Chapter 1885: Is Cang Mutian Really Strong?

As soon as Chiyou’s voice left his lips, the massive arm appeared above their heads.

Even before the arm came into contact with them, Chiyou, Chu Han, and Lan Chong felt a horrifying pressure pressing down on them. A never felt before fear filled their hearts.

They knew that even Sovereign Realm experts like them would suffer a grave injury if they were to take the hit!


With the ever closing threat, the three of them unleashed their strongest attack in an effort to block whatever they could from hitting them.

The devilish light around Chiyou’s body pierced into the sky, and tens of millions of demonic light pillars appeared in the sky above him. They gathered together to form a massive devil array diagram.

As for Chu Han, two enormous wings appeared behind him.

The wings were different from the wings belonging to the radiance angels. His were completely transparent, and the energy they exuded was of the darkness attribute. Countless dark runes glowed on his wings.

A giant bow appeared in Chu Han’s hand, and he pulled the bowstring with all his might before shooting out the arrow.

An arrow emitting resplendent light welcomed the attack from the giant hand.

Lan Chong transformed into a huge Blue Lion. Lan Chong’s transformation was, god-knows how many times, stronger than that of Lan Bowei. Just by standing there, Lan Chong looked like an endless mountain range dyed blue in color.

The moment he revealed his true form, Lan Chong raised his claws and slapped them towards the giant arm.

Lan Chong’s attack flew out and fused to form a chaos formation as boundless energy rolled about in his body. A heaven shaking roar left his lips.


The giant arm slammed into Chiyou’s Devil Array Diagram, Chu Han’s black arrow, and Lan Chong’s chaos formation.

The earth seemed to dim for a second.

A violent tremor shook Dragon Bear Valley, and it was as though someone had forcefully torn the valley out from the earth it was sitting on.

Chiyou’s Devil Array Diagram shattered, Chu Han’s arrow was destroyed, and Lan Chong’s chaos formation started to dissipate.

The three of them felt as though an invisible force had slammed into their bodies and they were sent tumbling through the air. They smashed into the walls of the valley, and their bodies became buried in the heart of the cliff.

Countless rocks broke off from the cliff, and the cliff seemed as though it was about to crumble at any moment.

After all that happened, Cang Mutian’s arm slowly retreated into the True Dragon Mountain.

As the three of them opened their mouths in unison to spit out a mouthful of fresh blood, the ground around their feet was stained red.


Chiyou hollered.

They didn’t dare to hesitate, and their bodies broke through the cliff and soared into the skies. They were unwilling to stay for even a second more.

Right now, the Dragon Bear Valley was a land of death for them. If they didn’t retreat, they knew that they would be buried there.

As for the Violent Lightning Archdevil Ancestor, Black Killer Sect Chief, and the old ancestor of the Hundred Transformation Sect looked at the terrifying waves of energy coming from the cliff’s bottom, and a look of fear found its way onto their faces.

When they were feeling bewildered, Shi Ming’s figure appeared, and he hastily flew towards them.

When they saw Shi Ming, a look of suspicion appeared in their hearts. If Shi Ming was out, where were Chiyou and the other two? However, before they voiced their doubts, three sorry figures shot out from below the cliff. From the looks on their faces, everyone knew that they had met with a terrifying existence.

The three of them quickly appeared on the edge of the cliff.

When everyone saw the sorry look on their faces and the trace of blood flowing out from the corners of their mouths, they felt as though a bomb had gone off in their minds.

The three Sovereign Realm experts like Chiyou, Chu Han, and Lan Chong had suffered injuries when exploring the area under the cliff?!

Before the Violent Lightning Archdevil Ancestor could ask, Chiyou yelled in frustration. “It’s the Heavenly Dragon Bear Race!”

“Cang Mutian is still alive!”

“Hurry up! We have to leave!”

The Heavenly Dragon Bear Race! Cang Mutian!

When the Violent Lightning Archdevil Ancestor, Cui Huajie, and Chen Xie heard the name ‘Cang Mutian,’ they felt their bodies jerk.

“Cang Mutian!”

The name was like a nuclear bomb that exploded in all the present top tier experts’ minds.

Seeing that no one was reacting, Shi Ming, Chiyou, Chu Han, and Lan Chong soared into the sky and left them behind.

When the others saw that the four strongest experts among them had fled, they didn’t dare to dally as they followed behind.

Even though some of the ancestor level figures of the Hundred Transformation Sect and Black Killer Sect didn’t know about Cang Mutian’s legend and the Heavenly Dragon Bear Race, they knew that something serious had happened. When they saw the look of fear on their Chief’s faces, they beat a hasty retreat.

After running far away from the edge of the cliff, one of the ancestors from the Black Killer Sect asked Cui Huajie with a face full of suspicion. “Sect master, is Cang Mutian really strong?”

Everyone turned to Cui Huajie. Even the ancestors of the Hundred Transformation Sect stared at him, waiting for an answer.

After sucking in a cold breath, Cui Huajie explained. “Ten billion years ago, Cang Mutian fought with the Heavenless Archdevil Lord for one hundred days and one hundred nights. Despite that, no clear victor was determined.”

“Fought against the Heavenless Archdevil Lord!”

“No clear victor!”

Just these points were enough to cause fear to grip the hearts of everyone present. Even if they didn’t know who Cang Mutian was, these points were enough for them to grasp what kind of terrifying existence he was.

It was no wonder that even experts like Chiyou, Chu Han, and Lan Chong would suffer injuries when facing him.

“In the past, Cang Mutian was the number one expert in our Kingdom of Devil Beasts. He swept through the lands, and no one could match up to him. Everyone acknowledged him as the strongest devil ancestor of our Kingdom of Devil Beasts!” The Violent Lightning Archdevil Ancestor felt his throat going dry as he explained.

As one of the Archdevil Ancestors serving under the Heavenless Archdevil Lord, he was extremely clear about Cang Mutian’s background.

“However, it was said that Cang Mutian had vanished and the Heavenly Dragon Bear Race had gone into hiding. In these ten billion years, no one knew where they went, and there were even some people who believed that Cang Mutian was dead!” The Violent Lightning Archdevil Ancestor’s voice trembled as he continued his explanation.

However, from the looks of things now, the Heavenly Dragon Bear Race was no longer able to remain hidden! Whatever the case, the Heavenly Dragon Bear Race’s location wasn’t important when they thought about the fact that Cang Mutian wasn’t dead!

Cang Mutian was still alive!

As soon as the news would start spreading, the myriad of worlds would shake!

“How in the world did Huang Xiaolong form a connection with the Heavenly Dragon Bear Race?!” Feng Chu tried his hardest to think of a connection, but he failed. He didn’t understand, and rage, hatred, and desperation filled his heart.

Huang Xiaolong was a terrifying existence, to begin with. With the Heavenly Dragon Bear Race standing behind him, who in the world would be able to kill him?!

Silence descended, and the air turned a little heavy.

“In the past, the King of Hell had a mysterious relationship with Cang Mutian.” Chiyou, who had remained quiet all this while, suddenly spoke up. “Huang Xiaolong probably contacted the Heavenly Dragon Bear Race before coming to the Devil World…”

Everyone felt their hearts sinking.

Shi Ming’s cold voice resounded in their ears all of a sudden. “Cang Mutian and the Heavenly Dragon Bear Race had been living in the Dragon Bear Valley all along. They should be under some sort of restriction from leaving the place. Huang Xiaolong has to leave someday. We should wait around the area for him to appear. I refuse to believe that Huang Xiaolong will remain in the Dragon Bear Valley his whole life!”

Chiyou, Chu Han, and Lan Chong nodded their heads after lengthy consideration.

When all of them hid in the surroundings to wait for Huang Xiaolong, another scene was playing out in the valley. Cang Mutian held Huang Xiaolong’s Netherworld King’s Jade in his hand, and a look of reminiscence appeared on his face.

Even though he had walked unhindered through the lands, the number of friends he had were few. The King of Hell was one of them, and the old cow from the Demon World was another.

Cang Mutian hesitated for a moment and turned to Huang Xiaolong. “Shi Ming and the others should be waiting for you outside. I am currently unable to leave this stone platform. If you try to leave by flying past the cliff, you probably won’t make it. Since you’re planning to head over to the Cursed Forest, I shall pierce a path through space for you with some of my remaining energy. You’ll be able to enter the Cursed Forest directly if you enter the space tunnel.”

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