Chapter 1823: Repaying Kindness With Enmity

Huang Xiaolong looked indifferently at the bright, charming smile on Deng Kang’s face and replied, “Pardon me, I have no intention of selling it. Moreover, even if I’m willing to sell it, you can’t afford it.”

Like what Huang Xiaolong had said, even if he was willing to sell the Scepter, Deng Kang couldn’t afford it. Even if he were to sell the entire South Boundary Emperor Palace, Deng Kang still wouldn’t afford to buy the Radiance Divine Scepter.

Deng Kang was too embarrassed and angered by Huang Xiaolong. He sneered mockingly, “Brat, everything in this world has a price. How could you possibly know if my South Boundary Emperor Palace can afford it or not? I’ll pay one million low-grade chaos spirit stones to buy your scepter!”

Hearing Deng Kang’s offer one million low-grade chaos spirit stones for the Radiance Divine Scepter, Huang Xiaolong felt an urge to laugh.

Fang Gan stared frostily at Deng Kang as he spoke, “Deng Kang, what is the meaning of this?! Xiaolong just saved all of you. Are you planning to repay kindness with enmity? Do you want to rob others’ belongings?”

A finger-nail size corner of a grandmist treasure artifact was already worth more than one million low-grade chaos spirit stones. Deng Kang’s offer of one million low-grade chaos spirit stones was nothing less than robbery.

Deng Kang snapped at Fang Gan, “Fang Gan, it seems you are mistaken about one thing. First of all, you two did not ‘save’ us. We’re still within the Fiend God Emperor Palace’s territory. So, it is yet to be determined if we can leave here safely. Therefore, do not buckle the crime of repaying kindness with enmity on my head.”

Fang Gan was rendered speechless.

Deng Kang then turned to other Emperor Palaces’ Ancestors freed by Huang Xiaolong and said, “I advise all of you to mind your own business. This is a matter between my South Boundary Emperor Palace and Fortune Emperor Palace. Better think twice and weigh yourselves before doing anything, or you might bring calamity upon your Emperor Palace or family, and trust me, it won’t end well.” 

This was a naked threat!

Upon hearing this, the expressions on a few Ancestors’ faces changed instantly. Initially, they were intending to speak a few words in Huang Xiaolong’s defense. But now, some of them decisively stepped back to distance themselves from Huang Xiaolong to avoid being implicated.

Any sane person would choose to side with the South Boundary Emperor palace if they were to choose between them and the Fortune Emperor Palace.

The South Boundary Emperor Palace was a super-force that ranked twelfth amongst the top one hundred Emperor Palaces, and their strength was far above compared to other Emperor Palaces.

However, there were exceptions. Four other Emperor Palaces’ Ancestors had a good relationship with Fang Gan. They remained steadfast on Fang Gan and Huang Xiaolong’s side.

“Very good! You have clearly decided to go against my South Boundary Emperor Palace and the Pure Bliss Emperor Palace, have you?” Deng Kang’s cold gaze swept over Huang Xiaolong, Fang Gan, and the four Ancestors opposite him with a mocking sneer.

A certain Emperor Palace’s Ancestor who sided with Deng Kang stepped to his side.

He was an Ancestor of the Pure Bliss Emperor Palace. Though Pure Bliss Emperor Palace’s ranking was lower than the South Boundary Emperor Palace, it was still a giant force in sixteenth place.

The four Ancestors who had remained by Huang Xiaolong and Fang Gan’s side looked a little worried at this.

One of them spoke strongly to Deng Kang, “Deng Kang, others might be afraid of your South Boundary Emperor Palace and the Pure Bliss Emperor Palace, but not my Myriad Destructions Emperor Palace!”

The Myriad Destructions Emperor Palace ranked thirteenth, and this person was the Myriad Destructions Emperor Palace’s Ancestor Chen Xi. He was one of Fang Gan’s sworn brothers, and they had experienced life and death together. 

The rest of Deng Kang’s group also stood behind Feng Kang, showing their stance.

Deng Kang sneered, hearing Chen Xi’s words. “Very good, in that case… don’t blame me for being ruthless!” He turned back to Huang Xiaolong once again and threatened, “Brat, you’d do better to sell the scepter to me. That way, you can still collect one million low-grade chaos spirit stones. But if you force me to act, you won’t even get one spirit stone!”

Although the fourteen-winged Radiance Angel behind Huang Xiaolong had the strength of a peak late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm, and Fang Gan was not weak either, Deng Kang’s group was confident. They planned to hold the Radiance Angel back temporarily while Deng Kang seized the time to capture Huang Xiaolong! At that point, Deng Kang could control Huang Xiaolong’s fate.

Because Deng Kang and the others were imprisoned here by the Fiend God Emperor Palace for over tens of thousands of years, they were oblivious to the latest situation outside. They were clueless about Huang Xiaolong’s king of supreme godheads, much less Huang Xiaolong’s feat in the Battle of the Heavenly Court, not to forget, the King of Grandmist’s backing for Huang Xiaolong.

In fact, they were unaware of most of the happenings outside the Fiend God Emperor Palace.

“This grandmist treasure artifact is no better than a scrap metal in your hands. You are merely a Heavenly Monarch Realm. You can’t utilize its full power.” Deng Kang went on, “If you hand over that scepter to me, I will block the Fiend God Emperor Feng Chu and lead everyone out safely!”

“That’s right. Brother Deng Kang is the strongest person among us. Moreover, he cultivates the light element technique. So, he is the only one who can make full use of the scepter. Brat, you better hand over that scepter to Brother Deng Kang. Otherwise, you will be blamed for our deaths if we fail to escape, and the Fortune Emperor Palace will become the archenemy of our Emperor Palaces!” The Pure Bliss Emperor Palace’s Ancestor snapped at Huang Xiaolong.

Fang Gan was close to erupting in anger.

Deng Kang was shameless to this degree! He was literally pulling hatred for the Fortune Emperor Palace.

As expected, the moment Deng Kang’s words fell, the majority of Emperor Palaces’ Ancestors were looking at Huang Xiaolong with displeased gazes.

The only person unaffected by this was Huang Xiaolong. He stood there as if he could not feel the tension in the air as he calmly questioned Deng Kang, “Aren’t any of you curious how I came in?”

Deng Kang and the others blanked for a second.

But Deng Kang’s composure returned swiftly. He laughed as he said, “Brat, you must have used some kind of ancient concealing talisman to sneak in and successfully avoid the Fiend God Emperor Palace’s people, right?! Were you planning to cook us up a story that you slaughtered your way in here while Fiend God Emperor Feng Chu and the Ancestors are away?”

Deng Kang’s mockery naturally roused a wave of laughter from his companions and the Pure Bliss Emperor Palace.

They would never believe that Huang Xiaolong had forced his way into the Fiend God Emperor Palace. Not even an existence who had surpassed the Emperor Realm could force his way into the heavily guarded Fiend God Emperor Palace that had numerous layers of defensive array formations.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head and didn’t bother to explain. He waved the Radiance Divine Scepter in his hand while saying, “The Radiance Divine Scepter is right here in my hand. Since you want to rob it, make your move. I’m in a very good mood, so don’t say I didn’t give you a chance. You can still kneel and beg for pardon.”

“Kneel and beg for pardon?” Deng Kang was dumbfounded, thinking he must have heard wrong. Whooping laughter came from Deng Kang and his companions a moment later.

After laughing, Deng Kang’s expression sank, fixing an icy stare on Huang Xiaolong, “Brat, you really don’t know the immensity of heaven! You can’t blame me!” His palm had already struck out before his words finished. He was planning to capture Huang Xiaolong by surprise, and he reached Huang Xiaolong faster than lightning. 

Even Fang Gan failed to react.

The Pure Bliss Emperor Palace’s experts also made their moves simultaneously, blocking Fang Gan, the fourteen-winged Radiance Angel, Chen Xi, and the others.

Watching Deng Kang coming at him, Huang Xiaolong’s face split into a wide grin, and his palm smacked towards him.

Deng Kang was stunned for a split second seeing this but soon laughed distortedly. It seems like this brat is insane. Does he have the guts to take his attack head-on despite being a mere Heavenly Monarch? It was like hitting an egg with a stone!

Deng Kang immediately changed his hand’s form into a straight palm and directly struck Huang Xiaolong’s palm. He was going to teach Huang Xiaolong an unforgettable lesson!

Their palms collided in midair.

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