Chapter 1876: Help Him Loosen Some Muscles

A short while later, the four Yin Crow Sect's experts were brought to the great hall before Huo Ye. 

Violet Python Great Emperor Huo Ye approached the four with full momentum, looking at the four of them with his cold, piercing gaze. His fingers pinched the Yin Crow Sect Chief's jaw menacingly as he demanded, "Speak, who kidnapped my son?!"

The Yin Crow Sect's Chief and three Ancestors were bewildered. Someone kidnapped the Violet Python Great Emperor's son, Huo Liuyun?!

"So you think you could be rescued with this method? Very naive." Huo Ye mocked. "This will only make you die more miserably. Your people killed over ten of my empire's Ancestors while injuring and kidnapping my son. Any one of these crimes is enough to have you all die the worst of deaths a thousand times!" Huo Ye exerted force in his fingers and crushed the Yin Crow Sect Chief's jaw.

Frigid qi rushed into his throat, causing the Yin Crow Sect Chief to writhe in pain. His muffled screams echoed in the hall.

Sometime later, the rusty scent of blood permeated the air.

Four blood-stained figures lay on the floor like broken dolls. Every bone in their bodies was crushed one by one by Huo Ye. Even so, it did not vent the surging killing intent in Huo Ye's heart. He let out an angry bellow as his foot stomped on the Yin Crow Sect's Chief’s lower body, and his foot ground the flesh into the floor.

Huo Ye did the same with the other three Ying Crow Sect's Ancestors, mutilating their lower body parts.

Undulating screams reverberated in the hall.

"Great Emperor," Ancestor Huo Yuqian couldn't help stepping forward once again and reminded Huo Ye that the four Yin Crow Sect prisoners couldn’t be killed yet. 

Huo Ye raised his hand, cutting off Huo Yuqian's words, "Don't worry, I know. They won't die so easily." The air around him became increasingly oppressive and suffocating. He had searched the Yin Crow Sect Chief and Ancestors' memories right now but had not found any useful information. Even the four of them had no idea who had kidnapped his son.

However, a part of the Yin Crow Sect Chief's memories were sealed by a highly skilled person, and even he couldn't extract or access this part of the Yin Crow Sect Chief's memories.

Huo Ye frowned, and his eyes glimmered with doubt and other thoughts.

"Great Emperor, tonight, should we…?" Another Ancestor, Huo Sijie, inquired cautiously.

Huo Ye contemplated then said, "We will act separately. You all will hide in the vicinity of the Blood Orchid Mountains. The moment the exchange is completed and Liuyun is safe, you will attack upon my order. Each of you should carry the Ancient Dragon Concealment Talisman, and make sure the other side does not discover your presence at the Blood Orchid Mountains!"

"If the other side discovers you before Liuyun's safety is ascertained, you know the consequences!"

Huo Ye's murderous gaze swept over the Fire Lightning Violet Python Empire's Ancestors below the dais.

"We obey the Great Emperor's order." 

The Violet Python Empire's Ancestors complied respectfully.

"Make preparations. We’ll set off immediately." Huo Ye ordered with an icy glint in his eyes.

All the Ancestors retreated from the great hall and hurried off to see to the preparations. 

Half an hour later, Violet Python's Great Emperor Huo Ye boarded a flying ship with the four Yin Crow Sect's prisoners and set off to the Blood Orchid Mountains. Out of sight, the Fire Lightning Violet Python Empire's Ancestors boarded a different flying ship, taking another route to the Blood Orchid Mountains.

They would arrive at the Blood Orchid Mountains before eight o'clock at night based on their flying ship’s speed.

Silvery moonlight peeked out from behind the clouds after the sun disappeared on the horizon.

Night in the Kingdom of Devil Beasts always came early, and it was mostly quiet.

The Blood Orchid Mountains' blood qi seemed eerier under the moonlight.

The Blood Orchid Mountains was a famous ‘blood vein’ of the Fire Lightning Violet Python Empire. It was well known not only because of the spiritual herb called blood orchid that grew on the Blood Orchid Mountains but also because of the blood qi the Blood Orchid Mountains released.

This blood qi rose from deep ground under the Blood Orchid Mountains to the surface like a geyser, containing a kind of slow-working poison. Although this slow-working poison caused no substantial harm to humans in the short term, staying in the Blood Orchid Mountains for prolonged periods would make humans quickly lose their temper and raise one’s inherent violence.

Violet Python Great Emperor Huo Ye brought the four Yin Crow Sect’s members and flew off the flying ship to the Blood Orchid Mountains’ highest peak.

“I have brought the people you wanted, so can you come out now.” Huo Ye’s eyes swept the surrounding like a hawk as his voice roiled into the distance.

Barely a moment Huo Ye had spoken, several figures appeared on the horizon, flying towards him.

Huo Ye’s pupils needled as his gaze was locked on Huang Xiaolong.

His gaze then shifted onto Huo Liuyun beside Huang Xiaolong. When he saw that Huo Liuyun’s arms were hanging limply, a frosty light flickered across his eyes.

However, Gao Changran had his hand on the back of Huo Liuyun’s neck. Any threatening movements from Huo Ye and Gao Changran could twist off Huo Liuyun’s head in less than a second. Thus, Huo Ye told himself to endure for now.

Moments later, Huang Xiaolong’s group stopped across from Huo Ye, with several hundred meters distance between the two sides.

“Little brat, are you one of the Devil Race? You’ve got quite the big dog-guts. There has never been anyone who has dared to kill so many of my Fire Lightning Violet Python Empire’s Ancestors! Even fewer people have dared to kidnap my son to threaten me!” Huo Ye looked icily at Huang Xiaolong, and indistinctive dark violet flames burned in his eyes.

But Huang Xiaolong’s attention was not on Huo Ye. He looked at the Yin Crow Sect’s Chief and Ancestors whose bones were shattered, and their bloodstained lower body. Huang Xiaolong was very angry to see that the barely conscious Yin Crow Sect’s Chief was breathing weakly.

It did not escape his eyes that these injuries on them were all inflicted during the day. In other words, did Huo Ye injure them after learning Huo Liuyun was kidnapped...?

“Did you crush their bones and inflict other injuries personally?” Huang Xiaolong questioned Huo Ye sharply.

Huo Ye chuckled smugly and went on, “I’ve brought the people you want, let’s get on with the exchange now.”

There was no temperature in Huang Xiaolong’s eyes as he agreed with Huo Ye, “We can exchange, but before that, let me help your son loosen some muscles.”

Huo Ye had yet to understand what Huang Xiaolong meant when he saw Huang Xiaolong crush Huo Liuyun’s shoulder bones in the next moment.

Huo Liuyun’s scream brought Huo Ye back to the present.

“Little brat, you, stop!” Huo Ye was stunned for a moment, then bellowed anxiously in anger. Violet flames burned around his body. He had not expected that Huang Xiaolong would dare to crush his son’s bones right in front of his face.

And Huang Xiaolong’s hands did not stop at all. He went on to break Huo Liuyun’s rib bones one by one.

Huo Ye roared, and killing intent soared to the sky as his hands clenched into fists. But he still endured.

After crushing all the bones in Huo Liuyun’s body, Huang Xiaolong kicked ruthlessly onto Huo Liuyun’s groin.

The pain was excruciating. Huo Liuyun’s mouth was agape in a silent scream.

“You, you!” Huo Ye pointed at Huang Xiaolong with a trembling finger, not knowing how to scold Huang Xiaolong.

“An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” Huang Xiaolong replied nonchalantly and added, “We can exchange now.”

Huo Ye took a deep breath, and his voice dropped dangerously low, “Yes!” With that said, he brought the four Yin Crow Sect’s members and stepped forward. At the same time, one of the four odd beasts brought Huo Liuyun out.

Both sides traded at a close distance—Huo Liuyun for the four Yin Crow Sect’s members.

However, the moment Huo Liuyun arrived by Huo Ye’s side, Huo Ye bellowed, ”KILL—!”Huo Ye’s fist punched out simultaneously, aiming at the four Yin Crow Sect’s members while he grabbed Huo Liuyun with his other hand and retreated in a flicker.

In the same instant Huo Ye punched out, the odd beast also attacked. It’s paw accurately blocked Huo Ye’s punch.

The odd beast slid a dozen meters backward from the collision, but Huo Ye didn’t fare any better either. Both of them were evenly matched.

This result was unexpected for Huo Ye.

Then, from the surrounding darkness, the Fire Lightning Violet Python Empire’s Ancestors appeared consecutively, attacking Huang Xiaolong.

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