Chapter 1914: Can Return to the Lower Realm?

Previously, Huang Xiaolong had borrowed the Dragon Bear Race’s Heavenly Origin Stone to resist the Cursed Forest’s curses. Before leaving the Devil World, he needed to return the Heavenly Origin Stone to the Dragon Bear Race. 

The Heavenly Origin Stone had contributed significantly, enabling him to get the Myriad Curses Devil Stele so smoothly. It was only right and proper that he gave his thanks to the Dragon Bear Race before departing. 

On the way, Huang Xiaolong sent a message to Gao Changran, the Yin Crow Sect Chief, and the rest to wait for him at Dragon Bear Valley.

Shortly after Huang Xiaolong left the Famish Devil Ancient Battlefield to head to the Dragon Bear Valley, the battle inside the Famish Devil Ancient Battlefield spread faster than wildfire across the whole Devil World.

“What! Huang Xiaolong not only got the Myriad Curses Devil Stele and Glaze Devil Stele, but he even has the Blood Eye Devil Stele?! On top of that, he has successfully refined all three devil steles and broken through to Emperor Realm???! How is that possible!!”

“The young man who killed Huo Liucheng at the Thousand Constellation Mountain Range is Huang Xiaolong! Huang Xiaolong doesn’t have three Ice Dragons, but he has more than seventy of them! All seventy-plus Ice Dragons of Emperor Realm strengths!”

“Inside the Famish Devil Ancient Battlefield, Huang Xiaolong fought a bloody battle against Chiyou, Violent Lightning, Hundred Transformation Sect, and Black Killer Sect’s several hundred Emperor Realm Ancestors. In the end, only Chiyou, Violent Lightning, and Chen Xie managed to escape. The rest of the Hundred Transformation Sect, Black Killer Sect, and Lightning Beast Valley’s experts were killed!”

Each piece of information had the Devil World in a furor.

Three devil steles! Seventy-plus Ice Dragons! The Lightning Beast Valley, Hundred Transformation Sect, and Black Killer Sect’s several hundred experts had all died! 

That was several hundred Emperor Realm Ancestors ah!

Even the Black Killer Archdevil’s personal disciple, the Black Killer Sect’s Chief Cui Huajie had died by Huang Xiaolong’s hands!

Whether it was experts in the Devil World’s thirty-six regions or the Kingdom of Devil Beasts’ nine great empires, the whole Devil World was boiling. Forces in the four directions were flabbergasted by the news. 

The Fire Lightning Violet Python Great Emperor was stunned when he heard the news, “What? That kid is Huang Xiaolong?!”

“Over seventy Ninth Order Emperor Realm and above Ice Dragons!” The Fire Lighting Violet Python Empire’s Ancestors exclaimed as a chill spread to their limbs at the thought.

In the last few years, to avenge Huo Liucheng and the fifteen Ancestors, their Fire Lightning Violet Python Empire had literally turned over every grass and rock in the Heaven Devouring Empire looking for Huang Xiaolong. But now, a feeling of escaping death washed over them. If they would have really found Huang Xiaolong at that time, the ones annihilated probably wouldn’t have been limited to the Black Killer Sect, Hundred Transformation Sect, and Lightning Beast Valley...

“Great Emperor, we…. What should we do now?” One of the Fire Lightning Violet Python Empire’s Ancestors asked cautiously.

Huo Xuan’s gaze was unfocused, looking blank as he stood rooted on the spot without moving. Truthfully, he had no idea what to do next.

The Fire Lightning Violet Python Empire was not the sole force in a dilemma. The Devil-eyed Blue Lion Empire’s Great Emperor Lan Chong and the empire’s Ancestors were flustered and panicked when the news reached them.

In the early period, Lan Chong had joined hands with Chiyou, Shi Ming, and others to hunt Huang Xiaolong down. Huang Xiaolong would indefinitely remember this. 

Sitting on his throne in the Devil-eyed Blue Lion Empire Palace’s great hall, Lan Chong looked decadent and lost. He didn’t even hear the Ancestors by his side calling him.

Above a certain mountain peak in the Heaven Devouring Empire, a short distance away from the Famish Devil Ancient Battlefield’s space tunnel entrance, the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe’s Old Ancestor Shi Ming, Massacring Gods Gate’s Old Ancestor Chu Han, and Fiend God Emperor Palace’s Emperor Feng Chu also heard the news of the Famish Devil Ancient Battlefield. Their expressions were similarly gloomy.

The Myriad Curses Devil Stele and Glaze Devil Stele fell into Huang Xiaolong’s hands in the end! On top of that, Huang Xiaolong even had the Blood Eye Devil Stele! 

Now, Huang Xiaolong held three devil steles! 

There were already rumors spreading amongst the Devil World’s experts that Huang Xiaolong was bound to become the Devil World’s next generation of Archdevil Lord. Hence, some forces had begun to submit to Huang Xiaolong!

Whether it was news of Huang Xiaolong breaking through to the Emperor Realm, possessing over seventy Ice Dragons, or getting three devil steles, for Shi Ming, Chu Han, and Feng Chu, each news was equally bad.

“Brother Shi Ming, Huang Xiaolong probably has just left the Famish Devil Ancient Battlefield. We can catch up to him if we hurry.” Chu Han persuaded Shi Ming. “If we miss this chance to kill Huang Xiaolong, he would gather all six devil steles in the given time. When that time comes, it’s us who are going to die!” 

Shi Ming gazed into the sky, not speaking for a long time.


Huang Xiaolong visited the Dragon Bear Valley once again. He noticed that there were already some changes to the surroundings.

It was a bitter experience going down from the cliff the first time Huang Xiaolong was here. This time though, he directly summoned the seventy-plus Ice Dragons to form the Ice Dragon Formation, blocking the cliff’s cold qi. Thus, he reached the bottom of the cliff effortlessly.

When the Dragon Bear Race’s Cang Mutian and Cang Yuanzong saw Huang Xiaolong, both of them looked a little constipated with envy and astonishment.

Although the Dragon Bear Race lived in seclusion in the Dragon Bear Valley, they were quite on top of what was happening outside the Dragon Bear Valley. They had learned before Huang Xiaolong’s arrival that he had gotten three devil steles as well as broken through to Emperor Realm.

“Nephew Huang has already obtained three of the devil steles, and gathering the remaining three steles is only a matter of time.” Cang Mutian chuckled. “Now, you are the Lord of Hell, and once you are the Archdevil Lord, you’ll be the undisputed number one person of this era as you will rule the two big worlds ah.”

Even Cang Mutian couldn’t help feeling envious of Huang Xiaolong.

“When Lord Nether King gets the other half of Radiance World’s inheritance, he will rule over three big worlds.” Cang Yuanzong laughed, and added, “Even Shi Ming would turn tail and flee when he sees Lord Nether King coming from afar.”

Huang Xiaolong smiled and said, “It’s all thanks to senior Mutian and all of you for lending me the Heavenly Origin Stone that I could get the Myriad Curses Devil Stele smoothly. I will remember this grace. These are a hundred million low-grade chaos spirit stones. Please accept this gift, Senior Mutian.” Huang Xiaolong took out a spatial ring. Inside this ring were precisely one hundred million low-grade chaos spirit stones.

Even for someone of Cang Mutian and Cang Yuanzong’s standing, when they saw the one hundred million low-grade chaos spirit stones inside the spatial ring, both were shocked by Huang Xiaolong’s generosity.

“I have already heard that Nephew Huang’s wealth flows like the river, and I have seen it with my own eyes today.” Cang Mutian teased. “In that case, we won’t be polite with you and accept these one hundred million low-grade chaos spirit stones.” Cang Mutian had Cang Yuanzong collect the spatial ring.

Huang Xiaolong’s smile widened, “If junior manages to gather all six devil steles in the future and rules the Devil World, I hope Senior Mutian would be willing to help me.”

Although it was said that the person who gathered all six devil steles would be the Devil World’s Archdevil Lord, there would still be some like Chiyou who would be reluctant to acknowledge Huang Xiaolong as the Archdevil Lord. When Huang Xiaolong would conquer the Devil World, he would need some help from Cang Mutian and the Dragon Bear Race.

Then again, Huang Xiaolong’s goal was not limited to the Devil World, and the Kingdom of Devil Beasts was included in it.

“Naturally,” Cang Mutian agreed briskly, smiling as he went on, “In the future, as long as Nephew Huang has places where our Dragon Bear Race could be of assistance, just say the word to Cang Yuanzong.”

Hence, Huang Xiaolong stayed a couple of days at the Dragon Bear Race. After that, he departed to return to the Divine World.

Huang Xiaolong decided to make a trip back to the Divine World before setting off to the Radiance World to find the remaining half of the Radiance Ancestor’s inheritance and conquer the Radiance World. With the Radiance World and Hell as his backings, it would be easier for him to ‘take over’ the Devil World after gathering all six devil steles at that time.

However, on the way back to the Divine World, Huang Xiaolong received a message from the Silver Fox Commerce’s Bei Xiaomei. In the communication slip, Bei Xiaomei informed him that they had found the force who held the Highgod Advancement Tournament in the lower realm.

“It’s been found?” Huang Xiaolong was dumbfounded, then thrilled. Doesn’t that mean I can return to the lower realm?!

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