Chapter 1817: Everyone, Don’t Panic!

The New Lord of Hell! 

Huang Xiaolong was actually the new Lord of Hell!

His Majesty, the Nether King! 

Especially for Gudu Wuyi and Chen Jianwei, the shock was no less than the heavens collapsing right above them.

A while back, a rumor was heard from Hell that a new Lord of Hell had appeared. This new Lord of Hell had led the Netherworld King’s Organisation and defeated the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe, Massacring Gods Sect, Howling Moon Wolf Race, Gu Family, and other enemies above the Nethersea until they had fled with their tails between their legs!

The battle of the Nethersea had shocked Hell and other big worlds. Several hundred Emperor Realm Ancestors of Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe, Massacring Gods Sect, and Howling Moon Wolf Race had died that day! Even the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe’s Patriarch Shi Wushuang had barely escaped with heavy injuries.

The Massacring Gods Sect’s Young Lord Song Litao and Howling Moon Wolf Race’s Young Lord Yi Qing were killed on the spot!

That battle had made all the forces in the universe suck in a breath of cold air. 

The new Lord of Hell, the Asura noble named Duwei, had seemed to appear out of nowhere. No one could say for certain what his real identity was. 

“So, the new Lord of Hell is you. I should have known, I should have thought of you!” Brightness Emperor Lan Zhi repeated dazedly, sounding as if he had lost his mind as he stared at the sixteen radiant wings on Huang Xiaolong’s back. “Only the legendary Heavenly Hall in Hell... Only by obtaining the Heavenly Hall’s inheritance, could one condense sixteen wings. I should have thought of it!”

Looking at the City of Eternity and the Heavenly Hall, Lan Zhi’s heart suddenly gave birth to despair.

Even though the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe’s Patriarch had led a large group of experts and joined hands with the Massacring Gods Sect, and Howling Moon Wolf Race, their several hundred experts had failed to kill Huang Xiaolong. Those people were massacred instead! What about them then…?

Gudu Wuyi, Chen Jianwei, and the surviving Ancestors were terrified and flustered. Wouldn’t it mean that offending Huang Xiaolong was equivalent to offending Hell’s three worlds? Huang Xiaolong was an existence more terrifying than the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe!

As powerful as the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe was, it was still one tribe of Hell’s Spirits World. From the surface, they were one of many under Huang Xiaolong’s governance!

Despair infected the rest of the group.

The Fiend King was still battling with the two odd beasts.

Although the Fiend King’s consciousness was supported by the endless nefarious qi from the Fiend King Star and the surrounding planets, he was merely a fraction of the Fiend King’s consciousness. Hence it was impossible for him to suppress the two odd beasts. Moreover, in the prolonged battle against two odd beasts, the Fiend King began to fall downwind. 

“Everyone, don’t panic!” Suddenly, Feng Chu’s resounding roar jolted everyone’s attention back to the present. “Even if Huang Xiaolong is the Lord of Hell, it does not mean he’s unkillable. His strength is only at the Heavenly Monarch Realm now. We can kill him!” 

“As long as he’s still inside this Grand Fiend God Formation, we have the opportunity to kill him!” 

“As long as we kill him, we’ll get the Lord of Hell’s peerless treasure on him and his heart of hell. We will be the new Lord of Hell!” 

“We will rule Hell’s three worlds and sweep the entire universe. Who else would dare to defy us? Moreover, by getting Huang Xiaolong’s sixteen wings, we will also become the Radiance World’s Overlord, commanding the Radiance World’s army of hundred billion Radiance Angels. Even the Heavenly Emperor will kneel respectfully before us!”

Feng Chu’s words greatly moved the despaired from Fiend God Emperor Palace, and Brightness Emperor Palace’s Ancestors. Gudu Wuyi and Chen Jianwei’s fighting spirit was aroused once again. 

The heart of hell!

Sixteen wings!

Everyone’s gaze changed this time as they looked at Huang Xiaolong, gleaming with an inexplicable fervor.

Like what Fiend God Emperor Feng Chu had said—so what if Huang Xiaolong was the Lord of Hell? He’s still a Heavenly Monarch Realm ant. It wasn’t as if Huang Xiaolong was immortal! Moreover, Huang Xiaolong was now restrained inside the Grand Fiend God Formation, and the possibility of them killing Huang Xiaolong was twice as high. 

As long as they killed Huang Xiaolong and obtained Huang Xiaolong’s heart of hell, any one of them could become the Lord of Hell! If the sixteen wings also fell into their hands, everything in Hell and the Radiance World would belong to them!


“Kill Huang Xiaolong!”

Fiend God Emperor Feng Chu and Brightness Emperor Lan Zhi shouted in unison. 

Blinding lights enshrouded Feng Chu and Lan Zhi. Nefarious qi from the Fiend King Star and surrounding planets erupted to another level into Feng Chu’s body. Feng Chu’s body grew massive in the blink of an eye. His old appearance turned into a stalwart fiend god over ten thousand zhang tall. Long green hair grew past his shoulders. His eyes glowed crimson. His ten fingers and nails becoming long and pointy, akin to ten deathly scythes.

Whereas the Brightness Emperor Lan Zhi’s Radiant Divine Armor exuded endless roiling radiant energy. His earlier injuries healed in a moment and he shined like an ancient God of Light.

Both Feng Chu and Lan Zhi were experts of peak late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm. With their full strength erupted, their strengths had leaped into the level comparable to existences surpassing Emperor Realm! 

Feng Chu was the first to leap towards Huang Xiaolong with his lethal nails that were so sharp that it shredded through the fabric of space.

Lan Zhi followed right behind Feng Chu. In a flicker, he appeared high above, slashing down on Huang Xiaolong with his sword.

Fiend God Emperor Palace and Brightness Emperor Palace’s Ancestors, as well as Gudu Wuyi, Chen Jianwei, and the rest all exploded their full force like never before. Some of them even executed taboo techniques as they rushed towards Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong sneered, watching this.

In that case, he would send Feng Chu and Lan Zhi into absolute despair.

The City of Eternity grew even bigger, exuding an immemorial majesty as it flew straight at Feng Chu and Lan Zhi, whereas the Heavenly Hall shone brightly as a golden hexagon light pillar emerged below it.

The golden hexagon light pillar was the Heavenly Hall’s most lethal attack! 

The Heavenly Hall rose high up, dispersing all the nefarious qi into nothing, until nothing was left.


The golden hexagon light pillar rotated at high speed and terrifying radiant energy flooded out like the end of the world. 

This stretch of starry space shook under this overwhelming, terrifying radiant energy. The Grand Fiend God Formation was humming in danger.

The Fiend God Emperor Palace and Brightness Emperor Palace’s Ancestors, Gudu Wuyi, Chen Jianwei, and others looked up. They saw the golden hexagon light pillar shining down on them and the horrifying destructive power falling onto them.

Faces turned bloodlessly pale, and they could not be bothered with attacking Huang Xiaolong anymore. Everyone turned around to escape the golden hexagon light pillar’s destructive area.

Even so, there were always people who were too late. Several Fiend God Emperor Palace’s Ancestors were erased by the radiant energy from the golden hexagon light pillar. 

These Ancestors’ tragic screams cut across the void. 

Gudu Wuyi and the others saw these Ancestors’ bodies incinerated under the golden light beam, and the nefarious qi within them were purified instantly. Their bodies turned into dust inch by inch, disappearing from the world, and not even their godheads remained.

Although the Heavenly Hall was not a grandmist treasure artifact, its power was more terrifying than any grandmist treasure artifact to those evil and darkness cultivators.

Gudu Wuyi and the others felt their strength sucked out of them, watching this sight.

Some of the Brightness Emperor Palace’s Ancestors also suffered injuries from the golden light beam, but they were not as miserable as the Fiend God Emperor Palace’s Ancestors. Still, it was no less than being smashed by a divine mountain and knocked far away, coughing up several mouthfuls of blood.

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