Chapter 1881: Attacking Dragon Bear Valley

The ancient coffin brought with it endless ghost qi and nefarious qi that rushed towards Huang Xiaolong.

In an instant, it was as though countless ghostly creatures had emerged from the abyss as they charged towards Huang Xiaolong in an attempt to drown him with numbers.

Cang Yuanzong’s expression changed as he faced the boundless ghost and nefarious qi. If someone like Cang Yuanzong felt frightened, there was no need to mention Gao Changran, Lu Xiaoqing, or the others.

When the wave of creatures clashed with the golden radiance energy, occasional explosions could be heard, and mournful wails filled the skies. The wailing turned into piercing sound waves that cut into the souls of their victims.

Gao Changran, Wang Fanning, and the others felt the blood draining from their faces.

Cang Yuanzong hastily gathered the godforce in his hands and formed a barrier around the others.

A look of surprise formed on his face when Huang Xiaolong saw the sheer number of ghostly creatures charging at him.

He was extremely clear about the strength of the divine radiance energy. It was the source of the Radiance World, and it could repel any evil. However, it seemed as though the creatures coming from the coffin weren’t afraid at all as they charged fearlessly towards it.

Whatever the case, Huang Xiaolong was able to heave a sigh of relief when he saw the creatures burning to ash when they came into contact with the barrier formed from the golden hexagon rune pillar of the Heavenly Hall. 

Even though Huang Xiaolong had yet to accept the Radiance Ancestor’s complete inheritance, it was like what Cang Yuanzong had said—even with half of the inheritance, he would be able to suppress almost all ghostly creatures.

Silence descended in the space around the stone platform.

Everyone felt their hearts tightening when they looked at the space above the stone platform.

Before they knew it, an hour passed.

Just like an hour ago, the ghostly creatures showed no signs of stopping. Their killing intent rose to the limit, and it didn’t seem like they would stop until Huang Xiaolong’s group perished.

Even with the strength of the Heavenly Hall protecting him, Huang Xiaolong felt a horrifying pressure crushing down on him.

Just as Huang Xiaolong controlled the Heavenly Hall to suppress the ghostly creatures rushing out from the coffin, a brilliant light flashed above the Dragon Bear Valley’s space. Horrifying corpse qi appeared, and Shi Ming appeared before them. That was right. It was Shi Ming who had broken through all the restrictions on the cliff…

The moment Shi Ming looked down towards the Dragon Bear Valley, a green light flashed through his eyes.


When he looked at the space below him in pleasant surprise, two figures charged towards the sky from inside the valley.

“Who dares to barge into my Dragon Bear Valley?!” Their voices echoed through the air in unison.

They were precisely the pair Huang Xiaolong had run into when his group had entered the valley.

“Dragon Bear Valley?!” It was Shi Ming’s turn to be astonished.

At that exact moment, the Chiyou Archdevil Ancestor, Chu Han of the Massacring Gods Gate, and the Blue Lion Great Emperor entered after destroying the restrictions.

With their strength, the three of them had almost no hope of passing the cliff. However, they had decided to join hands in the end, managing to destroy the restrictions holding them back.

“F*ck this… We’re finally here!” Chiyou couldn’t help but curse in rage.

Even though they had decided to cooperate, crossing the restrictions wasn’t as easy as they had thought. They looked extremely haggard, and they weren’t in the best of moods.

When the two members of the Dragon Bear Valley saw three other people appearing, their expressions changed. Without the slightest hesitation, they retrieved their communication symbols and circulated their godforce.

In an instant, they sent out their signal for help.

Since Chiyou was someone who had a fiery temper, to begin with, the intent to kill the two of them reached a new high when he saw them calling for reinforcements.

“You’re asking for death!”

He raised his fist as he charged towards the both of them. At the same time, he stretched out his other hand to grab the signal they had sent out.

When they felt Chiyou’s horrifying strength, a look of panic appeared on their faces. “Sovereign Realm?!” They didn’t bother trying to take a hit from him, but instead, they retreated as quickly as they could. They ran towards the insides of Dragon Bear Valley.

Even though the two of them were at early and mid-Tenth Order Emperor Realm, they knew that they couldn’t stop an attack from an expert at the Sovereign Realm even if they joined hands. As such, they retreated into the Dragon Bear Valley without hesitating. In the valley, there was a killing formation set up by their Old Patriarch, Cang Mutian. It was enough to stop the attack from Sovereign Realm experts.

However, they were a little too slow when retreating.

Just as they were about to enter the valley, Chiyou’s fist arrived, and they were sent flying, vomiting copious amounts of blood. They shot out like a shooting star when they went crashing back down into the valley.

Of course, the signal they had sent out landed in Chiyou’s hands.

However, when he grabbed the communication symbol, it exploded in his hand, and it was akin to a massive chaos lightning explosion. The ear-shattering boom resounded through the valley.

In the instant the explosion happened, a brilliant radiance emerged from Dragon Bear Valley, and countless restrictions activated. Layers of light enveloped Dragon Bear Valley.

The grand formation of the Dragon Bear Valley operated at maximum power.

“Enemy attack!”

A ferocious howl echoed through the valley.

Inside the valley, all the Heavenly Dragon Bear race experts responded to the call, and powerful auras charged into the sky.

As for the True Dragon Mountain located past the Dragon Bear Valley, all sorts of restrictions activated around it, and resplendent rays of light shot into the sky as barriers formed around True Dragon Mountain. Before Cang Mutian had sealed himself, it was clear that he had set down some restrictions around True Dragon Mountain in case anything happened.

Inside the mountain cave of the True Dragon Mountain, Huang Xiaolong, Cang Yuanzong, and the others could hear the loud cry of ‘enemy attack’ coming after the massive explosion…

“Could it be an attack from the Devil-eyed Blue Lion Empire?!” Lu Xiaoqing exclaimed in shock.

Since Huang Xiaolong was affected by the Blue Soul’s Curse, there could only be one possibility. The enemies from the Devil-eyed Blue Lion Empire had tracked them down.

Cang Yuanzong looked at Lu Xiaoqing and asked, “Devil-eyed Blue Lion Empire?”

Very quickly, they explained the curse residing in Huang Xiaolong’s body to Cang Yuanzong.

The grey light in his eyes started to spin, but a look of shock soon appeared in them. “The four great Sovereign Realm experts?!”

“What?!” When they heard that four Sovereign Realm powerhouses were chasing them down, their expressions changed.

Cang Yuanzong waved his hands suddenly, and a massive mirror appeared in front of them. The figures of Shi Ming, Chiyou, Chu Han, and Lan Chong appeared in the mirror.

When they saw the people in the mirror, Gao Changran screamed in shock. “Shi Ming! Chiyou! Chu Han!!!”

“What? That’s the old ancestor of the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe, Shi Ming?!” When a Sovereign Realm expert like Cang Yuanzong heard that the man covered in corpse qi was the old ancestor of the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe, he couldn’t help but exclaim in surprise.

“That’s him!” Gao Changran nodded his head, and a look of fear appeared in his eyes. He would never forget the terrifying might Shi Ming’s palm held.

Cang Yuanzong sucked in a cold breath. Even though he had never met Shi Ming, he had long heard of Shi Ming’s frightening strength.

“Patriarch, do we get ready for battle?” One of the ancestors of the Dragon Bear Race, Cang Dongyi, asked.

Cang Yuanzong shook his head. “If we were to face the combined strength of Chiyou, Chu Han, and Lan Chong, we might be able to repel them after assisting the might of our grand formation. However, with Shi Ming around, we won’t be able to match up to them at all.” He stared into the space above the stone platform and muttered to himself, “We can only hope that His Majesty, the King of Hell, can suppress those creatures…”

If his master successfully awakens, Shi Ming wouldn’t be able to do a thing to them!

A heaven shaking blast brought them back to reality as Chiyou had started to bombard the Dragon Bear Valley’s grand formation.

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