Chapter 1805: Senior Azure Cow

When everyone was racking their brains, Han Qing seemed to have thought of something. The terror in her eyes became more and more prominent.

In the past, didn’t Huang Xiaolong ride on the cow standing beside the King of Grandmist when he had arrived at the Grandmist Emperor Palace?!

She had merely glanced at the little cow in the past, as she had thought that she was nothing more than a standard mount. However, it seemed as though Jiang Hong and Di Jun were paying particular attention to the cow. When they addressed her respectfully as ‘Senior Azure Cow,’ Han Qing finally recalled the cow’s horrifying past!

Many ancestors had managed to guess the little cow’s identity as well, and all of them felt their hearts shake.

The little cow looked at Di Jun and chuckled, “Little brat, don’t worry. I’m not here for your Heavenly Court Treasury.”

Even though the little cow was joking around, Di Jun didn’t dare to feel annoyed in the slightest. “Senior Azure Cow loves to jest! What kind of treasures don’t you have? Even if you want anything from my Heavenly Court Treasury, I’ll give it to you!”

The little cow merely scoffed in reply, and she ignored Di Jun altogether. She turned to Huang Xiaolong, and a look of coquettish indignation appeared on her face. “You heartless brat! You didn’t even return to visit me in the Grandmist Lands after coming back from Hell!”

Everyone nearly tripped over themselves.

As for those ancestor-level experts who had managed to guess her identity, they face planted into the ground.

Heartless brat?!

Was she flirting with Huang Xiaolong?!

Despite the way she spoke to him, Huang Xiaolong merely laughed. “You’re safe with my master… Why should I go over and disturb you?”

The little cow pouted and glared at Huang Xiaolong.

When Di Jun heard how she spoke to Huang Xiaolong, he turned to look at him with a suspicious light flashing in his eyes. An idea of their relationship had already formed in his heart.

Seemingly able to read Di Jun’s mind, the little cow turned around and introduced herself. “I forgot to tell you... Huang Xiaolong is not only the old man’s disciple, but  he’s also my master.”

Everyone felt their chest tightening as they forgot to breathe for a second.

It didn’t matter if they were ancestor-level figures who had guessed her identity or the disciples below who didn’t know who she was. All of them felt as though someone had punched them in the chest so hard that they lost their breath.

An incredulous look slowly appeared on their faces.

“Master?! He’s your master?!” Di Jun felt his tongue going numb when he said that word.

Countless guesses had flashed through his mind in the last instant, but never in his wildest imagination would he have guessed that Huang Xiaolong was her master.

They had a master and servant relationship!

The surprising thing was that Huang Xiaolong was the master! 

Senior Azure Cow was someone who had caused his master, the Ancient Heavenly Emperor, a massive headache. How in the world did she become Huang Xiaolong’s servant?!

“Senior Azure Cow must be joking…” The smile on Di Jun’s face froze as he tried to look for another answer.

The little cow simply turned to stare at him with a cold gaze. “Little brat Di Jun, who’s joking around with you? Do you think this is a joke?”

Di Jun’s expression froze, and his lips started to tremble. 

All of a sudden, the little cow piped up again. “Kiddo Di Jun, the Battle of the Heavenly Court isn’t over yet, right?”


“That’s great!” The little cow laughed and continued, “Then let the battle resume! You stopped the battle in the middle previously, and it’s like stopping a fart when it’s mid-way through… Don’t you know that it’s difficult to hold in a fart?! If the battle doesn’t end, I’ll feel uncomfortable all over.”

“Of course, Heavenly Emperor Di Jun wouldn’t be so despicable as to interfere in their battle again, right?”

A multitude of expressions appeared on the faces of the people below.

There were even some ancestors who felt cold sweat forming on their forehead. It seemed as though they had finally experienced the little cow’s shamelessness.

Di Jun’s face started to turn red as well. “Senior Azure Cow must be joking… I only wanted to protect my son. Since victory and defeat has already been determined, there is no need to continue the competition!”

A frown formed on Huang Xiaolong’s face.

He hadn’t managed to separate Di Jing’s head from his body in his final strike. He had merely broken through the protective runes on his body to leave behind a huge wound.

How could Di Jun end the battle whenever he wanted?!

Huang Xiaolong looked at his master, the King of Grandmist, with a hopeful expression in his eyes.

A nod of affirmation was what he received in return.

After a moment of shock, Huang Xiaolong knew that his master was telling him to end the battle. After all, Di Jing possessed the Heavenly Dao Godhead and Heaven’s Dao Physique. Huang Xiaolong couldn’t kill him. Of course, that was unless Huang Xiaolong surpassed Heaven’s Dao itself.

Since he couldn’t kill Di Jing, there was no harm in stopping the competition.

In the end, the battle ended with a single order from Di Jun.

Everyone felt that it was a waste.

Of course, even though the Battle of the Heavenly Court continued, it lost its meaning. Anyone who met Huang Xiaolong would simply admit defeat. Feng Chan of the Fiend God Emperor Palace even admitted defeat to Long Shaozhen to avoid meeting Huang Xiaolong on stage.

The results of the battle were utterly unexpected.

Huang Xiaolong scoffed at the fact that Feng Chan admitted defeat to Long Shaozhen to avoid fighting him. Of course, Huang Xiaolong had already planned to get rid of him the moment their fight started. It was too bad there was no chance for him to do so. Whatever… You can escape now, but you can’t run forever. The monk can leave, but your temple can’t. Huang Xiaolong decided to visit the Fiend God Emperor Palace after the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace and the Solitude Emperor Palace.

Just like that, the Battle of the Heavenly Court came to an end.

Everyone felt a complicated feeling rising in their heart when they looked at Huang Xiaolong.

When Di Jun personally handed the prize over to Huang Xiaolong, a trace of discomfort swept through him. However, a brilliant smile hung from his face.

“Di Jun, isn’t there a rule that says that the winner will be able to enter the Heavenly Court’s lightning pool to cultivate?” Huang Xiaolong asked.

In an instant, the smile on Di Jun’s face froze.

“That’s great.” 

The moment Huang Xiaolong left the stage, Di Jun felt as though his face was cramping up.

He knew the meaning behind Huang Xiaolong’s words. Huang Xiaolong was blatantly scheming against the Heavenly Court’s chao lightning pool!

Huang Xiaolong!!!

Of course, even though he saw through Huang Xiaolong’s intent, he was unable to put a stop to it! He even suspected that Huang Xiaolong had only participated in the Battle of the Heavenly Court for the lightning pool!

After accepting their prize, Huang Xiaolong and the others no longer loitered around the plaza.

With the ‘warm’ send-off of the Heavenly Emperor, Di Jun, the King of Grandmist, Huang Xiaolong, Jiang Hong, and the little cow left the plaza for their residence.

Everyone saw how Huang Xiaolong rode on the little cow when they left, and they felt their hearts palpitating in fear. The skies seemed to flip around before them.

The preposterous scene before them made Di Jun and the others question the meaning of life.

Senior Azure Cow is a bigshot in the Divine World! What in the world is going on?

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