Chapter 1884: It’s Cang Mutian! Retreat!

When Cang Yuanzong saw what had happened, a horrified expression appeared on his face.

The Nine Yin Light was said to be the source of evil and icy yin in all the lands, and it was something that Shi Ming possessed the moment he was born. 


Cang Yuanzong raised his arms again, and boundless energy and dragon might surged into the True Dragon Formation. As for Cang Dongyi and Cang Zhaoyu, they poured all their godforce into the formation.

In an instant, the True Dragon Formation emitted blinding light like never before.

With a heaven shaking roar, the dragon raised all four claws towards the sky.


When the Nine Yin Light and the true dragon qi collided, both sides tried to corrode each other, and the sounds of bursting bubbles could be heard. Piercing light shot out from the location of the collision and stung the eyes of everyone present.

Before their very eyes, they saw that the majestic dragon qi was being corroded. It lost its radiance, and no matter how hard it tried, it was no longer able to return to its previous splendor.

It was as though they were trapped in countless spiderwebs. No matter how hard they struggled, the dragon qi failed to break free.

Even though that was the case for the dragon qi, the Nine Yin Light managed to pierce through its defenses and land on the eye of the True Dragon Formation. In an instant, the dragon qi around the formation turned stagnant, and even the Dragon Essence Stone lost its shine.

No matter how hard Cang Yuanzong and the others tried, they found that they were no longer able to make a connection to the True Dragon Formation. In that instant, the True Dragon Formation was truly disconnected from the world.

Cang Yuanzong was overwhelmed with shock.

He had fully refined the True Dragon Formation, and it had become a part of his body. How is it possible for him to separate it from me?!

As the temperature above the space of the stone altar started to drop, everyone felt their expressions changing.

As soon as the Nine Yin Light touched them, everyone would probably turn into black ice sculptures except Cang Yuanzong. There was no doubt about it. They would die if they touched the Nine Yin Light.

In the space above the stone altar, it was as though the ghostly creatures weren’t affected by anything from the outside world as they charged towards Huang Xiaolong in an unending wave.

Looking at how things were going, Huang Xiaolong probably needed more time to suppress the ghostly creatures coming from the coffin.

An ear-shattering howl suddenly emerged from Cang Yuanzong’s lips, and he slapped upwards with his palm. A heaven destroying might surged towards the ceiling as he transmitted his voice to Huang Xiaolong. “Lord, send the ghostly creatures towards the Nine Yin Light!”

As soon as the words left his lips, the Nine Yin Light appeared right above Huang Xiaolong. In an instant, Huang Xiaolong disappeared with the Heavenly Hall. Without the the Heavenly Hall’s suppression, the ghostly creatures seemingly lost all fear as they charged fearlessly towards the Nine Yin Light.


Hissing sounds sounded out endlessly as the Nine Yin Light destroyed every single creature in its way. However, it seemed as though the ghostly creatures were endless. The Nine Yin Light failed to sustain itself, and before it could destroy the black copper coffin, it started to dissipate.


Shi Ming swallowed a mouthful of saliva in shock.

What’s this?!

A terrifyingly strong sinister presence!

When Shu Ming looked at the black copper coffin, a look of shock flashed through his eyes. The sinister aura it emitted was no weaker than his Nine Yin Light!

How is this possible?!

When the Nine Yin Light completely disappeared, the black copper coffin started to lose its shine. It fell towards the stone altar.


Huang Xiaolong appeared in mid-air before anyone could react, and the Heavenly Hall appeared. He slapped down towards the coffin, and the radiance energy from the Heavenly Hall surged into the coffin. The energy resembled a massive radiance giant as it smashed into the black coffin.

Miserable howls resounded from the coffin, and waves of horrifying black smoke emerged from it. The black smoke congealed together and formed dense clouds.

No matter how hard Huang Xiaolong smashed it with the Heavenly Hall, the black coffin seemed to refuse to admit defeat. It emitted even stronger black light that collided with the radiance energy. The earth-shattering vibrations managed to push the Heavenly Hall back.

When Huang Xiaolong saw what was going on, the Divine Radiance Cane appeared in his hand as his Innumerable Buddha Supreme Godhead started to circulate at full speed. Radiance energy surged into the cane before Huang Xiaolong grabbed it with both his hands. He smashed down with all his might.

As it precisely slammed into the center of the coffin, it seemed as though it was a divine radiance sword that stabbed at the heart of the evil creature that was the black coffin. The black glow around the coffin faded, and it fell powerlessly towards Cang Mutian’s body lying on the stone altar.

A look of joy flashed past Huang Xiaolong’s face, but he didn’t dare to relax his taut nerves. He continued to pour divine radiance energy into Cang Mutian’s body to thoroughly suppress the ghostly creatures in the coffin.

As they turned smaller and smaller, they retreated into a tiny corner in Cang Mutian’s body.

In the instant the ghostly creatures retreated to a corner in Cang Mutian’s body, the void split open one again. A stronger and more terrifying pillar of light appeared, and a powered-up version of the Nine Yin Light appeared. Dragon Bear Valley seemed to lose all color, and it turned into a world of black ice.

The Nine Yin Light descended on True Dragon Mountain once again.

This time, Cang Yuanzong’s expression changed, and he revealed a terrified expression.

When Cang Yuanzong was about to put his life on the line to take on the attack, Cang Mutian opened his eyes. The moment his eyes snapped open, Dragon Bear Valley seemed to be covered with a type of mysterious energy as the valley itself twitched. No… It was more accurate to say that Dragon Bear Valley shook violently.

The shaking came without warning, and everyone felt something change in the Dragon Bear Valley.

In the next instant, Dragon Bear Valley regained its calm.

The air turned still, and a deathly silence filled the area. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the time and space in Dragon Bear Valley remained suspended for a moment.

A violent sense of unease filled the hearts of Chiyou, Chu Han, and Lan Chong.

Even Shi Ming was startled.

When the Nine Yin Light arrived in the space above Cang Mutian, he stretched out his right hand towards it. As his arm moved, the Nine Yin Light that possessed the power to freeze everything stopped in mid-air, and it was as though it had turned into a giant pillar of glass. The pillar of light shattered.

Cang Mutian’s hand didn’t stop.

In the next instant, everyone saw a gigantic hairy arm with indescribable might appearing from inside True Dragon Mountain itself.

The massive arm contained the power of heavens and earth, and the primal chaos laws seemed to have turned into heavenly dragons as they swirled around his arms unendingly.

When Shi Ming saw the huge arm appearing from the True Dragon Mountain, his expression finally changed. He raised his head and unleashed a guttural roar before slamming his palm down towards the arm.


Shi Ming’s palm was shattered as the dragons soared towards him. The hairy arm seemed to have sensed the challenge, and it sent a slap towards Shi Ming.

“It’s Cang Mutian!”


Shi Ming howled before the corpse qi on his body started to fluctuate. He disappeared in the next instant.

A billionth of a second after he disappeared, the arm arrived at the spot he was standing in. The space around the arm crumbled.

When Chiyou, Chu Han, and Lan Chong heard Shi Ming’s cry of terror, a look of fear had already found its way onto their faces. When they saw the space around the arm shattering, the blood drained from their face.

Before the words left their lips, the arm swatted at them.

“Hold nothing back! We’ll retreat together!” Chiyou’s voice finally resounded through the skies.

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