Chapter 1862: Leaving the Eternal Devil City

Violent Lightning Archdevil, Hundred Transformation Sect’s Ancestors, and Black Killer Sect’s Chief Cui Huajie walked out from the Heavenless Devil Legion’s main headquarters with sullen expressions. 

They had initially thought, with Violent Lightning Archdevil making the request, they could very likely persuade the Heavenless Devil Legion’s Captain, Wang Teng. But who knew their request would be rejected so directly.

“Lord Violent Lightning Archdevil, should we go look for Stone Ape Archdevil?” One of the Hundred Transformation’s Ancestors inquired. 

Violent Lightning Archdevil shook his head, “No need to go see him.”

Ever since Huang Xiaolong had reached the top of the Devil Tower’s ninth floor, he had noticed that Stone Ape Archdevil had shown signs of retreat. Also, the Stone Ape Archdevil’s refusal to go to see the Heavenless Devil Legion’s main headquarters with him proved his conjecture.

“Then, are we going to let Huang Xiaolong continue to swagger brazenly right before our eyes?” One of the Hundred Transformation Sect’s Ancestors questioned unwillingly. His face was red with anger as he went on, “Huang Xiaolong killed our Devil World’s genius and our disciples. If we spare him, that will turn us into laughing stock of the universe!”

Violent Lightning Archdevil added gloomily, “Chiyou, that guy is already here in the city. I’ll go to visit Chiyou.”

The Hundred Transformation Sect’s Ancestors and Black Killer Sect Chief Cui Huajie were thrilled hearing that.

“Lord Chiyou Archdevil Lord has arrived?” Black Killer Sect Chief Cui Huajie exclaimed.

According to what they knew, Chiyou Archdevil Ancestor hated people from Hell the most because his eldest cherished disciple had lost his life in Hell. He was killed by Tai Yue, one of the Netherworld King’s Organisation's Great Ten Commanders.

Chiyou Archdevil would absolutely hate the new Lord of Hell Huang Xiaolong to the bones.

Moreover, amongst the twelve Archdevil Ancestors, Chiyou Archdevil had the best relationship with his Master, Black Killer Archdevil.

Violent Lightning Archdevil nodded and smiled, “Yes, ah, that guy just arrived a while ago.”

Among the twelve Archdevil Ancestors, Heavenly Punishment Archdevil and Chiyou Archdevil’s strengths were the strongest.

However, Xing Tian, the Heavenly Punishment Archdevil, was incredibly proud by nature; thus, Chiyou Archdevil’s rapport among the other Archdevil Ancestors was better than Heavenly Punishment Archdevil’s.

“Let’s go!” Violent Lightning Archdevil urged. Without delay, the Hundred Transformation Sect’s Ancestors and the rest headed off in the direction Chiyou Archdevil was staying.

“Lord Violent Lightning Archdevil, I have heard that Lord Chiyou Archdevil’s cultivation has already surpassed the Emperor Realm and advanced to the Sovereign Realm. Is that right? On the way, Black Killer Sect Chief Cui Huajie took the opportunity to ask.

Violent Lightning Archdevil looked at Cui Huajie out of the corner of his eye and smirked as he said, “That’s not a secret. Everyone will soon know it. Correct, that guy Chiyou has already entered the Sovereign Realm!” There was a flash of envy across his face as he said so.

Each of the twelve Archdevil Ancestors wished to become a supreme sovereign, but until now, only Xiang Tian and Chiyou had stepped into that realm.

The Hundred Transformation Sect’s Ancestors and Black Killer Sect Chief Cui Huajie’s minds jarred at Violent Lightning Archdevil’s confirmation.

Chiyou Archdevil has really taken that step, becoming a supreme sovereign!

This was a big event for the entire Devil World!

For a big world like the Devil World, one more Sovereign Realm expert was a great deterrence factor.

Sovereign Realm expert was the true pillar of strength for every world.

The Hundred Transformation Sect’s Ancestors were immediately delighted. Since Chiyou Archdevil had broken through to the Sovereign Realm, their chances of killing Huang Xiaolong had increased significantly.

While Violent Lightning Archdevil’s group headed to where the Chiyou Archdevil was, Gao Changran found out about their movements and quickly reported the matter to Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong wasn’t surprised at all hearing that the Violent Lightning Archdevil had failed to spur the Heavenless Devil Legion to act. And Huang Xiaolong barely showed any reaction after hearing that the Violent Lightning Archdevil’s group had gone to the Chiyou Archdevil’s place. He merely responded with a short, “I know.”

“Your Majesty, it is circulating outside that Chiyou Archdevil has already broken through to Sovereign Realm.” Gao Changran added upon seeing Huang Xiaolong’s nonchalant attitude.

That caught Huang Xiaolong’s attention, but he smiled and asked in return, “So what?”

Gao Changran was about to sh*t bricks. Probably, only Huang Xiaolong would give such a response.

“Alright, you withdraw first. Wait a few days. The Mara Plains miasma would probably thin. So make preparations to leave.” Huang Xiaolong exhorted Gao Changran and Wang Fanning.

Both of them complied respectfully, then retreated.

After Gao Changran and Wang Fanning left, Huang Xiaolong took out a drop of Devil Holy Water and began cultivating.

He aimed to refine all Devil Holy Water before the Mara Plains’ miasma stopped spewing completely.

With more than a dozen drops of Devil Holy Water tempering and strengthening his newly gained Ascending Devil Physique, it would raise his chances of getting the two devil steles after arriving at the kingdom of devil beasts.


Soon, ten days passed.

During these ten days, the clamors for Huang Xiaolong’s life still echoed over the Eternal Devil City. Despite the increasingly loud and intense outcries, no one dared to make a move.

Even Violent Lightning Archdevil and Chiyou Archdevil seemed to have gone down the radar.

Ever since Violent Lightning Archdevil had paid a visit to Chiyou Archdevil, both of them had gone silent completely. Even the Hundred Transformation Sect’s Ancestors and Black Killer Sect had gone quiet. 

Huang Xiaolong literally threw these people out of the window as he concentrated on cultivating and refining the Devil Holy Water.

Now, his only task was to raise his strength as soon as possible.

If he could obtain two devil steles this time, he would break through to the Emperor Realm. Even if he didn't break through, reaching the peak of late-Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm was no problem.

While climbing up to the top of Devil Tower’s ninth floor, Huang Xiaolong had absorbed a large amount of space power and chaos law power. Due to this, every moment he cultivated, he also comprehended the chaos law. Huang Xiaolong believed that as long as his cultivation reached the peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch, he could break through to Emperor Realm without much resistance.

Another four months went by.

Xing Yinuo, Qin Hongbao, and other geniuses of the Devil World consecutively exited the Devil Tower. The results were that Xing Yinuo and Qin Hongbao had gotten stuck on the eighth floor and were unable to advance any higher. The other geniuses’ results were lackluster in comparison to them.

By this time, experts from all the Devil World’s thirty-six regions were making a mad dash towards the Eternal Devil City. The mega and spacious Eternal Devil City soon felt overcrowded. 

The wide streets were filled with waves of pedestrians, making it feel congested everywhere.

Gao Changran reported the latest Eternal Devil City’s situation to Huang Xiaolong every other day.

In these months, Huang Xiaolong had finished refining the remaining Devil Holy Water. Under the effects of the sixty-plus drops of Devil Holy Water, Huang Xiaolong had broken through to the mid-Ninth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm. This exceeded Huang Xiaolong's estimation. 

It was a complete surprise.

On this day, while Huang Xiaolong was annoyed about the Mara Plains' miasma not clearing, the whole Eternal Devil City suddenly quaked for a split second.

It felt as if a massive flying ship had given the Eternal Devil City a nudge on the shoulder.

"It's the Kingdom of Devil Beast's army!"

"The devil beast's army is sieging the city!"

The news spread through the Eternal Devil City like a hurricane, alarming all the experts within the city.

Huang Xiaolong quickly stood up when he heard the news.

"Devil beast's army?!" Gao Changran exclaimed. His face was already a shade paler than usual. "The miasma is still active. How did they manage to cross the Mara Plains?!"

"Come, we're leaving the city!" Huang Xiaolong immediately barked an order and flew out from the residence. Gao Changran, Wang Fanning, and the four odd beasts followed after him.

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