Chapter 1840: Entering Eternal Devil City

“Liu Xin and the other ancestors from the Lightning Beast Valley are experts at the late-Ninth Order Emperor Realm! That beast sent them flying with a single palm. What in the world is that power?! Is that an expert in the mid or late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm?!”

“I’m afraid that it’s at the late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm! When did such an expert appear in the Six Nether Gate?! Who is that black-haired young man? Even late-Tenth Order Emperors have to walk behind him!”

“So Wu Jingnan’s death isn’t a mere rumor?”

Everyone broke out into discussion.

Many superpowers had been suspicious about the news of Wu Jingnan’s death at the hands of the Six Nether Gate. None of them had believed that the Six Nether Gate had killed so many experts from the Devil Ape Cult.

After all, the Six Nether Gate was merely a second-rate power.

They didn’t believe that the Six Nether Gate had dared to make a move against the Devil Ape Cult anyway.

However, the scene before them changed their minds. All of them realized that it was entirely possible that Wu Jingnan had fallen in the hands of the Six Nether Gate.

Since they could send the entire group from the Lightning Beast Valley flying, it wouldn’t be impossible for them to kill Wu Jingnan.

In an unassuming corner of the city gates, a red haired-young man who had a sturdy body frowned. “Elder Long, can you see through that guy’s strength?”

Of course, the person he was referring to was the beast behind Huang Xiaolong.

One of the old men standing beside him shook his head. “I can’t be sure, but he should be stronger than a late-Tenth Order Emperor.”

A light flashed through the red-haired man’s eyes. “When did the Six Nether Gate manage to rope in such an expert? I’m getting pretty curious about the black-haired kid. I can feel the overwhelming strength coming from his bloodline. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to completely refine the devil lotus in my body and bloom its twelve petals using the power of his bloodline!”

He had a unique method that allowed him to feel Huang Xiaolong’s bloodline. 

The person he called Elder Long shook his head in reply. “Young master, we are here to obtain the Devil Steles. We can’t tangle ourselves with the other superpowers. The black-haired young man probably comes from a complicated background…”

The red-haired young man laughed. “Of course, I know that. Don’t worry. I won’t do anything reckless without having the confidence to succeed. I’ll only make a move the moment I get a chance to devour his bloodline! Otherwise, we’ll have to wait and see.”

“I heard Xing Yinuo and Qin Hongbao have already arrived in the Eternal Devil City.”

“That’s right.” One of the elders chuckled, “Young master if you wish to see Young Lady Yinuo, I’ll make the necessary arrangements.”

The red-haired young man was the last supreme genius of the Devil World, Chen Weijian.

Out of the three of them, none could rise above the other two to claim the title of the only supreme genius in the Devil World.

Of course, that was only in terms of talent. No one knew their actual combat strength.

Chen Weijian nodded his head. “I haven’t seen her in a long time.” When he thought about her, a gentle smile appeared on his face.

“I’m sure Young Lady Yinuo would be extremely surprised to see the young master.” Elder Long laughed.

That was because Chen Weijian had managed to break through to the Emperor Realm not too long ago. He was already at the early-First Order Emperor Realm.

It could even be said that Chen Weijian was the number one cultivator in the younger generation of cultivators in the Devil World!

He had cultivated for less than ten thousand years and had broken through to the Emperor Realm without the slightest hindrance. His speed and talent would shake the heavens!

When the ancestors of his faction thought about it, they couldn’t help but swell with pride.

Chen Weijian laughed, “Let’s go. We’ll enter the city now, and you can make the arrangements. I want to meet with Yinuo. I also heard that the Heavenly Punishment Archdevil Ancestor would be arriving in a few days. Prepare well. I want to greet him the moment he arrives.”

“Also,… go and investigate the identity of the black-haired youth. I want to know his relationship with the Six Nether Gate!”

“Yes, young master!”

The ancestor level figures of the Hundred Transformation Sect replied respectfully.

After Huang Xiaolong entered the Eternal Devil City, Chen Weijian’s group followed closely behind.

By the time they entered, Huang Xiaolong’s group was already walking around the city streets.

The streets were wide, and the buildings around it were equally as large. It seemed as though everything in the Eternal Devil Lands was supersized.

“We’ll look for a place to stay.” Huang Xiaolong ordered after walking about for some time.

“Yes. We will look for a place right now.” Gao Changran and Wang Fanning left to look for an appropriate location for them to stay.

Past the Eternal Devil City was the Kingdom of Devil Beasts. However, there was a huge plain located between the two territories.

The plain had gained its name as the Mara Plains, as horrifying bursts of devil energy erupted from its ground like volcanoes. The time they had chosen to gather at the Eternal Devil Lands was coincidentally when the outbursts were the strongest. 

As such, everyone would wait for the eruptions to die down before heading into the Kingdom of Devil Beasts.

Trying to charge through the Mara Plains during the eruptions was equivalent to seeking death.

Huang Xiaolong was in no hurry as he decided to settle down in Eternal Devil City.

Before long, Gao Changran and Wang Fanning returned. They had managed to look for a place to stay, and since there were too many people gathering in Eternal Devil City, they could only manage to find a tiny courtyard in Eternal Devil City.

Bringing Huang Xiaolong there, Gao Changran said, “Your Majesty, the courtyard is a little cramped, and I’m very sorry I couldn’t find a larger one.”

“It’s fine.” Huang Xiaolong shook his head and chuckled, “It’s good that it’s simple and crude. Oh yes, go and investigate whether or not Chu Han and the Silver Devil Sect have arrived in the Eternal Devil City. Also, look out for the Fiend God Emperor, Feng Chu, and the old ancestor of the Nine Yin Corpse Tribe, Shi Ming.”

Ever since the two of them had arrived in the Devil World, they seemed to have disappeared.

Huang Xiaolong really didn’t care about the various experts. The only person who could cause him to raise his guard was the Nine Yin Corpse Tribe’s old ancestor, Shi Ming.

Since the Massacring Gods Gate had been walking closely with the Nine Yin Corpse Tribe in Hell, Shi Ming should be somewhere in Eternal Devil City…

Gao Changran and Wang Fanning accepted the order and left to scout for information.

Before long, they returned.

“Reporting to Your Majesty, the Silver Devil Sect and Chu Han have not arrived in Eternal Devil City. As for Feng Chu and Shi Ming, their whereabouts are unknown. However, This subordinate managed to gain an excellent piece of intelligence. I heard that the Eternal Devil City will be holding a massive auction in two days, and there should be a peak-grade grandmist spiritual ship of the fire attribute for sale.” Gao Changran reported.

Since their Icy Dragon Phoenix Spiritual Ship was stolen, they lacked a flying ship to get around the Eternal Devil Lands.

“Oh?” Huang Xiaolong’s eyes lit up. That was indeed good news.

“I also heard that the Devil Tower that hasn’t been open for a long time emitted some sort of devilish light. I feel that it will be opening in a few days.” Gao Changran followed up with another piece of good news.

Huang Xiaolong sucked in a cold breath when he heard the news. “The Devil Tower will be opening?!”

The Devil Tower was the number one tower in the Devil World, and it was located in Eternal Devil City!

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