Chapter 1847: Snatch the Treasure!

Huang Xiaolong didn’t bother roaming the streets, and he returned to his courtyard after leaving the auction.

Along the way, tons of auras locked onto Huang Xiaolong, but he ignored them.

He wasn’t afraid that people would try to rob him of his treasures. In fact, he was worried that people wouldn’t try.

If not for the presence of the Heavenless Devil Legion protecting the order of the city, those people would have already made their move on him in the auction hall.

Even though the four odd beasts had exhibited their frightening strength, the saying was true. ‘Birds die for food, and people die for wealth.’ With the motivation from both the Tushita Flying Ship and the Devil Holy Water, some people wouldn’t think of the consequences.

As Gao Changran and Wang Fanning were walking behind Huang Xiaolong, they were naturally targets of the killing intent. They couldn’t help but feel their hearts thumping loudly.

Gao Changran only managed to heave a sigh of relief when they returned to their courtyard.

Despite knowing Huang Xiaolong’s identity and that he was able to slaughter all the enemies in his path, Gao Changran felt that no matter how strong Huang Xiaolong was, he would fail to resist the combined strength of half the Devil World on his own.

The Stone Ape Archdevil Ancestor might not be significant enough for them to take precautions, but what if the Violent Lightning Archdevil Ancestor was added into the mix? With the addition of the Hundred Transformation Sect and the Black Killer Devil Sect, things could get messy, not to mention the Heavenly Punishment Archdevil Ancestor himself.

The combined power of all the superpowers was nothing to scoff at. The Heavenless Devil Legion wouldn’t be enough to stop them.

“Your Majesty, should we retreat and consolidate our strength before returning?” Gao Changran asked prudently the moment they returned. The meaning behind his words was clear.

Huang Xiaolong chuckled in response. “Retreat? Where do you want to go? Do you really think that they will give up after we leave the Eternal Devil City?”

The moment they left the Eternal Devil City, they would no longer be under the protection of the Heavenless Devil Legion. The people who were gunning for the Devil Holy Water would be able to do whatever they wanted.

As such, staying in Eternal Devil City was the way to avoid most troubles.

Gao Changran knew that Huang Xiaolong was making a valid point, but reason failed to win over his fear. “Your Majesty, the Heavenly Punishment Archdevil Ancestor will be arriving in Eternal City tomorrow. The Chiyou Archdevil Ancestor will also be arriving soon!”

“So what if they come? We’ll deal with them after they come.” Huang Xiaolong remained indifferent when he spoke about the Archdevil Ancestors.

“Alright, you can leave. Pay attention to the opening of the Devil Tower.” Before Gao Changran could bring up any more points, Huang Xiaolong shook his hand and dismissed everyone.

“Yes, Your Majesty!” No matter how unwilling Gao Changran was, he could only take his leave respectfully.

The moment everyone left, Huang Xiaolong retrieved the Yellow Springs Magic Robe. For the past hundreds of years, Huang Xiaolong had been soaking it in the Blue Spectre Spring. After ascending to his position as the King of Hell, he had used countless treasures to repair it. As such, it was pretty much restored.

Right now, the only thing left was the Devil Holy Water.

With the Devil Holy Water, Huang Xiaolong believed that it wouldn’t be long before the Yellow Springs Magic Robe would return to its peak form.

He took out the stone bottle that contained the Devil Holy Water, and brilliant rays of blue light emerged from the container’s opening. The pretty blue color had a dreamy beauty, and it was extremely captivating.

As the stone bottle trembled, a drop of crystal clear and blue liquid dripped onto the Yellow Springs Magic Robe. In an instant, the sound of swallowing could be heard, and a mighty radiance burst out from the robe. The massive giant on the robe wielding a mighty ax awakened and blood-red light burst out from its eyes.

Waves after waves of devilish light shot up to the skies, and the runes on the robes started to shine with unprecedented luster.

Huang Xiaolong could feel the speed at which the robe healed, with the assistance of a single drop of the Devil Holy Water. There were cracks spreading all over the armor in the past, but they were healing on their own right before his eyes!

Huang Xiaolong was shocked at the effects of a single drop of the Devil Holy Water.

According to his estimation, he could fully restore the robe with ten or so drops.

The Yellow Springs Magic Robe was refined personally by the Yellow Springs Archdevil Ancestor, and the giant on it contained the essence of the robe and was sentient. Even though the Yellow Springs Magic Robe was a mid-grade grandmist artifact, its might matched high-grade grandmist artifacts!

Using ten drops of the Devil Holy Water to restore the Yellow Springs Magic Robe was utterly worth it.

Huang Xiaolong shook the bottle, and drops after drops of Devil Holy Water emerged.

Every single drop possessed unrivaled beauty.

Each time a drop landed on the robe, a swallowing sound would be heard, and the ax holding demon would glow a little brighter.

When the Yellow Springs Magic Robe absorbed the tenth drop, resplendent light filled the skies, and the massive devil started to move. It’s sentient burst out from the robe.

The devilish light from the courtyard managed to alarm all the experts staying near Huang Xiaolong.

“What is that?!”

“It’s definitely one of the devil treasures from some superpower. That should be a mid-grade grandmist artifact… No, that could be a high-grade grandmist artifact!”

Many of the experts broke out into discussion.

All of them were old monsters in the Devil World, and their experience allowed them to determine the approximate grade of Huang Xiaolong’s treasure accurately.

“That kid has so many treasures on him!”

They were already lusting for the Devil Holy Water on Huang Xiaolong, but they had never expected him to bring out another treasure.


Finally, someone became unable to control themselves under the temptation of the Yellow Springs Magic Robe.

He soared into the sky, and his body emitted devilish light. He turned into a massive ball of devilish light and rotated about in mid-air. A Yin Yang diagram was formed as light and darkness frequently changed places.

“It’s the old ancestor of the Absolute Devil Gate!”

Many of them recognized the old man.

After all, he had already found Huang Xiaolong unpleasant to the eye in the auction.

The Absolute Ancestor spun faster and faster, and he turned into a massive Yin Yang Wheel. Wherever he went, the area was cleaved apart by yin yang devil qi, and he shot towards Huang Xiaolong.

“The Absolute Yin Yang Wheel is the strongest divine art the old ancestor possess!”

“In the past, it was said that the old ancestor of the Absolute Devil Gate had forced the Yellow Springs Archdevil Ancestor to retreat with this same move. I wonder if that’s true.”

As the old ancestor appeared in the space above Huang Xiaolong’s courtyard, many experts in the surrounding area made their move.

All of them soared through the air, and devilish light covered the sky. The winds howled as hurricanes swept through the area.

At that very moment, eight massive arms emerged from Huang Xiaolong’s courtyard. Darkness devils possessing endless might surrounded each arm, and they seemed to have emerged from the abyss as they reached into the skies above the courtyard.

Out of the eight arms, four of them welcomed the Absolute Devil Gate’s old ancestor, and the others swung out at the other ancestors who were making a move against Huang Xiaolong.


“Pa, pa, pa!”

When the four arms slammed against the Absolute Yin Yang Wheel, a massive explosion occurred. Countless rays of light shot outwards.

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