciples could be seen on every corner.

Huang Xiaolong strolled down the street leading to the Abundant Deities Manor and soon noticed that the Divine Dan City’s hustle and bustle were slightly different from the past.

“This friend, may I ask, is there a grand event going on in Divine Dan City?” Huang Xiaolong couldn’t help but ask a family disciple passing by.

The family disciple Huang Xiaolong had stopped was an early Tenth Order Saint Realm cultivator. He was sufficiently strong by the lower realm’s standards. The family disciple stopped and scrutinized Huang Xiaolong as if he was looking at an alien. He taunted, “I say, brother, you won’t be someone coming down from the Divine World, would you? You don’t even know about the Divine Dan City’s Alchemist Grandmaster Union Grand Competition held once every five thousand years?” 

Huang Xiaolong was dumbstruck for a second.

The Alchemist Grandmaster Union Grand Competition?! Had five thousand years passed in the lower realm when he had merely spent several hundred years in the Divine World?

How could Huang Xiaolong not know about the Alchemist Grandmaster Union Grand Competition? In the past, with the Ten Thousand Divine Beasts Pill Refining Diagram, he had successfully refined a grade-nine tribulation lightning pill, thus winning first place in the competition!

“Brother, you really have no idea?” Seeing Huang Xiaolong keeping mum for quite some time, the family disciple laughed at him.

Huang Xiaolong reacted and said, “I have been cultivating in seclusion for the last five hundred years, I have just exited seclusion. I have let this friend see a joke.”

A look of realization dawned upon the family disciple.

Huang Xiaolong also asked the family disciple about the most recent happenings in the lower realm. It seemed like the family disciple liked to chat as well, so he answered Huang Xiaolong’s questions without holding back.

Huang Xiaolong could determine that five thousand years had passed in the lower realm since his ascension through their conversation.

This term’s Alchemist Grandmaster Union Grand Competition will start tomorrow.

This was the reason why the Divine Dan City was particularly crowded and bustling at this time. Cultivators from various galaxies’ super forces were convening at the Divine Dan City.

“Then, who is the current Alchemist Grandmaster Union’s President?” A question appeared in Huang Xiaolong’s mind, and he asked the family disciple.

The family disciple paused, then shook his head sadly as he said, “Ever since President Huang ascended to the Divine World, the President’s position has been empty. After President Huang ascended, the Alchemist Grandmaster Union was under the Huang Family’s control for a long time. But now, the Alchemist Grandmaster Union has gradually extricate itself from the Huang Family, especially in the last century. The Huang Family’s influence over the Alchemist Grandmaster Union is literally zero.” 

Huang Xiaolong’s brows furrowed in displeasure and doubt.

The Alchemist Grandmaster Union actually extricated themselves from the Huang Family’s control? What’s going on?

Before he had ascended to the Divine World, he had arranged for everything carefully. As long as his father, mother, brother, and younger sister were still here, something like this shouldn’t have happened.

Or could it be that his father, mother, brother, and his younger sister had ascended? Huang Xiaolong suddenly gave birth to a bad feeling.

“Then again, the empty position of the Alchemist Grandmaster Union’s President will probably come to an end after this term’s competition.” The family disciple added.

“Oh, why do you say that?” A light gleamed in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes.

“A peerless genius came out from the Wangu Clan, called Wangu Wudi. His cultivation talent and alchemy talent are unparalleled. Some even say that his cultivation talent and alchemy talent exceeds President Huang’s.”

The family disciple went on, “He’s bound to be the champion of this term’s Alchemist Grandmaster Union Grand Competition. Moreover, Wangu Wudi has already publicly announced that he would challenge the Sacred Dan Temple after winning the Alchemist Grandmaster Union’s competition!”

“With Wangu Wudi’s alchemy talent, he definitely would be able to pass the Sacred Dan Temple’s five levels. At that time, he would become the new President of the Alchemist Grandmaster Union!”

Huang Xiaolong suddenly blurted, “Wangu Wudi?”

This name was really… invincible.

Noticing Huang Xiaolong’s expression, the family disciple elaborated, “His name was actually Wangu Wei, but he wasn’t satisfied with the name given by the clan elders. Then again, from the day he was born to date, he hasn’t lost once in anything. I have heard that he broke through to Tenth Order God Realm a few years ago. With his battle strength, even a peak late-Tenth Order God Realm expert is not his worthy opponent. Some years back, the Huang Family’s new Head lost to him!”

Huang Xiaolong was stupefied, “Who is Huang Family’s new Head? Even he lost?”

“Yes ah, the Huang Family’s new Family Head is Huang Xiaohai, a peak late-Tenth Order God Realm. Still, Wangu Wudi defeated him.” The family disciple went on, “At that time, Wangu Wudi nearly killed Huang Xiaohai. In the end, one of the Alchemist Grandmaster Union’s Eminent Elders pleaded; thus Wangu Wudi spared Huang Xiaohai’s life.”

“From the time Wangu Wudi defeated Huang Xiaohai, he has been hailed as the strongest person.”

A cold glint flashed across Huang Xiaolong’s eyes after hearing that Wangu Wudi had nearly killed Huang Xiao Hai. He asked, “Does Wangu Wudi have a grudge with Huang Xiaohai?”

During his time, the Wangu Clan and Huang Family’s relationship had not been bad.

Footnote: Wangu Wudi lit. translation- Eternally invincible

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