Chapter 1901: The Glaze Devil Stele Was Robbed!

Tan Zhihui spurred his cultivation technique as he attempted to refine the Glaze Devil Stele, but no matter what method he used, his godforce failed to penetrate the Glaze Devil Stele.

The Glaze Devil Stele was like a smooth mirror that reflected every shred of his godforce upon contact.


Staring vexedly at the smooth Glaze Devil Stele, a wave of indescribable anger rose in Tan Zhihui’s chest.

He had been chased by experts from the Devil World’s thirty-six regions and the Kingdom of Devil Beasts due to this devil stele. His sect and his family had also perished because of it. 

Now, he had no relatives in this world. It could be said that he had paid with everything he had to obtain this Glaze Devil Stele. But in the two years of possessing this Glaze Devil Stele, he had comprehended nothing from it no matter what method he had tried.

He would often feel a strong impulse to slash the Glaze Devil Stele into pieces out of frustration. Then again, no matter how hard he slashed and hacked at the devil stele or even attempted to burn it with fire, all his efforts were futile. Not even a corner of the Glaze Devil Stele was damaged.

Tan Zhihui gradually calmed down. His attempt to comprehend, to form some kind of connection with the Glaze Devil Stele began anew.

Actually, Tan Zhihui had learned something from the times he slashed and hacked at the Glaze Devil Stele when he was attempting to refine it for the last two years. What he had learned was that the Glaze Devil Stele could bounce back any attacks imposed on it.

Perhaps, he could find a way to break through it from this point of view.

The day soon turned into night.

Tan Zhihui did not make any progress at all.

While Tan Zhihui was at his wit’s end, trying to refine the Glaze Devil Stele, three figures were rushing to Tan Zhihui’s location at startling speed.

Although these three people had converged their presence, each of them had the power to destroy a mainland easily.

All three were experts of peak late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm experts clad in dark golden-red brocade robes with a human skull’s emblem on their chests. The eyes of the human skulls seemed to glow green, looking eerie and frightening.

The first thing one would discover looking at the three of them was that they looked identical.

Half an hour later, these three people stopped in front of the mountain peak where Tan Zhihui was hiding.

“That Tan Zhihui is on this mountain peak?” The person in the middle spoke. Though the three of them were identical, there were still specific differences between them.

For example, the middle-aged man in the middle has an ugly scar across his eyebrow, whereas the man on the left had blackish purple-colored lips, and the last one on the right was missing one ear.

“Rest assured, Big Brother, my Six-Winged Golden Mosquito’s sense of smell can’t be mistaken.” The man on the left with blackish-purple lips spoke.

The Six-Winged Golden Mosquito was one of the Desolate Era’s divine beasts. It had a peculiarly strong sense of smell, which made it the ideal divine beasts for tracking.

It took a great effort to subdue a Six-Winged Golden Mosquito, and it had taken the blackish-purple lipped man several hundred thousand years to tame the one he had.

He had yet to lose a prey ever since he had gotten the Six-Winged Golden Mosquito.

The man in the middle nodded his head in agreement and said, “I will make the first move while both of you block Tan Zhihui’s escape routes. We must kill Tan Zhihui in the shortest time!” 

After making their moves, the energy fluctuations would definitely alert other nearby experts.

Therefore, they needed to kill Tan Zhihui as fast as possible, grab the Glaze Devil Stele, and run.

The other two people nodded their heads, and their muscles tensed as they got ready to attack.

The middle man flew up to the mountain peak in a single leap and struck with his palm, pressing downwards.

The mountain peak protested with a loud boom as the earth flew out. Boulders, gravel, and dust rose in the air. The restrictions Tan Zhihui had set up around the entrance outside crumbled instantly.

Tan Zhihui was startled, but he reacted quickly. He grabbed the Glaze Devil Stele and made a run for it.

“It’s you guys!” When Tan Zhihui saw the three people, he screeched, “The Three Skull Ancestors!”

The Demonic Skull Cult was the Devil World’s sixth-ranked super force, and the Three Skull Ancestors were the three founders of the Demonic Skull Cult. They were also the strongest combat force of the Demonic Skull Cult.

Seeing who his opponents were this time, Tan Zhihui lost the will to fight and decisively chose to flee instead. However, he barely turned around when a figure appeared right in front of him, greeting him with a powerful palm strike.

The giant palm emitted horrifying toxic fumes that could corrode everything that came in contact with it. The toxic fumes carried a rotten stench like the smell of something that had been dead for several millions of years. It was an indescribably nauseating foul stench.

But just as the thought of retreating appeared in his mind, a gust of violent tempest rose behind him. It was too late for Tan Zhihui to back away this time, and his body tumbled powerlessly in the air, leaving a streak of blurry shadows.

The giant palm barely brushed past him, striking on the distant ground. The land cracked, and the entire mountain shook violently. All the plants around the palm imprint withered away, losing their vitality.

The power of the Three Skull Ancestors’ strengths heavily hammered Tan Zhihui’s heart.

While the Three Skull Ancestors besieged Tan Zhihui, Huang Xiaolong was urging the four odd beasts to increase the Tushita Flying Ship’s speed as fast as they could, speeding in the direction of the mountain peak where Tan Zhihui was.

As the Tushita Flying Ship narrowed the distance, Huang Xiaolong’s head jerked up as he sensed powerful energy fluctuations coming from Tan Zhihui’s location, as if more than a dozen experts were battling intensely.

Did someone find Tan Zhihui ahead of them?

Huang Xiaolong once again urged the four odd beasts and Radiance Angels to accelerate the Tushita Flying Ship’s speed.

Huang Xiaolong arrived roughly fifteen minutes later at the mountain peak where Tan Zhihui was located. The first thing that caught his attention was the terrifying big palm imprint on the ground. That piece of land had turned into dead land.

Huang Xiaolong quickly searched the surroundings. He suddenly moved, disappearing in a flicker, and reappeared above a massive pit. Inside the pit was an unrecognizable corpse that was still being corroded by toxic qi.

Huang Xiaolong’s heart sank.

Although he had never seen Tan Zhihui, he was certain that this was Tan Zhihui’s corpse!

He was still a step late! The Glaze Devil Stele was robbed away by others! Moreover, Tan Zhihui was a late-Tenth Order Emperor, yet his opponents were able to kill him and take away the Glaze Devil Stele in such a short time. This proved they were formidable foes.

Huang Xiaolong’s eyebrows were scrunched together. He then urged both the Blood Eye Devil Stele and Myriad Curses Devil Stele’s power, trying to sense the Glaze Devil Stele’s location. At this time, the Glaze Devil Stele was moving rapidly from the Thousand Constellation Country towards the neighboring Red Lotus Country. 

Huang Xiaolong suddenly became agitated as his induction of the Glaze Devil Stele’s location was growing weaker. He needed to hurry and catch up as soon as possible.

If he let them escape at this point, it would be harder to locate the Glaze Devil Stele the next time.

Before Huang Xiaolong could leave the place, several sounds of winds whistled in the air as a group of people appeared above the mountain peak. These people consisted of Seventh Order and Eighth Order Emperor Realm experts.

“It’s Tan Zhihui!” One of them exclaimed upon recognizing Tan Zhihui’s corpse.

That seemed like a signal. The rest of the group immediately encircled Huang Xiaolong and Lu Xiaoqing.

“Brat, who killed Tan Zhihui? Speak, what did you see?” One of them barked at Huang Xiaolong.

Tan Zhihui was a late-Tenth Order Emperor, whereas the brat in front of them was merely a peak early Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch, and the girl was a peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch. Obviously, these two could not be the ones who had killed Tan Zhihui.

“Why bother wasting time with them? Just search their souls, and kill them off afterward.” Another person grumbled impatiently.

Just as he finished, a giant claw descended from the sky, burying the opposing group deep into the earth.

In the next second, the four odd beasts appeared by Huang Xiaolong’s side.

With a snap of Huang Xiaolong’s fingers, a wisp of divine fire landed on Tan Zhihui’s corpse, incinerating the corpse completely. Huang Xiaolong returned to the Tushita Flying Ship with the others and sped away from the scene. 

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