Chapter 1824: What Do You Mean?

Others were attentively spectating Huang Xiaolong and Deng Kang’s side. They were expecting Deng Kand to send Huang Xiaolong flying. Instead, they heard Deng Kang howling in pain as he flew out like a broken kite, smashing into one of the mountain peaks in the distance.

Mountains shattered, burying Deng Kang underneath high rubbles.

Everyone was flabbergasted, including Fang Gan.

Fang Gan had been inwardly infuriated when he had seen Huang Xiaolong attack Deng Kang. He, too, had felt that Huang Xiaolong had overestimated himself. After all, Deng Kang was a late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm expert, whereas Huang Xiaolong was merely a Heavenly Monarch Realm.

Time froze.

The Pure Bliss Emperor Palace’s Ancestors and others who had surrounded Fang Gan, the fourteen-winged Radiance Angel, Chen Xi, and the rest stopped fighting abruptly as their jaws dropped to their chests. They couldn’t believe what had just happened.

Anyone witnessing a similar situation would feel it was ludicrous and unbelievable.

Suddenly, at this time, the fourteen-winged Radiance Angel’s wings emitted a burst of dazzling lights as they spread out. It was akin to fourteen sharp blades gleaming in the sunlight. In a slash across space, he threw back the six Ancestors who were besieging him.

Three of them were instantly slashed into fourteen pieces, while the other three vomited blood from severe injuries and crashed into the land below. 

Loud rumbles echoed in the air for a long time.

The fourteen-winged Radiance Angel blurred into a flicker and returned to Huang Xiaolong’s side.

Only then did everyone regain their senses. All of them were astounded and fearful after sensing the overwhelming momentum coming from the Radiance Angel.

The fourteen-winged Radiance Angel had converged his cultivation before. Hence no one had noticed that he was actually a peak late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm expert. They had guessed that the Radiance Angel was strong but not to this extent.

Now, all the Emperor Palaces’ Ancestors faces turned solemn as they experienced the fourteen-winged Radiance Angel’s fully released momentum. 

“Peak late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm!”

Fang Gan, who was the closest to Huang Xiaolong, nearly jumped out of his skin in alarm.

Huang Xiaolong took a large stride forward and arrived above the mountain rubbles where Deng Kang was buried.

The rubbles burying Deng Kang moved as a figure struggled out and flew unsteadily into the air. This person was, of course, Deng Kang. Unsightly bloodstreams ran all over Deng Kang’s body, giving others palpitations just looking at him.

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air.

Huang Xiaolong looked coldly at Deng Kang. When he had struck Deng Kang, Huang Xiaolong had sent out the City of Eternity from his palm the instant their palms collided. The City of Eternity had immediately returned to his body after hitting Deng Kang. None of the Emperor Palaces’ Ancestors had discovered it as the City of Eternity’s speed had been too fast.

Deng Kang stared fixedly at Huang Xiaolong with trepidation, fear, and indignance. “You, how can you…?!”

Deng Kang couldn’t believe it. He was a late-Tenth Order Emperor, but a mere Heavenly Monarch brat had sent him flying!

A terrifying power suddenly rushed out from Huang Xiaolong’s palm, alarming him.

He couldn’t believe that a mere Heavenly Monarch possessed such overwhelming power. 

“Speak, what are your last words?” Huang Xiaolong asked.

Deng Kang and everyone else were taken aback.

Last words?

“You, what do you mean?!” Deng Kang’s face turned gloomy in an instant, and he continued with a sneer without waiting for a response, “You want to kill me? Do you have the guts to kill me?” He believed that Huang Xiaolong lacked the guts to kill someone with his identity.

He was an Ancestor of the South Boundary Emperor Palace, and his status was only second to the South Boundary Emperor.

However, Deng Kang had barely finished his words when a light flashed around Huang Xiaolong’s hand as the City of Eternity flew out and turned into an immemorial streak of light. It pierced through Deng Kang’s forehead and came out from the back of his head before returning to Huang Xiaolong’s palm.

Deng Kang’s eyes were wide with astonishment. He looked stiffly at the City of Eternity on Huang Xiaolong’s palm and then at Huang Xiaolong. Until this point, he had doubted that Huang Xiaolong would kill him.

“You—!” Deng Kang breathed out the word with difficulty as his consciousness began to blur.

“I forgot to tell you that before coming here, I devoured the Fiend God Emperor’s Disciple Feng Chan.” Huang Xiaolong generously shared with a tepid expression.

If he could devour the Fiend God Emperor’s Disciple, then killing a South Boundary Emperor Palace’s Ancestor was a negligible task for Huang Xiaolong.

The bomb Huang Xiaolong threw out rendered everyone stupefied, ‘He devoured the Fiend God Emperor’s Disciple Feng Chan?!’

“Do you really think I sneaked in with some ancient concealment talisman?” Huang Xiaolong ridiculed.

Did that mean Huang Xiaolong didn’t sneak in with some ancient concealment talisman?!

If that was the case...


A ridiculous possibility flashed across their minds, but they were frightened at the thought of this possibility. The way they looked at Huang Xiaolong changed in an instant.

By this point, Deng Kang’s consciousness was gone entirely, and his body plummeted to the ground.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t spare Deng Kang’s corpse another glance, and his attention shifted to the Ancestors from the Pure Bliss Emperor Palace.

His gaze brought an inexplicable dread to the Pure Bliss Emperor Palace’s Ancestors.

“Didn’t you guys want the Radiance Divine Scepter?” Huang Xiaolong went on, “This City of Eternity on my palm is also a grandmist artifact treasure, don’t you want this?”

All eyes turned to the City of Eternity on Huang Xiaolong’s palm, and their bodies shuddered in shock.

Two grandmist treasure artifacts!

However, the Pure Bliss Emperor Palace’s Ancestors actually retreated upon hearing that.

Huang Xiaolong snorted. With a wave of his hand, the City of Eternity grew big into a hundred million li giant city and slammed towards them in a blink of an eye.

Despair filled the several Pure Bliss Emperor Palace’s Ancestors.


A large piece of earth collapsed, forming a hundred million li pit.

This strike seemingly hit at all the present Ancestors’ hearts.

Huang Xiaolong collected the City of Eternity back. The several Pure Bliss Emperor Palace’s Ancestors were already erased without a trace, and everyone knew what had happened to them without asking. Obviously, not one of them had managed to escape, and they were smashed until nothing was left.

“Anyone else interested in buying my Radiance Divine Scepter and City of Eternity?” Huang Xiaolong’s gaze swept over the Ancestors’ faces as he asked.

These Ancestors subconsciously took a step back, as they were afraid that Huang Xiaolong would misunderstand them. These people were mostly the ones who had the same intention but hadn’t made their moves yet. Their faces had turned slightly pale as they avoided Huang Xiaolong’s gaze.

“Uncle Fang, let’s go.” Huang Xiaolong turned and said to Fang Gan.

Fang Gan felt flattered upon hearing Huang Xiaolong calling him ‘Uncle Fang,’ and quickly responded.

Huang Xiaolong flew ahead towards the exit. Fang Gan flew one step behind Huang Xiaolong, looking a little confused and bewildered. Chen Xi and the other three Ancestors were behind Fang Gan. Then the rest of the party was at the group’s tail as they tried to keep as far away from Huang Xiaolong as possible. No one dared to make any noise.

Fang Gan had many questions and doubts that he wanted to ask Huang Xiaolong, but he decided to wait in the end.

A while later, the group reached the exit and flew out following Huang Xiaolog. The moment they flew out from the black hole’s exit, the group of Ancestors was beyond shocked as they looked at the ruins around them in disbelief. Were they really surrounded by the Fiend God Emperor Palace’s ruins?!

In truth, they had prepared to fight the Fiend God Emperor Palace’s experts to death the moment they had exited. But this result was a little hard for them to digest.

Soon, all eyes were once again on Huang Xiaolong. The fear in them deepened.

Although they did not know what had happened, even a fool could tell who had contributed to the Fiend God Emperor Palace’s ruins.

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