Chapter 1868: Spare Your Dog Life

The other three Emperor Realm wolvesmen, too, were surging with fury and hatred. One of them spat, “Lan Bowei, I curse your Devil-eyed Blue Lion Race. You will never get the Myriad Curses Devil Stele! We curse you, and your Devil-eyed Blue Lion Race will perish before the power of the Myriad Curses Devil Stele!”

“There will be a day when your Devil-eyed Blue Lion Race will be annihilated like our Black Wolf Race!”

“All of you will die in excruciating pain, a million times worse than us!”

The three wolvesmen’s voices reverberated with boiling hatred.

The Devil-eyed Blue Lion young man called Lan Bowei snorted disdainfully at their words. “So stubborn even at death’s door. In that case, I’ll let you all taste death under the Myriad Devouring Devils.”

The Black Wolf Race’s group turned deathly pale at Lan Bowei’s words.

The Myriad Devouring Devils was an extremely vicious technique. The victims of this technique would be subjected to inhuman pain as if there were tens and thousands of devils gnawing on their flesh. The pain would pierce into one’s soul in such a way that a high-level Emperor Realm expert would go mad and would rather commit suicide. One could not imagine what kind of pain that was.

The moment Lan Bowei finished his words, six experts of the Devil-eyed Blue Lion Race flew forward; two high-level Emperor Realm and four mid-level Emperor Realm. These six experts attacked the moment they pounced onto the three Black Wolf Race’s high-level Emperor Realm experts.

The three Emperor Realm Black Wolf Race’s experts paled but exerted full force in defense.

“Miss, leave quickly!” The three shouted at Lu Xiaoqing as they desperately held back the six Devil-eyed Blue Lion Race’s experts. 

However, just as Lu Xiaoqing turned to flee, she was hurled backward by one of the Devil-eyed Blue Lion Race’s Emperor Realm expert’s palm force. She crashed to the ground, stained with blood and dirt.

“Want to flee?” Lan Bowei snickered maliciously and taunted, “Do you think you can escape? In these months, you lot fled from east to west, to here. Today, here is where you die! In the entire Kingdom of Devil Beasts, even the whole Devil World, no one has the guts to save your lives from our hands!”

Lan Bowei strolled leisurely towards Lu Xiaoqing as he spoke. His right hand stretched out, and his fingers pinched her jaw as he made tsk-ing noises, “Such a beauty ah, pity ah pity. You say, should I strip you naked first, f*ck you, then search your soul or search your soul first before stripping you naked?”

Although Lu Xiaoqing was a Black Wolf Race, she was indeed a beauty in her human form. Her slender but curvaceous figure was full of charm and allure.

Panic glimmered across Lu Xiaoqing’s eyes, hearing Lan Bowei’s words. To her, she would rather die than fall into Lan Bowei’s hands. However, when she wanted to blow herself up, Lan Bowei pointed his finger at her body, restraining her godhead’s godforce.

Subsequently, screams sounded from the other side. Lu Xiaoqing anxiously looked over and saw the three Black Wolf Race’s experts, who protected her, falling to the ground with heavy injuries while the other six Devil-eyed Blue Lion Race’s experts watched them.

Lu Xiaoqing fell into the abyss of despair.

Was she really going to die here?

She had been running for several months, hoping to reach the other end of the Mara Plains and run to the Devil World. If she had succeeded, she could have escaped the Devil-eyed Blue Lion Race’s territory.

Unfortunately, she was so close to the Mara Plains, but she had failed to run away.

“Father, Mother, forgive me.” Lu Xiaoqing’s black tears fell to the ground.

She had once vowed to her parents to guard the Myriad Curses Devil Stele’s secret to death; still, she failed in the end.

Lan Bowei’s thumb softly wiped away the tears flowing down Lu Xiaoqing’s cheeks and brought it to his mouth. There was a glint of excitement as he licked his thumb, tasting Lu Xiaoqing’s tears. “The Black Wolf Race’s tears are delicious.”

He raised his right hand, but before he could start searching Lu Xiaoqing’s soul, an overbearing finger force whistled across the air, straight towards his forehead out of nowhere.

Lan Bowei was alarmed by the sudden overbearing finger force directed at him, and the smile on his face froze as he dodged in a fluster. Blue-colored light burst out from his body, forming rows of runes around him.

Even so, when the finger force met the impeding runes, the wall of runes shattered in an instant. Lan Bowei tried to block with his hand in a fluster, and the finger force landed on his palm.

He grunted in pain as his body was thrown back from the force, sliding several hundred meters after smashing to the ground.

The sudden change of situation caught everyone off guard.

The six Devil-eyed Blue Lion Race’s experts were about to employ the Myriad Devouring Devils technique on the three Black Wolf Race’s Emperor Realm experts when they saw Lan Bowei smashed to the ground from the corner of their eyes.

“Young Lord!” All the Devil-eyed Blue Lion Race’s experts yelled in alarm. Several figures hastened to Lan Bowei’s side and helped him up.

Blue blood flowed nonstop from the hole through Lan Bowei’s palm, and the faint circle of blood on his forehead was glaring.

The experts’ inwardly sighed in relief, seeing there were no serious injuries on Lan Bowei, but their anger erupted.

“Who? Get out here!” A high-level Emperor Realm Devil-eyed Blue Lion Race’s Ancestor bellowed.

Right at this time, light rippled in the open space before them, and several figures walked out.

All eyes were locked onto the black-haired young man in front of the group.

“Devil Race!” The Black Wolf Race and Devil-eyed Blue Lion Race’s group exclaimed in surprise.

Naturally, this group was Huang Xiaolong’s group. At this time, Huang Xiaolong maintained his disguise as one of the Devil Race.

Lan Bowei touched his forehead. When he saw the blue blood staining his fingers, murderous intent erupted in his eyes as he glared viciously at Huang Xiaolong and his group. His voice dropped to a freezing point, “Who was it just now?”

Ever since he had broken through to Emperor Realm and secured his position within the family, no one had dared to lay a hand on him.

Huang Xiaolong did not answer Lan Bowei’s question. Instead, he said, “I’m taking these four people.” His finger pointed at Lu Xiaoqing and the other three Black Wolf Race’s Emperor Realm experts.

Lan Bowei and the Devil-eyed Blue Lion Race’s experts blanked for a second, then Lan Bowei laughed, loudly and mockingly. He was laughing out of anger. The other side had come out of nowhere and hurt him. On top of that, that black-haired young man actually had the audacity to say that he wanted to take away Lu Xiaoqing’s group with an inviolable tone? Even funnier, the other side was led by a Devil Race.

Several Devil Race’s people, on the land of devil beasts, had the guts to swagger in front of them, the Devil-eyed Blue Lion Race?

Lan Bowei smacked his lips and looked at Huang Xiaolong with a tinge of bloodthirst in his eyes, “Runt, do you know what you’ve just said?” He chuckled coldly, “Get on your knees and crawl over to my feet. Lick my toes like a dog, and if I am happy, I can spare your dog life!” 

Hearing that, Gao Changran and Wang Fanning were enraged, “Insolent, presumptuous!”

Although Lan Bowei had a noble status, in Gao Changran and Wang Fanning’s eyes, no matter how noble he was, Lan Bowei deserved to be punished by the death penalty for disrespecting His Majesty, the Netherking.

Huang Xiaolong raised his hand, stopping Gao Changran and Wang Fanning. He looked at Lan Bowei and asked, “Are you sure?”

Lan Bowei smiled menacingly and replied, “I am sure. I’m giving you three seconds to think about it.”



However, ‘two’ was as far as he counted. A figure blurred in a flicker, and Huang Xiaolong was already standing right in front of Lan Bowei with his fist punched out.

Seeing this, Lan Bowei laughed mockingly with a distorted expression as his fists punched out as well, “Runt, you lost your chance of becoming my dog now!”.

Lan Bowei did not realize that finger force from earlier was actually Huang Xiaolong’s attack. Thus he had failed to put a Ninth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm ant in his eyes at all.

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