Chapter 1830: Devil World’s Frigid North Region

Seeing Huang Xiaolong’s decision was firm, Desolate Giant Tai Yue and the others could only comply respectfully. 

An hour later, Huang Xiaolong boarded the Netherking Flying Ship and departed from the Mohe Plane before Desolate Giant Tai Yue and the others’ gazes. 

With Huang Xiaolong onboard, the Netherking Flying Ship turned into a streak of obsidian light, rapidly traversing across the vast space.

To increase the flying ship’s speed, Huang Xiaolong resorted to fueling the Netherking Flying Ship’s formation using high-grade chaos spirit stones with the four odd beasts at the helm.

The Netherking Flying Ship was a top-grade grandmist spiritual flying ship that could fly faster than light. It’s speed increased significantly with high-grade chaos spirit stones as fuel from using the usual low-grade chaos spirit stone. As the four odd beasts manipulated the flying ship with their godforce at the helm, the speed rose further, surpassing ten percent of the ship’s original speed.

If outside forces’ Ancestors were to see Huang Xiaolong using high-grade chaos spirit stones to fuel a flying ship, they would probably be depressed to death. Had Huang Xiaolong been a disciple under them, these Ancestors would have struck him to death with a slap. 

Even a super force like the Fiend God Emperor Palace was reluctant to use high-grade chaos spirit stones unless it was absolutely necessary and had no other choice.

But Huang Xiaolong merely wanted to increase the flying ship’s speed just a little bit. 

With the four odd beasts taking the helm, Huang Xiaolong entered the cultivation room with ease. 

Inside the Netherking Flying Ship’s cultivation room, Huang Xiaolong swallowed some Heaven Suppressing Hundred Evils Pills and entered cultivation.

After learning that the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe was advancing their plans to attack the Divine World, Huang Xiaolong seized every moment he could to cultivate and grow stronger.

Every small rise in his strength before the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe’s attack on the Divine World would increase his chances of survival.


The days passed. 

Roughly two weeks later, the Netherking Flying Ship finally passed through the boundary barrier between Hell and the Devil World and arrived at the Devil World.

Huang Xiaolong stopped cultivating and stepped out of the cultivation room. The Devil World’s sky was bleak and dreary. Dense clouds of devil qi dominated Huang Xiaolong’s line of sight.

These devil clouds varied in sizes. The smallest ones were several meters wide, whereas a huge devil cloud exceeded ten thousand li radius. From afar, these tens of thousands of devil clouds resembled a small floating black mainland. 

These dense devil clouds had formed through years of devil qi accumulation exuded by devil creatures. Each of these ordinary-looking black clouds actually contained a shocking amount of devil energy. The average Heavenly Monarch Realm chaos spiritual artifacts could hardly scatter these devil clouds based on their strengths.

Huang Xiaolong looked towards one of the closest planes to him. 

Every mountain, river, and forest within this plane was clearly displayed in Huang Xiaolong’s mind through his Eye of Hell.

The mountains in Hell were mostly sharp and tall, but the Devil World’s mountains were higher. River currents were strong and vigorous, and the forest trees were dominated by black color. Red or green leaves were rare.

The Devil World exuded an imposing grandness that neither the Divine World nor Hell had. 

After looking around for a while, Huang Xiaolong returned to the Netherking Flying Ship and ordered the four odd beasts to direct the flying ship towards the Eternal Devil Lands.

His flying route was prepared early on by Tai Yue and the others, and it was the shortest route to the Eternal Devil Lands. 

Though this route was the shortest, it was off the beaten track, passing through sparsely inhabited areas, which were mostly bandits and robbers’ nests. Hence it was not very safe.

But this level of danger was negligible to Huang Xiaolong.

To reduce the number of troubles, Huang Xiaolong still made some changes to the Netherking Flying Ship’s appearance. The flying ship’s body was covered with Devil World’s runes and enshrouded in roiling devil qi.

In general, the sides of the Devil World’s flying ships were usually engraved with devil runes.

The Netherking Flying Ship flew on while Huang Xiaolong returned to the cultivation room to cultivate. 

Despite being the shortest route to the Eternal Devil Lands, it would still take more than a month for Huang Xiaolong to arrive at the destination. 

Overall, the Devil World was divided into thirty-six regions. 

The Eternal Devil Lands were located on the Devil World’s Frigid North Region. 

There were four biggest regions among the thirty-six regions, and the Frigid North Region was one of them.

As its name indicated, the Frigid North Region was located on the Devil World’s northernmost part. A low-grade grandmist spiritual flying ship would take more than a decade to reach the Eternal Devil Lands at this distance, unless it had the Netherking Flying Ship’s speed.

Along the way, Huang Xiaolong came across quite a few bandits’ nests, and of the four odd beasts swiftly and easily resolved these troubles. 

The flying ship sailed on smoothly.

More than a month later... 

The Netherking Flying Ship finally reached the Frigid North City.

Upon arriving at the Frigid North Region, Huang Xiaolong did not head straight to the Eternal Devil Lands but had the four odd beasts drive the Netherking Flying Ship to the Six Nether Gate. 

The Six Nether Gate was one of the Devil World’s first-ranked forces, and it had a great amount of influence in the Frigid North Region. Although the Six Nether Gate was not within Devil World’s top one hundred forces, it was one of the top ten forces in the Frigid North Region, and it ranked eighth.

It took the Netherking Flying Ship another two days to enter the Six Nether Gate’s territory.

At the boundary, Huang Xiaolong put away the Netherking Flying Ship and flew towards the Six Nether Mainland with the four odd beasts.

The Frigid North Region was a land of extremely low temperature with only one season throughout the year—winter with black snow drifting from the sky. If someday the snow stopped falling, that would be a hundred thousand years’ rare phenomenon.

Thus, wherever Huang Xiaolong looked, he saw mountain ranges covered in thick black snow.

Even trees in the forest were completely hidden under the thick layers of snow that no one could tell what tree it was.

In less than an hour, Huang Xiaolong’s group reached the Six Nether Mainland’s biggest city on the mainland central, the Six Nether City.

The Six Nether City was more crowded than Huang Xiaolong had expected.

Stepping onto the Six Nether City’s streets, he saw various forces’ experts coming and going from all directions.

These pedestrians exuded faint devil qi from their bodies. Everyone born here had this innate devil qi. However, imitating this trait with his Archdevil Supreme Godhead required no effort at all.

This innate devil qi was even less a problem for the four odd beasts. The four of them cultivated darkness element techniques. Darkness element cultivation and devil cultivators had many overlapping similarities. 

As Huang Xiaolong strolled down the streets, he inquired about the Six Nether Gate Manor’s location and headed there directly.

“I’ve heard the Devil Ape Cult wants to ally with our Six Nether Gate to venture into the Eternal Devil Lands to search for the Myriad Curses Devil Stele and Glaze Devil Stele. I wonder if it’s true?” Right now, a passing-by Six Nether Gate’s disciple’s words caught Huang Xiaolong’s attention. 

“The Devil Ape Cult bears no goodwill in wanting to ally with our Six Nether Gate, and forming an alliance is just a nice way of putting it. In truth, they merely want our Six Nether Gate to scout the way for them around the Frigid North Region. If the Myriad Curses Devil Stele and Glaze Devil Stele fall into their hands, they will grab everything! Our Six Nether Gate won’t have a share of the pie!” One of the Six Nether Gate’s disciples seethed.

“It is said that the Devil Ape Cult’s Young Master is here in the Six Nether City. This morning, he summoned our Gate Chief to go see him personally.” Another Six Nether Gate’s disciple was disgruntled and went on, “He’s just the Devil Ape Cult’s Young Master. How dare he order our Six Nether Gate Chief to see him personally? Ptui, who does he think he is?” 

Huang Xiaolong was sorely tempted after hearing that.

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