Chapter 1869: Blue Soul’s Curse

None of the Devil-eyed Blue Lion Race’s experts made a move. Clearly, in their eyes, Huang Xiaolong was seeking death. Does a mere mid-Ninth Order Heavenly Monarch want to fight with a mid-First Order Emperor Realm?

This Devil Race’s young man is not right in the head!

Huang Xiaolong and Lan Bowei’s fists collided heavily.

But, it was also in that exact instant the complacent smirk on Lan Boweiu’s face changed to astonished horror, filled with disbelief.

“No!” The word barely left his lips, and his body shot backward as if he was struck by a great impact.

Blood spurted uncontrollably from Lan Bowei’s mouth, and his entire body’s flesh was actually splitting.

The blue-colored blood was glaring to the eyes.

At the same time, the Devil-eyed Blue Lion Race’s experts’ eyes needled with alarm. Almost all of them shouted in fluster, “Young Lord!”

Several of the Devil-eyed Blue Lion Race’s experts went after Huang Xiaolong, while the rest quickly caught Lan Bowei.

“Punk, go to hell!”

Attacks rained on Huang Xiaolong like an angry storm.

Just as their attacks were about to fall on Huang Xiaolong, the four odd beasts’ paws lightly pressed against space, and the seemingly lethal attacks dispersed silently. At the same time, those Emperor Realm experts were knocked backward, flying off faster than Lan Bowei.

In midair, these people exploded to their deaths.

The rest of the Devil-eyed Blue Lion Race’s experts had just caught Lan Bowei. When they turned and saw this sight, all of them were petrified on the spot.

One of the people who had exploded to their deaths from the four odd beasts’ attack was a peak late-Ninth Order Emperor Realm, while the other four were mid-level Emperor Realms!

Yet—! The remaining Devil-eyed Blue Lion Race’s experts' faces turned ugly.

Even Liu Xiaoqing and her three Black Wolf Race guardians were dumbfounded.


“It’s you?!” Lan Bowei stared at Huang Xiaolong and the four odd beasts behind him. Apprehension was written all over his face.

He didn’t know until now that finger force attack, in the beginning, was Huang Xiaolong, but that punch just now, that familiar power, made him realize it.

“Who are you lot?!” Lan Bowei couldn’t resist asking.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head, replying casually, “Who I am is not important, and you don’t need to know. Originally, I didn’t plan on killing you all, but now…”

Now that a feud was formed between him and the Devil-eyed Blue Lion Empire, Lan Bowei and these people couldn’t leave.


Huang Xiaolong’s words seemed to seal their fates.

“What do you mean? You want to kill me?!” Lan Bowei refused to believe that Huang Xiaolong had the guts to kill him. “I am the Crown Prince of the Devil-eyed Blue Lion Empire. How will you dare to kill me?!”

In the Kingdom of Devil Beasts, others didn’t even have the guts to harm a hair on him with his status and identity, much less kill him.

Thus, Lan Bowei didn’t believe Huang Xiaolong would disregard the consequences and kill him until this point.

Huang Xiaolong stopped talking. He merely raised a finger and signaled the four odd beasts to attack.

The remaining several Devil-eyed Blue Lion Race’s experts were completely deterred. Two high-level Emperor Realm experts grabbed Lan Bowei in a panic and whispered urgently, “Young Lord, let’s leave first!”

Simultaneously, the other mid-level and low-level Emperor Realm rushed forward to attack the four odd beasts instead, attempting to delay them to make time for Lan Bowei to escape.

However, their attempts were futile. With a sweep of the four odd beasts’ claws, all of them were knocked back miserably.

The four odd beasts continued to attack, slamming their claws at Lan Bowei and the two high-level Emperor Realm experts guarding him.

The two Devil-eyed Blue Lion Ancestors protecting Lan Bowei were gripped by fear, but both tried desperately to fight off the four odd beasts’ attacks. 

“Young Lord, quickly run!”

Until the last moments, they protected Lan Bowei.

However, they barely finished their words when the four odd beasts’ paws squashed into the ground.

“Uncle Chen!” Lan Bowei shrieked. His crimson eyes were fixed on Huang Xiaolong as he started to attack indiscriminately, “Let’s go to hell together!”

A blue flame appeared on his feet and burned rapidly up his body. In a flicker, Lan Bowei had reverted to his real body of a huge blue lion. There was a fist-sized red pupil between his eyes that emitted an eerie, chilling gleam.

“Blue Lion’s Roar!”

Lan Bowei’s lion mouth opened wide as he let out a heaven-shaking roar, lethal enough to destroy a Second-Order Emperor Realm’s soul. Lan Bowei was trembling and shaking unsteadily after he let out the roar. Blue blood flames seeped out from his body as if he was burning his blood’s energy to maintain the blue flames. To display his innate skill and kill Huang Xiaolong, he was willing to damage his own body.

The moment Lan Bowei roared, his huge lion’s claw was slapping down on Huang Xiaolong’s hand.

Hence, even though his roar failed to destroy Huang Xiaolong’s soul and merely jarred it for a split second, his lion claws could turn Huang Xiaolong’s head into mincemeat.

In a split second before Lan Bowei’s lion claws came tearing down, the Moon Jade Heavenly Spiral Shell in Huang Xiaolong’s consciousness emitted a burst of silver light. Hence, Huang Xiaolong was not affected by the lion’s roar and raised his arm to meet Lan Bowei’s claws.

A loud bang shook the surroundings.

Lan Bowei was thrown into the air then smashed heavily into the distant mountain peak. Rocks and gravel fell from the shattered mountain peak.

In a flicker, Huang Xiaolong appeared right above Lan Bowei.

“You, how could you?” Lan Bowei yelled unwillingly, and his lion eyes widened with disbelief. A mere mid-Ninth Order Heavenly Monarch Huang Xiaolong was not affected by his Blue Lion’s Roar.

Huang Xiaolong’s three supreme godheads, True Dragon Physique, and Ascending Devil Physique’s power were stimulated to the extreme as he punched out with his fists.

Mountains shattered, but Lan Bowei’s voice was completely cut off.

However, precisely at this moment, a streak of blue shadow shot out from Lan Bowei’s corpse, straight towards Huang Xiaolong. It was too fast that Huang Xiaolong couldn’t even react.

The blue shadow disappeared into Huang Xiaolong’s body in an instant.

The moment the blue shadow drilled into Huang Xiaolong’s body, a strong uncomfortable feeling alarmed him.

This is…?!

“Blue Soul’s Curse!” In the distance, several voices exclaimed in unison.

The shout came from several directions; Gao Changran, Wang Fanning, as well as Lu Xiaoqing, and her group.

“Blue Soul’s Curse?” Huang Xiaolong was completely baffled.

Gao Changran quickly explained, “Your…” he managed to stop himself in time as he glanced in Lu Xiaoqing’s direction, then went on, “Lord, the Blue Soul’s Curse is an ancient inheritance of the devil beasts. This kind of curse is extremely vicious, and it was said that there is nothing in the world that could erase this curse. Those who are cursed by this technique would be tortured day and night by the curse’s devouring power.”

Listening to Gao Changran’s explanation, Huang Xiaolong tried using the Heavenly Hall’s purification powers to get rid of the curse. Huang Xiaolong’s body was enshrouded in a cocoon of radiant light, but when the light vanished, he discovered the Blue Soul’s Curse was still inside his body. No matter how many times he used the Heavenly Hall’s purification power to erase the curse, it only managed to restrict the Blue Soul’s Curse’s devouring power to a small area.

When the Heavenly Hall’s purification power proved ineffective, Huang Xiaolong tried to get rid of the curse with the four chaos lightning pools’ lightning power. The result was the same. He even used the heart of hell and Netherworld King’s Jade, but none of them were effective against the Blue Soul’s Curse from devouring his energy.

Huang Xiaolong even tried using grandmist worm condensed with Grandmist Parasitic Medium to expel the Blue Soul’s Curse but to no avail.

“What ways can I use to get rid of the Blue Soul’s Curse?” Huang Xiaolong asked Gao Changran.

Gao Changran answered that no known method could expel the Blue Soul’s Curse… In other words, there were no ways to get rid of it.

“Lord, according to legend, the Myriad Curses Devil Stele can erase the Blue Soul’s Curse.” Gao Changran quickly replied.

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