Chapter 1803: Esteemed Senior, King of Grandmist, Has Left Seclusion!

Huang Xiaolong pummeled Di Jing to the point of death right before everyone’s eyes.

Before Huang Xiaolong could succeed, a wave of killing intent rose to the heavens from where Di Jun was seated. Oppressive might covered the lands.

He raised his arm and swiped towards Huang Xiaolong.


A cold light flashed through his eyes.

Even though his reputation would go down the drain when he interfered with the life and death duel, he felt that it was a worthy trade for obtaining the secrets on Huang Xiaolong’s body. Not to mention the fact that he could also receive the treasure left behind by the Radiance Ancestor for himself. He could conveniently kill Huang Xiaolong, who would potentially grow into a threat with his never-before-seen sixteen wings.

He felt that if he didn’t make a move now, Huang Xiaolong would actually cause some unimaginable damage to his son, Di Jing.

The moment Di Jun made a move, the winds rose, and the skies turned dark. An endless terror gripped everyone’s heart as devastating might swept through the lands. Even some weaker Emperors fell to their knees.

A single palm possessed the might to shatter a world surface as it descended.

Even if Huang Xiaolong possessed three king of supreme godheads and three Archdevil bloodlines, he wouldn’t be able to avoid his fate of being smashed to meat paste.


The two beasts raised their heads to the sky and howled. They transformed in an instant, and they held nothing back. Their bodies became several tens of thousands of feet tall, and they looked like two massive, majestic mountains as they stood in the middle of the Terrace of Heaven.

The aura they released shook the world, and chaos energy in the atmosphere started to fluctuate. The two of them raised their arms and received Di Jun’s attack.

As though some sort of mysterious thought connected them, Yan Tianchen and Xiao Yi moved. The two of them brought out their strongest weapon and went after the two beasts.

On the stage, several marshals followed behind Yan Tianchen and Xiao Yi’s lead as they charged towards the two beasts.

In an instant, lightning filled the skies, and time seemed to shake. The power of destruction erupted and filled the world. It was as though doomsday had arrived.

Several ancestor realm experts felt their expression change, and they hastily moved out to protect their disciples.

With so many people tangling with the two beasts, Di Jun’s palm moved unhindered towards Huang Xiaolong.

A trace of a smile appeared on Di Jun’s face, and there was a hint of bloodthirst, excitement, and even relief contained within.

As long as he managed to tear out all of Huang Xiaolong’s secret from his body, he would be able to surpass the Ancient Heavenly Emperor and dominate all the lands!

Who cared about Hell? Who cared about the Devil World and Buddha World? He was going to crush all of them!

He was ambitious, and there was no way he would be content being the ruler of the Divine World. As long as he became stronger, he decided to conquer all the Greater World.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the incoming palm strike from Di Jun, and a sneer appeared on his lips. He knew the reason behind Di Jun’s sudden attack, but it was too bad that Di Jun had no idea how many trump cards he had up his sleeves.

Di Jun never accounted for the fact that Huang Xiaolong was already the King of Hell, and he didn’t know about the existence of the City of Eternity. He also didn’t know that he had one hundred high-level Emperor Realm Undead Netherguard puppets, and neither did he know about the presence of the fourteen radiance angels.

He didn’t even know that Huang Xiaolong cultivated the Grandmist Parasitic Medium!

Huang Xiaolong revealed a mocking smile as he stared at Di Jun. Sixteen wings smashed down towards Di Jing once again.

When Di Jun saw the grin on Huang Xiaolong’s face, he couldn’t help but freeze for a moment. Just as he wondered what was going on, an arm that was comparable to chicken bones broke through the void. It slapped towards Di Jun’s palm strike without any warning.

The power contained within Di Jun’s attack could shatter a world surface, but it was stopped with an arm, and the energy contained within it dissipated without a trace.

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air.


A massive explosion captured everyone’s attention suddenly, and all the experts who tried to stop the beasts were sent flying into the distance.

Huang Xiaolong’s wings finally arrived before Di Jing’s throat, but a blinding light shot out from Di Jing’s body in the instance of impact.

No one had the ability nor desire to care about Yan Tianchen and the others. They didn’t even bother looking at Di Jing. Instead, their attention was captured by the figure standing in the air high above the True Emperor Stage. The figure seemed to be an eternal heavenly river, but at the same time, he looked like an insurmountable mountain. Even though he didn’t exude any type of aura, his appearance alone was enough.

He was precisely the person who had stopped Di Jun’s attack. He had stopped an attack of someone who exceeded the Emperor Realm!

“Grandmist Emperor!”

Several ancestors yelled in shock and reverence.

“It’s the Grandmist Emperor! The Grandmist Emperor actually came!”

The arena broke out into discussion as everyone stared at the figure standing in mid-air. 

The Terrace of Heaven erupted.

Those who hadn’t seen the Grandmist Emperor revealed a crazed look, and they seemed to turn more excited than ever before.

The Grandmist Emperor was finally making an appearance!


Zhang Renjie and the other ancestors from the Grandmist Emperor Palace greeted respectfully, and they were as excited as everyone else. No, they were even more excited than everyone else in the plaza. The ancestors walked forward to greet the Grandmist Emperor, and all the disciples kneeled on the ground.

When Di Jun saw that Jiang Hong had personally appeared on the battlefield, he felt as though a thunderbolt struck him. He stood up from his throne and a frown formed on his face. Did Jiang Hong block my attack from hitting Huang Xiaolong?

Is Huang Xiaolong really his illegitimate child?

It was impossible! The Heavenly Court had already made a detailed investigation into the matter! Huang Xiaolong should be completely unrelated to Jiang Hong!

Just as Di Jun was about to open his mouth, Jiang Hong turned around, and his attitude became extremely subservient. It was as though he was welcoming someone.

When everyone saw how Jiang Hong was acting, everyone felt their jaws drop in shock.

All of them stared at each other… What’s going on?

Two figures slowly appeared in the distance, and they slowly made their way towards the arena. When they caught sight of the two people moving towards them, silence filled the plaza.

As the two figures moved closer and closer, everyone saw a man who looked to be in his seventies with a short beard growing on his ruddy face. An ordinary-looking cow accompanied him.

Everyone was stunned. Who in the world were the old man and the azure cow?!

When Di Jun finally saw the features on the old man’s face, his pupils constricted, and he hastily got down from his throne. He jogged towards Jiang Hong and awaited the arrival of the old man.

The moment the old man appeared, Di Jun bowed respectfully. “Di Jun greets esteemed senior!”

A bomb went off in everyone’s head.

What did Di Jun say?! Esteemed senior?! Did he just address the old man as an esteemed senior!?

“Grand… Grand… Esteemed Senior, the King of Grandmist!”

“It’s the King of Grandmist! Esteemed senior, the King of Grandmist, has left seclusion!”

Several ancestors yelled fervently, as though they were mighty fanboys. Everyone felt goosebumps appearing all over their body.

King of Grandmist?! He was the master of the strongest Emperor in the Divine World! The man from the legends, the peak existence in the myriad of worlds, the King of Grandmist, was finally out of seclusion! The last time anyone saw him was billions of years ago.

“Esteemed senior, King of Grandmist!” Some cried due to their overexcitement.

The King of Grandmist! It was a supreme honor to be able to see him!

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