Chapter 1826: Huang Xiaolong Is The Lord Of Hell!

Even though Huang Xiaolong was speedily collecting the treasures with the help of the two odd beasts and Radiance Angels, it still took them half a day to clear the treasury.

The Fiend God Emperor Palace’s treasury was an accumulation of treasures through several hundred million years. hence one could imagine the wealth inside it.

Huang Xiaolong let out a sigh of exhaustion the moment everything inside the treasury was collected.

After catching his breath, Huang Xiaolong took out several pellets of Heaven Suppressing Hundred Evils Pill out from the Black Dragon Cold Jade Bangle and swallowed them all in one go. The Heaven Suppressing Hundred Evils Pill was one of the top-grade grandmist spiritual pills he had collected from the Fiend God Emperor Palace’s treasury.

The Heaven Suppressing Hundred Evil Pill contained shocking amount of nefarious qi. Generally, only those who cultivated the evil techniques could refine and absorb this kind of pills. But this degree of nefarious qi was negligible for Huang Xiaolong due to his three king of supreme godheads.

After his condition was restored, Huang Xiaolong left the underground space.

Soon, Huang Xiaolong’s group left the Fiend God Emperor Palace’s starry space and spotted Fang Gan waiting for him with the other Ancestors.

“Xiaolong, you’re done with your matters?” Fang Gan flew up to Huang Xiaolong and inquired as he saw Huang Xiaolong’s group.

Huang Xiaolong nodded, “I’m done. In fact, it’s nothing much. I merely went to collect the Fiend God Emperor Palace’s treasures. Fortunately, the mission went smoothly.”

Although the Fiend God Emperor Palace’s wealth was precious, Huang Xiaolong didn’t mind letting everyone know that he had taken everything.

As expected, all the Ancestors showed strange expressions after hearing Huang Xiaolong’s words.

Even Fang Gan was dumbfounded for a second.

Then, Fang Gan smiled wryly.

This kid is really steadfast. He even speaks about the Fiend God Emperor Palace so calmly in front of so many people. If someone else would have obtained the Fiend God Emperor Palace’s treasury, they wouldn’t have announced it so boldly.

“Uncle Fang, should we make a move?” Huang Xiaolong asked.

Fang Gan came back to his senses and responded, “Alright!”

Huang Xiaolong summoned out the Black Dragon Throne, and transformed it into a black dragon flying ship.

Fang Gan and the others were once again dumbfounded watching the Black Dragon Throne transform into a black dragon flying ship.

“Is this one of the three of the Black Dragon Clan’s treasures, the Black Dragon Throne?!” Fang Gan blurted his question at Huang Xiaolong in astonishment.

Other Ancestors were just as astounded.

Huang Xiaolong smiled and nodded, “It is the Black Dragon Throne. I found it some time back. It’s not bad, and the speed is still okay.”

The speed is still okay?

Fang Gan and the others had a sudden impulse to scold Huang Xiaolong.

The Black Dragon Throne was comparable to a high-grade grandmist spiritual flying artifact. If its speed was merely considered as ‘still okay,’ what should those mid-grade and low-grade grandmist spiritual flying artifacts do? After all, many Emperor Palaces in the top one hundred didn’t even own a mid-grade grandmist spiritual flying artifact.

Huang Xiaolong, Fang Gan, and the others subsequently boarded the black dragon flying ship. Then, with a casual wave of his hand, Huang Xiaolong threw ten thousand low-grade chaos spirit stones into the black dragon flying ship’s core formation as fuel. The black dragon flying ship turned into a streak of light, taking everyone away from the Fiend God Emperor Palace.

The black dragon flying ship was akin to a soaring black dragon in the sky as it traversed through space. Stretch after stretch of space disappeared behind the black dragon flying ship.

The black dragon flying ship headed straight to the Fortune Emperor Palace without making any stops along the way.

As Huang Xiaolong and the others were rushing back to the Fortune Emperor Palace, shocking news hit the Divine World like streaks of grandmist divine lightning.

“What?! Huang Xiaolong broke into the Fiend God Emperor Palace?! He really isn’t afraid of death! If he angered the Fiend God Emperor Palace’s Emperor Feng Chu, he would be killed without mercy even if he’s the King of Grandmist’s disciple!”

In the beginning, various forces’ experts shook their heads with satirizing smiles when they heard that Huang Xiaolong had broken into the Fiend God Emperor Palace, rebuking Huang Xiaolong for not knowing his own weight.

They had believed that Huang Xiaolong was going to meet a miserable ending, despite the protection of his two odd beasts. They weren’t confident that he could withdraw safely from the Grand Fiend God Formation.

But it didn’t take long for another news to spread, rendering the forces in various directions agape and speechless for a long time.

“Huang Xiaolong destroyed the Fiend God Emperor Palace?! The Fiend God Emperor Palace, Brightness Emperor Palace, Solitude Emperor Palace, and three other Emperor Palaces’ experts joined hands to besiege Huang Xiaolong, but he still defeated them? The Fiend God Emperor Feng Chu and Brightness Emperor Lan Zhi escaped in a sorry state?!”

“That, it’s impossible!”

Some Ancestors denied the possibility and shook their heads adamantly when they heard the news, refusing to believe such absurdity.

“You’ve heard it right. Huang Xiaolong’s real identity is the new Lord of Hell! The same Lord of Hell that killed hundreds of the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe, Massacring Gods Gate, and other Emperor Realm experts!”

“That’s impossible!”

A lot of Ancestors refused to believe the news. In other words, this news was simply unacceptable.

“This news is confirmed by the Fiend God Emperor Palace and Brightness Emperor Palace’s escaped Ancestors. Huang Xiaolong has the City of Eternity and also the Heavenly Hall! Even the Fiend God Emperor Feng Chu and Brightness Emperor Lan Zhi were injured from the City of Eternity’s attacks!”

“After that, Feng Chu summoned the Fiend God Emperor Palace’s Founder’s consciousness but it was useless. The Grand Fiend God Formation is broken, and the whole Fiend God Emperor Palace is reduced to ruins! It’s really over for the Fiend God Emperor Palace!”

As news spread out one after another, the entire Divine World was in a furor.

The City of Eternity! Heavenly Hall! Radiance Divine Scepter! Sixteen Wings! The heart of hell!

During the Battle of the Heavenly Court, Huang Xiaolong had raised envy and shock when others had learned that he was actually the King of Grandmist's disciple and the Grandmist Emperor's Junior Brother.

And now, Huang Xiaolong had an even more amazing identity—the Lord of Hell!

The Lord of Hell, the ruler of Hell’s three big realms! This identity was bigger than Jiang Hong as the Grandmist Emperor.

Disciples of Emperor Palaces who had wanted to collect the Fiend God Emperor Palace’s lucrative for killing Huang Xiaolong during the Battle of the Heavenly Court were deathly pale upon hearing this news.

At this moment, they realized that it was their great ancestors’ blessings for not running into Huang Xiaolong inside the Heavenly Court Secret Region.

“Huang Xiaolong took away the Fiend God Emperor Palace’s treasury!?”

“Say, do you think Huang Xiaolong will go to the Brightness Emperor Palace to take away the Brightness Emperor Palace’s treasury after this?”

After their shock receded, these experts began to speculate.


The Heavenly Court.

Inside a certain secret space, the Heavenly Emperor Di Jun and his son, Heavenly Prince Di Jing, exclaimed in unison upon hearing that Huang Xiaolong had destroyed the Fiend God Emperor Palace from Grand Marshal Yan Tianchen, “WHAT?!”

“What did you say? Huang Xiaolong is the new Lord of Hell? The one who appeared recently?!” Heavenly Prince Di Jing was yelling hysterically, and his face didn’t look very good.

“Yes, Your Highness. The whole Divine World is talking about this matter now, and it has been confirmed by the escaped Fiend God Emperor Palace and Brightness Emperor Palace’s Ancestors.” Yan Tianchen spoke with difficulty as his throat felt exceptionally dry. Inwardly, he was just as shocked as Di Jun and Di Jing.

He finally understood why Huang Xiaolong had not knelt upon seeing Heavenly Emperor Di Jun during the Battle of the Heavenly Court. Huang Xiaolong’s reliance was never the two odd beasts, nor his identity as the King of Grandmist’s disciple.

He had stood tall as the Lord of Hell!

Heavenly Emperor Di Jun opened his mouth, wanting to say something but no words came out.

Huang Xiaolong was the new Lord of Hell… this news was a big blow to him. Things had completely strayed off his estimation and out of his control. His original plan was to wait and watch Huang Xiaolong fight with the Fiend God Emperor Palace and Brightness Emperor Palace. He would then reap the benefits once these parties had suffered losses. But now, the result was far from what he had imagined.

“Why?!” Suddenly, Heavenly Prince Di Jing growled, and his face twisted in anger.

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