Chapter 1860: What, He’s Huang Xiaolong?!

Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe’s Old Ancestor Shi Ming was enshrouded in frightening corpse qi, and he kept mum. One could only see two green light spots that were supposedly his eyes through the thick corpse qi, giving others the creeps.

Seeing that Shi Ming had kept mum, Massacring Gods Gate’s Old Ancestor Chu Han couldn’t hold back any longer, “Brother Shi Ming, since we can already confirm it’s that kid, I think we should act immediately and resolve this trouble once and for all. Huang Xiaolong, this runt is just too hard to predict and talented. If he is allowed to grow further, we might not be able to kill him even with our strengths.”

Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe’s Old Ancestor finally spoke in an unhurried manner, “Do you think I don’t want to kill that kid as soon as possible? Don’t forget that we’re in the Devil World now, and not in Hell!”

Chu Han and Feng Chu both blanked for a second.

“Our identities are already exposed. Our every move is under the local forces’ scrutiny. The Heavenless Devil Legion has not come looking for us because we’re behaving. If we make a move to kill Huang Xiaolong, the Heavenless Devil Legion would surely swoop down on us!” Shi Ming’s words reverberated in the hall.

Chu Han and Feng Chu frowned after listening to Shi Ming’s explanation.

“What are we going to do then? Kill the Heavenless Devil Legion as well? Put aside the fact that we’re no match against them, and even if we could stand against them, it would evoke the entire Devil World’s ire. All the Archdevil Ancestors would come chasing at our heels. Do you both think we can fight against the whole Devil World?” Shi Ming continued.

The Heavenless Archdevil Lord had formed the Heavenless Devil Legion in the past. This legion of the army had been guarding the Devil World for ten billion years, even though Heavenless Archdevil Lord had been missing for so long. Thus, the Heavenless Devil Legion remained highly ‘respected' by the Devil World. Moreover, to a certain degree, the Heavenless Devil Legion maintained order in the Devil World on behalf of the Archdevil Lord.

If they dared to kill a Heavenless Devil Legion’s soldier, the Devil World’s various Archdevil experts would not sit still at all.

“Then, are we going to sit back and watch that Huang Xiaolong swagger arrogantly, and let him become more complacent?” Chu Han was unwilling. “Huang Xiaolong went all the way up to the top of the Devil Tower’s ninth floor, and he must have greatly benefited from that. Based on his potential, he would probably step into the Emperor Realm soon.”

“Moreover, there has been a rumor claiming that whoever reaches the top of the Devil Tower’s ninth floor has a high chance of obtaining the two devil steles, and even gather all six great devil steles! If that kid succeeds in gathering all six great devil steles, then no one will be able to suppress him in the whole universe!” 

This was the reason Chu Han was so anxious to kill Huang Xiaolong.

If Huang Xiaolong gathers all six devil steles, then he would be…?

The new Archdevil Lord?!

The new Archdevil Lord, on top of being the Lord of Hell. Just thinking of this possibility made Chu Han, Feng Chu, and Shi Ming’s hearts palpitate with an ominous feeling.

“That… is not possible, is it?” Fiend God Emperor Feng Chu lacked confidence even as he tried to refute it, “He’s already the Lord of Hell. He cannot be the Devil World’s Archdevil Lord too.”

Chu Han sniggered, “Though this has not happened since the beginning of time, who can say it’s impossible? Who made it a rule that the Lord of Hell cannot be the Devil World’s Archdevil Lord as well?”

Feng Chu was dumbfounded, unable to refute a word.

“Huang Xiaolong must be killed!” Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe’s Old Ancestor Shi Ming spoke again. “But we must wait until he leaves the Eternal Devil City and heads to the Demonic Beasts Empires. As soon as he steps out of the Eternal Devil City, we will kill him! Send people to keep an eye on Huang Xiaolong. At the same time, have people watch the Mara Plains. When the Mara Plain’s miasma thins, that will be the time when Huang Xiaolong will leave the Eternal Devil City.”

“Yes, Great Lord.” Fiend God Emperor Feng Chu respectfully complied.

Massacring Gods Gate’s Old Ancestor, Chu Han merely nodded his head in agreement.

“However, before that kid leaves the Eternal Devil City, we can send some trouble his way.” Shi Ming said in a vindictive tone.

“Brother Shi Ming intends to…?” Chu Han looked in confusion at Shi Ming. So did Feng Chu.

“Heave people leak Huang Xiaolong’s identity.” Shi Ming sneered.

Chu Han and Feng Chu were surprised, but then both of them laughed as the implications occurred to them.

“Brother Shi Ming, that’s an excellent idea! Absolutely masterful!” Chu Han laughed wantonly.

While those within the walls of Eternal Devil City were still in a furor over Huang Xiaolong’s achievement in the Devil Tower, another news rose to the surface and stupefied everyone.

“That black-haired young man who successfully reached the top of Devil Tower’s ninth floor is the champion of Divine World’s Battle of the Heavenly Court! The King of Grandmist’s personal disciple Huang Xiaolong!”

“This Huang Xiaolong is also the new Lord of Hell!”

When this news spread out, the entire Eternal Devil City was in a new and higher wave of the furor, shocking many Archdevil Ancestors. Some were in a daze for a long time, and they were too shocked to utter a sound.

Especially the Hundred Transformation Sect’s Ancestors.

“What?! He's Huang Xiaolong!" Elder Long was clearly shocked by the news.

Violent Lightning Archdevil, Black Killer Sect Chief, and all allying parties, who had intended to kill Huang Xiaolong, had apprehensive expressions on their faces.

Even Violent Lightning Archdevil, one of the twelve generals of Heavenless Archdevil Lod, was unable to keep calm.

Huang Xiaolong’s reputation was simply too resounding. Everyone was aware of the battle above the Nethersea, where he had slaughtered over a hundred Emperor Realm experts, and even the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe’s Patriarch Shi Wushuang had fled with his tail between his legs.

Moreover, not long ago, Huang Xiaolong had destroyed the Fiend God Emperor Palace that had stood for several billions of years, which used to bring terror to the Devil World with its mere mention!

Huang Xiaolong has also killed the Emperor’s Disciple, who was also Feng Chu’s son. Other than Feng Chu and a small number of Fiend God Emperor Palace’s Ancestors who had escaped, the rest of them had fallen!

This and many other factors elevated Huang Xiaolong’s invincibility in everyone’s mind.

Even for someone like Violent Lightning Archdevil, who was used to calling for the wind and summoning rain in the Devil World, and who was also able to direct a great legion army of tens of thousands, did not dare to think of fighting Huang Xiaolong head-on.

“Elder Long, what should we do now?” A long time later, Hundred Transformation Sect’s Elder Yi recovered from his shock and asked Elder Long.

Elder Long’s eyes gleamed as he spoke slowly, “We’ll wait for the Old Ancestors and the rest to arrive then decide what to do.”

The rest of the present Hundred Transformation Sect’s Ancestors fell into silence.

Huang-Xiao-long, these three words were akin to a million great chaos mountains pressing down on everyone’s chest.

 At this time, inside the Hundred Transformation Sect’s residence’s secret chamber, Chen Weijian coughed up a mouthful of blood with a loud ‘wa.’ His face was deathly pale with disbelief as he stared at the Hundred Transformation Sect’s disciple in front of him.

“What, he, he is Huang Xiaolong?!” He asked in a quivering voice.

“Yes, that is so, Young Lord. The news has spread throughout the entire Eternal Devil City. He he is the King of Grandmist’s personal disciple, and the new Lord of Hell, Huang Xiaolong!” The Hundred Transformation Sect’s disciple affirmed with a fearful expression.

Anyone, hearing of Huang Xiaolong’s name, would feel immense pressure.

Chen Weijian vomited another mouthful of blood.

“Young Lord, you, are you alright?” The Hundred Transformation Sect’s disciple was terrified by Chen Weijian’s sudden violent condition.

“Get lost, get lost!” Suddenly, Chen Weijian raised his head and shouted at the disciple with a distorted expression.

The Hundred Transformation Sect’s disciple fled the chamber in a fluster.

“HUANG-XIAO-LONG!” Chen Weijian bit each word through gritted teeth.

Not long after Huang Xiaolong’s identity was exposed, another commotion hit the Eternal Devil City.

“Huang Xiaolong is the Lord of Hell! Kill him! He cannot be allowed to become our Devil World’s Archdevil Lord!”

“That’s right. He has gone up to the top of Devil Tower’s ninth floor. If he manages to gather all six devil steles, wouldn’t our Devil World have to acknowledge him as our Archdevil Lord? He must not be allowed to gather the six devil steles! Kill Huang Xiaolong!”

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