Chapter 1871: Fire Lightning Violet Python Empire’s Capital City

Had Huang Xiaolong known earlier there was something like the Blue Soul’s Curse in Lan Bowei’s body, he would have restrained Lan Bowei instead of killing him.

Huang Xiaolong was irritated, thinking of the troubles that might come with the Devil-eyed Blue Lion Empire’s incessant pursuit.

Although he didn’t really care about being chased by the Devil-eyed Blue Lion, he could expose his identity when fighting them if they were to keep dogging his heels. This would leak his whereabouts and bring about even bigger trouble. 

If the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe’s Old Ancestor Shi Ming caught a sniff and learned he was heading to the Cursed Forest...

Therefore, he needed to get the Heavenly Origin Stone the soonest as possible.

‘I hope the Heavenly Dragon Bear Race is cooperative…’ Huang Xiaolong thought to himself. Otherwise, he would have to use some force to get the Heavenly Origin Stone and then return it to them after he had gotten the Myriad Curses Devil Stele.


Somewhere above a mountain range in the northern side of the Kingdom of Devil Beasts sat a mammoth-sized city. The city walls were built entirely out of opulent Blue Charm Stones.

At the top of the city walls were a row of giant pupils inscribed with devil runes.

These giant pupils emitted a palpitating chilling glow.

This was the Devil-eyed Blue Lion Empire’s capital, the Blue Lion Capital.

At this time, inside the Blue Lion Capital City’s main hall sat the many experts of the empire. Almost all of the Devil-eyed Blue Lion Empire’s Emperor Realm Ancestors were present.

The entire hall’s atmosphere was suffocating.

Yet all these experts held their breaths, not making any noises as they tried to lower their existences.

On the head of the hall were two people on the main seats, a man and a woman.

The man’s blue brocade robe was stretched tight due to his bulging muscles, and he exuded a majestic aura. In comparison, the woman was a pretty, delicate, and charming flower from the fox race. At the moment, the woman was weeping woefully.

“Lan Chong, you must avenge Wei’er. No matter who that murderer is, extract his soul, and shatter his bones!” The pretty madam sobbed pitifully.

The Devil-eyed Blue Lion’s Great Emperor Lan Chong breathed in heavily, but the sharp gleam in his eyes was unmistakable. “Jiao’er, rest assured, I will flay that person’s flesh, and then chop it into mincemeat! I will make sure he tastes every torture in the world and the Devil-eyed Blue Lion Empire before he could breathe his last breath!”

The Fox Race’s pretty madam was not anyone else but Lan Bowei’s birth mother. Her name was Chen Jiao.

Thinking of what might have transpired when Lan Bowei had died, Chen Jiao sobbed even louder, “My Wei’er ahh~~!”

Although she had given birth to two sons and a daughter, Lan Bowei was the most talented and most doted on by her and Lan Chong.

Not to mention, Lan Bowei had already broken through to Emperor Realm. With Lan Bowei’s talent and potential, it was almost certain that he was the empire’s next Great Emperor, but now, he’s dead—!

“In the recent period, the Young Lord, Chen Xu, and the others have been pursuing those remnants of the Black Wolf Race. Could the Young Lord’s death be related to them?” One of the Devil-eyed Blue Lion Empire’s Ancestors, Lan Pohan, voiced his suspicion.

Lan Pohan was a peak late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm expert. But he was not just any average peak late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm expert, for he was someone that could escape from the hands of a Sovereign Realm.

“From the result of our investigation so far, Young Lord chased the Black Wolf Race until the Night Sea Mountain Range terrain before something happened to him. Not far from the mountain range is the Mara Plains.” Another Devil-eyed Blue Lion Ancestor, Lan Xiufan, supplemented.

“Brother Xiufan is saying that the murderer might be a Devil Race that has crossed over the Mara Plains?” Ancestor Lan Changruo half-exclaimed in bewilderment.

Lan Xiufan nodded his head, then went on, “Nowadays, many Devil Races’ experts are crossing over the Mara Plains to our Kingdom of Devil Beasts. The Night Sea Mountain Range is a stone’s throw from the Mara Plains. I think it is very likely the murderer is someone from the Devil Race. Not to mention, no one from this side of the Mara Plains would have the guts to lay a hand on the Young Lord.” 

“Don’t forget, Chen Xu and the others with the Young Lord are not weak at all. Those capable of killing them are, no doubt, very powerful. Maybe, one of the Devil World’s twelve Archdevil Ancestors? Or hidden old devils from their side?”

Other Devil-eyed Blue Lion Race’s Ancestors nodded their heads in agreement.

The Devil-eyed Blue Lion Great Emperor harrumphed coldly, “Whether the murderer was a Devil Race or not, we’ll know after capturing him. Just now, I have tried sensing the Blue Soul’s Curse’s location. The murderer is heading north at a rapid but steady speed. Therefore, it is very likely he’s aboard a high-grade grandmist flying ship.”

“A high-grade grandmist flying ship!” The present Devil-eyed Blue Lion Race’s Ancestors were genuinely astonished.

Lan Chong nodded his head, affirming what he had just said. “On top of that, it’s faster than the usual high-grade grandmist flying ship. If I am not wrong, it almost catches up to the speed of a top-grade grandmist flying ship.”

Everyone’s eyes widened further.

This grade of the flying ship would be a great addition to the Devil-eyed Blue Lion Empire!

“Great Emperor, what should we do next?” Ancestor Lan Changruo asked, then added, “Based on our Blue Lion Flying Ship’s speed, I’m afraid we won’t be able to catch up to him, will we?”

Lan Chong responded in a serious tone, "According to the direction he's moving in, in half a month, he would be passing by the Third Devil Forest. We’ll just wait for them there.”

“This time, I would act personally. Pass my order down to all high-level Emperor Realm Ancestors to make preparations. They will follow me to the Third Devil Forest!”

“Yes, Great Emperor!”

It didn’t take long for the news of the Devil-eyed Blue Lion’s Crown Prince, Lan Bowei’s death to spread like wildfire.

Being the fourth-ranked strongest empires in the Kingdom of Devil Beasts, an empire with grudges and intricate relationship with the second-ranked empire, Lan Bowei’s death sent a wave of shock through the Kingdom of Devil Beasts.

“It is said that Lan Bowei was killed by the Devil Race!”

“The Devil Race? I think that Devil Race must be retarded. He actually dared to kill Lan Bowei. With the two steles’ appearance, the Devil Race is flooding into our Kingdom of Devil Beasts. Things are going to get merrier now!”

“It’s going to be more than merry. Blood’s going to flow into rivers, and corpses will pile high as mountains. Mark my words.”

Huang Xiaolong was not aware that Lan Bowei’s death had caused an uproar through the Kingdom of Devil Beasts.

Under the four odd beasts, Undead Netherguards, and Radiance Angels’ full force infusion, the Tushita Flying Ship rushed towards the north, while Huang Xiaolong cultivated inside the cultivation room.

Ever since he had achieved the Ascending Devil Physique, his cultivation speed was almost twice as fast.

The Devil World’s boundless surging origin energy fell onto Huang Xiaolong from the void, rushing into his body.

Several days later, the Tushita Flying Ship sailed into the Fire Lightning Violet Python Empire.

Like the Devil-eyed Blue Lion Empire, the Fire Lightning Violet Python Empire was one of the nine big empires, ranked sixth.

According to Lu Xiaoqing, the Heavenly Dragon Bear Race lived in a natural valley at the very edge of this Fire Lightning Violet Python Empire. 

Three days passed, and Huang Xiaolong’s group could see the outline of the Fire Lightning Violet Python Empire’s capital on the horizon.

The Fire Lightning Violet Python Empire’s capital city was located in the middle of the kingdom. To reach the Heavenly Dragon Bear Race’s valley, they would have to pass through the Fire Lightning Violet Python Empire’s capital city. If they bypassed the capital city and took another route, their journey would take twice as long.

Gao Changran inquired Huang Xiaolong’s opinion, whether they should bypass the Fire Lightning Violet Python Empire’s capital city.

Huang Xiaolong stepped off the Tushita Flying Ship. He looked at the Fire Lightning Violet Python Empire’s Capital City and answered Gao Changran’s question after some thought, “No need to take a detour, we’re entering the city!”

Enter the city!

Huang Xiaolong thought it was a good time to gather some information.

Upon hearing that Huang Xiaolong planned to enter the capital city, Gao Changran was stupefied at first but swiftly complied.

Thus, Huang Xiaolong, Gao Changran, and the others altered their features. Huang Xiaolong put away the Tushita Flying Ship, then flew towards the Fire Lightning Violet Python Empire’s capital city with the rest.

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