Chapter 1909: Settle Old Scores

This icy cold qi was blown by the wind towards Chiyou’s group. Black Killer Sect Cui Huajie and others shuddered from the cold. The low-level, mid-level, and even high-level Emperor Realm Ancestors were already shivering.

Shock filled their eyes. What a shocking icy cold qi!

“What is this icy cold qi?!” The Hundred Transformation Sect’s Old Ancestor Chen Xie was uncertain if he had guessed right.

Chiyou caught a wisp of the icy cold qi on his hand and carefully felt its characteristics. He confirmed slowly, “It’s the Ice Dragons’s cold qi!”

“Ice Dragons!”

Everyone was alarmed.

“Ice Dragons have not appeared for a very long time. Then again, why are there Ice Dragons inside this Famish Devil Ancient Battlefield?” One of the Black Killer Sect’s high-level Emperor Realm Ancestors thought aloud.

“No! In fact, there were sightings of Ice Dragons at the Thousand Constellation Mountain some days back !”

The Hundred Transformation Sect’s Old Ancestor Chen Xie shook his head and said, “That young man with three Ice Dragons killed the Fire Lightning Violet Python Empire’s Eldest Prince Huo Liucheng, and fifteen of the empire’s ancestors. This matter has shocked various forces all around. I’m sure everyone still remembers this incident. The Fire Lightning Violet Python Great Emperor is still searching high and low for that young man’s whereabouts for revenge!”

“Is Brother Chen Xie implying that that young man with three Ice Dragons is hiding inside this Famish Devil Ancient Battlefield space, and he’s up ahead?” Black Killer Sect Chief Cui Huajie concluded.

Violent Lightning Archdevil Ancestor shook his head and refuted, “Impossible! Just those three Ice Dragons cannot create this coverage of icy cold qi fog!”

He had tried to sense the area of icy cold qi’s coverage earlier, and it definitely exceeded several hundred million li. Maybe it was an even wider range. Therefore, this couldn’t be achieved with a mere three Ice Dragons.

Others exchanged uncertain glances in silence.

“Then these ancient netherspirits are not killed by Ice Dragons?” One of the Ancestors asked.

“Not really. Some of them were killed by Ice Dragons, but others died under darkness element energy claws, and some were killed by Toxic Undead Palm!” The Hundred Transformation Sect’s Old Ancestors Chen Xie interjected. He had been observing these ancient netherspirits’ corpses to find out their cause of death.

“Second Brother, let’s go back first…?” Violent Lightning Archdevil brought up the matter again. Seeing this number of ancient netherspirits’ corpses, the thought of withdrawing had grown stronger in his mind.

Chiyou still hesitated, but he nodded his head in agreement in the end, “Alright.”

Just as Chiyou, Violent Lightning, and the rest turned around to leave, an indifferent voice suddenly came from behind the foggy cold qi curtain, “Chiyou, Violent Lightning, why are you in a rush to leave when you’re already here?”

The voice was too abrupt and startled everyone.

“Who?!” Chiyou spun around as everyone’s gaze was fixed on the curtain of icy fog.

Four figures walked out from the hazy cold fog. Due to the heavy cold fog, these four people’s features were obscured from sight.

“Three Skull Ancestors!” When Chiyou’s group saw the faces of the three people at the back, the Black Killer Sect Chief Cui Huajie blurted in surprise.

Others’ eyes widened further upon hearing Cui Huajie’s yell. The Demonic Skull Cult’s three founders—the strongest three ancestors—the Three Skull Ancestors!

Even Chiyou and Violent Lightning were surprised by the Three Skull Ancestors’ sudden appearance.

Chiyou’s eyes narrowed, veiling the solemnity within. Before he had surpassed the Emperor Realm, each of the Three Skull Ancestors’ strengths was no weaker than him. Even now, after he had stepped into the Sovereign Realm, he did not dare to underestimate the Three Skull Ancestors.

Subsequently, Chiyou’s gaze shifted onto the young man walking in front of the Three Skull Ancestors. Immediately, his furrows went deeper. He was also slightly confused. He seemed to have seen this young man somewhere before, but he couldn’t tell for sure.

As Huang Xiaolong appeared with the same ‘face’, he had used at the Thousand Constellation Mountain when killing Huo Liucheng, Chiyou, Violent Lightning, and the rest did not recognize him.

However, it did not escape their notice that the Three Skulls Ancestors were walking behind the young man in a respectful manner. These people’s suspicions soared. Who is this young man?

The Three Skulls Ancestors are actually treating him with such veneration! They look no different than a subordinate!

Don’t forget, the Three Skull Ancestors’ prestige in the Devil World was higher than the Black Killer Sect’s Chief Cui Huajie.

Although the Three Skull Ancestors were not the twelve Archdevil Ancestors, they were famous personalities from the same generation as Xing Tian, Chiyou, Stone Ape, and the rest. Whereas Cui Huajie was merely one of Black Killer Archdevil Ancestor’s personal disciples.

“So, it’s Liu Zifan and brothers. Hehe! It has been over a hundred million years since we last met. Time really flies.”

The Hundred Transformation Sect’s Old Ancestor Chen Xie and the others smiled at the Three Skull Ancestors as a greeting.

Chen Xie and the Three Skull Ancestors’ relationship could only be described as mediocre, nothing more than the fate of a few meetings. In contrast, the Three Skulls Ancestors’ expressions were cold and indifferent, and none of them responded to the greetings from Chiyou’s side.

Seeing this, Hundred Transformation Sect’s Old Ancestor Chen Xie looked awkward and embarrassed.

Chiyou broke the silence as he spoke directly to Huang Xiaolong, “Are you that young man who killed Huo Liucheng at the Thousand Constellation Mountain Range? What is your connection with the Three Skull Ancestors?” 

His words drew everyone’s attention to Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong calmly and frankly admitted, “That’s right, I killed Huo Liucheng.” 

Huang Xiaolong’s decisive admittance dumbfounded everyone for a second.

“As for my connection with Liu Zifan and his brothers, you will know very soon.” Huang Xiaolong added indifferently.

Chiyou’s frown deepened for Huang Xiaolong’s tone discomfited him.

“Originally, I had intended to look for you after leaving this space, but who knew that you guys would enter this space instead. In that case, I might as well take this chance to settle some old scores with you.” Huang Xiaolong added.

Violent Lightning Archdevil snorted loudly. A hidden glint flickered across his eyes as he demanded, “What do you mean…?” Before he could finish, Huang Xiaolong’s facial features began to change.

“Huang, Huang Xiaolong!” Chiyou, Violent Lightning, Cui Huajie, Chen Xie, and the others screamed in unison.

“It’s you!” 

Chiyou laughed wantonly, “Huang Xiaolong, so you’ve been hiding inside this Famish Devil Ancient Battlefield. It was you who killed Huo Liucheng. But do you think you can suppress us with the Three Skull Ancestors and a few Ice Dragons?”

Even though Huang Xiaolong has the Three Skull Ancestors and a few Ice Dragons on his side, Chiyou didn’t put these in his eyes. Despite the Three Skull Ancestors, a few Ice Dragons, the four odd beasts, and the Heavenly Hall’s Radiance Angels, Chiyou had the confidence to suppress them all.

This was because he had the Violent Lightning Archdevil, the Hundred Transformation Sect’s Old Ancestor Chen Xie, Black Killer Sect Chief Cui Huajie, Lightning Beast Valley, Hundred Transformation Sect, and Black Killer Sect’s several hundred Ancestors on his side.

Huang Xiaolong smirked nonchalantly hearing that, “Do you think I only have a few Ice Dragons?” 

Huang Xiaolong’s unexpected question rendered Chiyou, Violent Lightning, and others blanked momentarily.

Huang Xiaolong’s palm reached out and waved, and one Ice Dragon flew out from the hazy ice fog behind him. This Ice Dragon was the peak late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm Ice Dragon.

After this Ice Dragon appeared, another three Ice Dragons flew out. These were late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm Ice Dragons. Subsequently, more than a dozen Ice Dragons flew out. It was a group of mid-Tenth Order to peak mid-Tenth Order Emperor Realm strengths!

Watching this, Chiyou, Violent Lightning, Chen Xie, Cui Huajie, and the others lost the smugness in their expressions.

But that was not the end of it. From the hazy cold fog behind Huang Xiaolong’s group, another dozen or so Ice Dragons flew out, consisting of early Tenth Order to peak early Tenth Order Emperor Realm strengths!

Chen Xie, Cui Huajie, and the rest of the group felt their hearts constricted. Before their tensed gazes, a big group of Ice Dragons flew out from the cold fog! More than forty Ice Dragons of Ninth Order Emperor Realm! 

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