Chapter 1855: Roll Down From Here

Even though Huang Xiaolong had shown frightening strength on the first floor, Chen Weijian refused to believe that a mere Eighth Order Heavenly Monarch could go against him. 

Not only did he have a supreme godhead, but he was also an early-First Order Emperor. He had numerous hidden trump cards as well. He was even confident in severely injuring an early-Second Order Emperor with his strength. 

However, Huang Xiaolong continued the ascend the stairs as if he couldn’t sense Chen Weijian’s killing intent.

Just when Chen Weijian was about to go all out and kill Huang Xiaolong, his summoning signal trembled. 

Chen Weijian felt his heart trembling in shock, and he swept his divine sense over his summoning symbol. The expression on his face froze. ‘Retreat’! Elder Long had sent him a single word from the outside world.

Even though there was only a single word, the meaning behind it was clear. He was to retreat if he met Huang Xiaolong. 

Elder Long actually asked me to retreat when facing an Eighth Order Heavenly Monarch?!

Cold light shot out from his eyes, and he couldn’t control the fury in his heart. However, a look of uncertainty appeared in his eyes in the next second.

He slowly loosened his fist, and the godforce he was gathering dissipated. At the very last second, he decided to listen to Elder Long’s ‘opinion.’ 

A figure flashed past his eyes all of a sudden, and when he looked up, Huang Xiaolong was staring directly in his eyes. He quickly tilted his body and made space for Huang Xiaolong, but instead of walking past Chen Weijian, Huang Xiaolong stopped.

An indifferent gaze appeared on Huang Xiaolong’s face, and he slowly opened his mouth.

“What? Are you not going to kill me?”

How could have Huang Xiaolong not sensed the killing intent coming from Chen Weijian earlier? 

No one could have expected Chen Weijian to give up at the last second.

Chen Weijian stared at Huang Xiaolong with a weird expression on his face. For some unknown reason, a strong sense of discomfort surged out from the depths of his heart.

“Being a First Order Emperor, I’ll be made a laughing stock if I deal an Eighth order Heavenly Monarch like you.” Chen Weijian suppressed his discomfort and tried to explain himself to Huang Xiaolong.

A sneer formed on Huang Xiaolong’s lips after hearing the b*llshit coming out of Chen Weijian’s mouth.

“Since that’s the case, I will give you two choices. Number one, you roll down from here.” Huang Xiaolong paused for a second. “Number two, I’ll kick you off, and you’ll roll down from here anyway.”

On the first floor, all the disciples of the Hundred Transformation Sect had joined hands and attacked Huang Xiaolong. There was no way he would let Chen Weijian off so easily.

Not to mention the fact that Chen Weijian had already displayed killing intent towards him a moment ago.

“What did you say?!” Chen Jianwei’s blood started to boil, and his killing intent surged out and formed a towering wave that threatened to suffocate Huang Xiaolong.

Previously, he had decided to listen to Elder Long. Even though he had felt that his reputation would be dragged through the mud, he had decided to endure it. However, Huang Xiaolong provoked him the moment they met! He wants me to roll down from here?!

Chen Weijian felt extremely humiliated, and there was no way he would take it lying down.

Even Xing Yinuo and Qin Hongbao felt tremors running through their heart when they heard what Huang Xiaolong’s words. Even though they had already expected some sort of conflict to occur, they had never expected Huang Xiaolong to chase Chen Weijian back to the start of the second floor!

Not only was Chen Weijian the young sect master of the Hundred Transformation Sect, but he was also one of the three great geniuses of the Devil World and a First Order Emperor! Huang Xiaolong was merely an Eighth Order Heavenly Monarch, and no one knew where he found the guts to order an Emperor Realm expert to scram!

Xing Yinuo and Qin Hongbao’s impression of Huang Xiaolong dropped to unimaginable levels.

Even people like them wouldn’t be able to suppress the rage in their heart if Huang Xiaolong were to say the same thing to them, much less an Emperor Realm genius like Chen Weijian.

Chen Weijian looked up, and he no longer held back his laughter.

The aura around his body started to surge, and traces of devil qi gathered around him to form a massive devil phantom.

There was a secret technique in the Hundred Transformation Sect, and it allowed the devil qi around the user’s body to form the phantom of a supreme devil. 

Of course, the technique Chen Weijian used was precisely that. He circulated the Hundred Transformation Devil Art and called forth the power of a supreme devil expert.

Even though the phantom was merely a copy of the supreme devil, it held unimaginable might and combat prowess.

With the ever-increasing aura around Chen Weijian’s body blasting towards Huang Xiaolong, everyone felt that he would be blown off the steps at any moment. 

The smile on Chen Weijian’s body froze, and he squinted his eyes at Huang Xiaolong. He said in a condescending tone, “Brat, I was planning to spare your puny life. I had decided to make a move against you outside the tower, but now that you have successfully provoked me, I shall fulfill your wishes. Do you want to obediently hand over the Devil Holy Water before killing yourself, or do you want me to kill you and take the Devil Holy Water from your corpse?”

Chen Weijian was obviously in no rush to kill Huang Xiaolong.

A chuckle escaped Huang Xiaolong’s lips, “It seems like you think you’ll be able to kill me...” 

Chen Weijian sneered, “With my strength, I am confident of killing a late-First Order Emperor. I even have the confidence to injure an early-Second Order Emperor heavily. Do you think that you’re stronger than either one of them?”

Huang Xiaolong laughed indifferently, “I don’t know about other First and Second-Order Emperors, but I’m confident you won’t be able to survive if I wanted to kill you.” 

Even though Chen Weijian was in the early-First Order Emperor Realm, he was nowhere comparable to Heavenly Prince Di Jing from back then. Huang Xiaolong was only in the Seventh Order Heavenly Monarch Realm when he had fought against Di Jing, but right now, he was already an Eighth Order Heavenly Monarch.

Xing Yinuo and Qin Hongbao shook their heads subconsciously. They felt that Huang Xiaolong was too arrogant. 

“This brat is not afraid that he will bite his tongue after boasting shamelessly.” Xing Yinuo couldn't help but groan. When Huang Xiaolong had ignored her previously, he had already left a bad impression in her mind.

Even though she knew about Huang Xiaolong’s shocking display of strength from the first floor, she didn’t believe that he was a match for Chen Weijian. 

It was like what Chen Weijian had said. Was Huang Xiaolong stronger than a late-First Order Emperor? Or was he stronger than an early-Second Order Emperor? 

Chen Weijian was surprisingly calm when he heard that Huang Xiaolong was confident in killing him. A smile appeared on his face, and he said, “Alright, since you are so confident, I will let you make the first move. Otherwise, others will say that I bullied my junior.”

Huang Xiaolong asked indifferently, “Are you sure?” 

Chen Weijian laughed, “I’m extremely sure.” Black armor appeared around his body, and brilliant rays of light burst out from his body. Countless devil arrays were inscribed on his armor, and it exuded an imposing aura.

“Hundred Transformation Devil Armor!”

Xing Yinuo and Qin Hongbao’s faces changed as they exclaimed in shock.

The Hundred Transformation Devil Armor was the inherited treasure of the Hundred Transformation Sect. It was a high-grade grandmist spiritual armor. No one could have expected Chen Weijian to bring it out.

“With the Hundred Transformation Devil Armor, I’m afraid that he won’t be able to hurt a single hair on Chen Weijian’s body.” Xing Yinuo’s voice echoed from the foot of the mountain.

With Chen Weijian’s strength at the early-First Order Emperor Realm, coupled with his Hundred Transformation Devil Armor, even many peak late-First Order Emperors would find it hard to break through his defense. 

After summoning the devil armor, Chen Weijian laughed indifferently, “Why are you not attacking? Go ahead! I’m waiting for you…”

With the Hundred Transformation Devil Armor protecting his body, Chen Weijian felt no one in the tower could match up to his strength.

Even if Huang Xiaolong was extremely strong, he refused to believe an Eighth Order Heavenly Monarch could break his defenses.

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