Chapter 1833: Where is Wu Jingnan Now?

“Li Tong.” Wu Jingnan’s cold voice sounded out all of a sudden.

“This subordinate is present.” One of the ancestors, who was standing beside him, replied respectfully.

“Gather everyone. We’re going to the Six Nether Gate headquarters.” Wu Jingnan stood up, and a majestic aura surrounded him.

Everyone in the hall looked at each other hesitantly.

“Young master… This… Why don’t we wait for the Chief and Lord Archdevil before doing anything?” Li Tong hesitated for a moment before replying.

He was clear as day as to what Wu Jingnan wanted to do after arriving at the Six Nether Gate.

“What? It’s just a mere Six Nether Gate. Do you expect the Chief and Lord Archdevil to make a move personally?” Wu Jingnan’s expression dropped. “Are you guys looking down on me? Do you think that as the young master of our Devil Ape Cult, I won’t be able to take down the Six Nether Gate on my own?”

All the ancestors present sealed their mouths shut and refused to reply.

“That’s not what we mean.” Another ancestor, Tian Changyue broke the silence. “However, there are too many powers gathered in the Frigid North City right now. If we make a move on the Six Nether Gate out of the blue, the Poison Wolf Sect and the Blue Puppet Gate might hit us when we’re down. Moreover, we are here for the Myriad Curses Devil Stele and Glaze Devil Stele. Before the two steles appear, we shouldn't start a battle with anyone!”

Even though exterminating the Six Nether Gate was as easy as snapping a finger for the Devil Ape Cult, they would definitely need to pay a certain price to do so.

Right now, all they wanted was to preserve their peak fighting strength. They had to use everything in their possession to fight for the two devil steles.

Wu Jingnan frowned, and he harrumphed, “Fine. I shall allow the Six Nether Gate to run rampant for several more days. As soon as the Chief and Lord Archdevil arrive, I will deal with them however I like.”

All the ancestors nodded their heads when they heard that Wu Jingnan was willing to listen to reason.

No matter what, Wu Jingnan was the young master of the Devil Ape Cult. Hence, refusing his command was equivalent to disobeying the orders of the Devil Ape Cult. They had to punish the Six Nether Gates no matter what. If they didn’t, then the reputation of the Devil Ape Cult would go down the drain.

“Even though we need to wait for the Chief and Lord Archdevil before barging into the Six Nether Gate, we can still teach them a lesson now. Otherwise, they will think that we’re nothing more than sick cats.” Wu Jingnan sneered.

“What is young master’s order?” Li Tong asked.

“Pass down my order. If any of our disciples meet the Six Nether Gate’s disciples in these few days, waste their cultivation. If anyone of them dares to resist, kill them immediately!”

“That’s a great method.” Tian Changyue nodded his head in approval.

In an instant, all the disciples of the Devil Ape Cult received an order. They were to cripple or kill any disciples of the Six Nether Gate on sight!

Even after crippling them, the Devil Ape Cult’s disciples could freely decide whether or not to kill them.

Two hours passed just like that…

Gao Changran and the other grand elders looked extremely solemn in the Six Nether Gate headquarters when they received news about their disciples being crippled or killed on the streets.

Even though it had only been two hours, the Devil Ape Cult’s members had injured and killed more than a thousand of Six Nether Gate’s disciples. 

Even though a thousand disciples was nothing more than a hair on nine oxen compared to the millions of Six Nether Gate’s disciples, some of those who were crippled or killed were core disciples of the faction.

Every single one of them was a massive loss to the Six Nether Gate.

The faces of Gao Fan and Gao Mengyao were extremely ugly as well.

“Father, the Devil Ape Cult has crossed the line!” Gao Fan raged. “They dare to openly kill members of our Six Nether Gate in Six Nether City! They are obviously looking down on us! Lord Father, please relay the order to allow us to counterattack! We cannot endure the humiliation any longer!”

Gao Mengyao nodded her head in support. “We will kill an equal number of their disciples that they have killed from Six Nether Gate!”

It was too bad that Gao Changran shook his head to stop the two of them from going any further. “Do you think that I’m pleased about the situation? The Devil Ape Cult is ranked-fifth in the Devil World! We are not a match for them! If we make a rash move, we might affect the Lord’s plan.”

“Father, why don’t you report this to the Lord? He might have something to say about this.” Gao Fan asked.

“This… The Lord is in secluded cultivation right now. He ordered us not to disturb him unless something important crops up.” Gao Changran hesitated for a moment and continued, “If we disturb him because of something that happened to our Six Nether Gate… it wouldn’t be appropriate, right?”

“Father, this isn’t a small matter! If this happens, all the core disciples of our Six Nether Gate will get killed! The Devil Ape Cult probably won’t leave it at that. In two days, when the Devil Ape Cult’s Chief and Archdevil arrive, they will probably exterminate our Six Nether Gate!” Gao Mengyao pleaded.

Of course, the Devil Ape Cult wanted to exterminate the Six Nether Gate to kill the chicken to warn the monkey.

With so many superpowers gathered in the Frigid North City, the Devil Ape Cult had managed to pick out the Six Nether Gates. It was evident that they felt that the Six Nether Gates didn’t have a strong superpower’s backing.

“Alright… I will report this to the Lord immediately.” Gao Changran thought about it for a moment before nodding his head.

If the Devil Ape Cult Leader and the Stone Ape Archdevil want to make a move on the Six Nether Gate, it would be in his best interest to report everything to His Majesty immediately. Otherwise, it might even mess up His Majesty’s plans to head over to the Eternal Devil Lands.

Goa Changan rushed over to Huang Xiaolong’s palace, where he had entered secluded cultivation, and he carefully called out to Huang Xiaolong. When Huang Xiaolong appeared, Gao Changran reported everything the Devil Ape Cult had done to the Six Nether Gate’s members.

“In two hours, more than a thousand disciples of our Six Nether Gate died…” A frown slowly formed on Huang Xiaolong’s face.

“Yes. Your Majesty, the King of Hell, that is true. I’m extremely sorry for disturbing your cultivation for such a small matter…” Gao Changran lowered his head and apologized profusely.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head and brushed it off. “This isn’t a small matter. Where is Wu Jingnan now?”

Gao Changran replied, “I received a report that Wu Jingnan has just left the Heavenly Punishment Pavilion. He is currently strolling through the medicinal market with the various experts of the Devil Ape Cult. However, I also heard that the Devil Ape Cult Chief and the Stone Ape Archdevil would be arriving soon. If Your Majesty personally moves against them, I’m afraid that you will no longer be able to keep your identity hidden. It won’t be advantageous for us when we fight for the devil steles.”

If Huang Xiaolong’s identity were to leak, all the superpowers and experts would increase their vigilance towards Huang Xiaolong. He might even attract the attention of the Nine Yin Corpse Tribe’s ancestor, Shi Ming, and the old ancestor of the Massacring Gods Gate, Chu Han.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head. “Since you’re one of my men, I won’t leave you to die. As long as the devil steles are fated to be mine, they can’t do anything even if they expose my identity.”

“Let’s go. You’re going to the medicinal market with me.”

Huang Xiaolong got to his feet and prepared to leave.

Gao Changran felt a trace of warmth spouting in his heart, and he respectfully acknowledged the order. He brought Huang Xiaolong to the medicinal market in Six Nether City.

This time, Gao Changran didn’t bring anyone along with him. He was the only one following behind Huang Xiaolong as they left for the market. 

After all, Huang Xiaolong was going to move against the Devil Ape Cult personally. The lesser people who knew about this, the better.

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