Chapter 1801: Grandmist Treasure

When the energy shockwave rushed towards them, even Second-Order Emperors felt a sense of fear growing in their heart. 

To stop the blast of energy, several ancestor level experts had to join hands. Even so, they felt that their robes were drenched in a cold sweat.

Everyone looked towards the stage.

The only thing they could see was Di Jing’s body covered in the light as Heavenly Dao Runes rotated around his body non-stop. Mysterious light filled his body, but no matter how Di Jing tried, he could not use the runes to break past the defense of Huang Xiaolong’s sixteen wings!

There was no way for him to move further!

The never-before-seen sixteen wings blocked the second form of the Heaven’s Dao Physique without the slightest bit of difficulty!

Heavenly Prince Di Jing’s face turned beetroot red, and his expression was too ugly to behold.

Huang Xiaolong stared at Di Jing, and his lips curled upwards. Even though he had only managed to obtain half of the inheritance, Huang Xiaolong knew that it was more than enough to deal with Di Jing. After all, half of the Heavenly Hall inheritance wasn’t something Di Jing could smash with a few punches and gestures.

The true might of the sixteen wings was something no one could understand. Of course, with the only exception being Huang Xiaolong.

He hadn’t even used the energy stored in the Heavenly Hall, not to mention the combined strength of the fourteen Radiance Angels.

After glancing towards Di Jing, whose face was red as anger overrode his sense of reason, Huang Xiaolong circulated the radiant energy around his body once again. As the light around him grew brighter, a massive wave of radiant energy surged towards Di Jing.

Di Jing was too shocked to react. He was sent flying by Huang Xiaolong’s attack.

The spectators around the plaza watched on with their jaws agape as Heavenly Prince Di Jing drew a beautiful arc in the sky.

“Even if I can’t use my godheads, I can still beat you…” Huang Xiaolong’s chuckle resounded in Di Jing’s mind.

Forcing himself to stabilize his body in mid-air, Di Jing’s face turned solemn. He suppressed the blood that was in his throat and chuckled, “You’re too arrogant! Huang Xiaolong, do you really think that your sixteen wings will make you undefeatable? Do you really think that nothing can stop you?!” His eyes turned bright red all of a sudden as his ramblings turned into a desperate roar. “Sixteen wings, the first to ever appear since the start of time… Fine! Today, I shall destroy your sixteen wings before killing you! I shall let everyone know that I, Heavenly Prince Di Jing, am the number one genius! No one, in the past, or the future, will ever surpass me!”

A circular blade appeared in Di Jing’s palm after a piercing light disrupted everyone’s sense of sight for a moment.

The blade was black on one side and red on the other. There was a diagram of the moon on the darker side and a diagram of the sun on the other.

Even though the circular blade looked rather ordinary, several Emperors felt their expressions changing at the sight of it.

“This… This is a peak-grade grandmist artifact, the Sun and Moon Yin Yang Wheel!”

Everyone had heard of it before, but seeing it caused many of the spectators to drop their jaws in shock.

Even the Terrace of Heaven started to shake when it appeared.

“Peak-grade grandmist artifact! That’s actually a peak-grade grandmist artifact!”

A peak-grade grandmist artifact was something even existences surpassing the Emperor Realm would kill to obtain.

A peak-grade grandmist artifact was known as the ultimate weapon. There was nothing stronger than it.

“It has been said that the Ancient Heavenly Emperor had left behind two peak-grade grandmist artifacts. One of them is the Ancient Heavenly Court, and the other is the Sun and Moon Yin Yang Wheel!” Zhang Renjie explained while a shocked expression hung on his face. “The Heavenly Price Di Jing is actually holding the Sun and Moon Yin Yang Wheel! Is it possible that he has already obtained the Ancient Heavenly Emperor’s inheritance?! He has both the Sun and Moon Yin Yang Wheel and has cultivated the Jade Dragon Manual…”

In an instant, the Terrace of Heaven erupted.

“Ancestor, did the Sun and Moon Yin Yang Wheel really belong to the Ancient Heavenly Emperor? Why had there been no news of that in the Divine World?” Li Junhua from the Grandmist Emperor Palace couldn’t hold his curiosity back, and he asked.

It wasn’t a surprise that he didn’t know. 

The matter about the Ancient Heavenly Court was public knowledge, but no one had ever heard that the Ancient Heavenly Emperor possessed another peak-grade grandmist artifact!

Zhang Renjie explained, “The Sun and Moon Yin Yang Wheel was something the Ancient Heavenly Emperor managed to obtain later on in life. He rarely used it, and there aren’t many people who know that he possessed another peak-grade grandmist artifact…”

So that was the case!

Everyone felt as though a thunderbolt struck their minds.

“Even though the Sun and Moon Yin Yang Wheel cannot be compared to the Ancient Heavenly Court, it’s not something that can be compared to ordinary high-grade grandmist artifacts. The Black Dragon Divine Armor on Huang Xiaolong’s body can only be considered a high-grade grandmist artifact, and it already possesses astonishing defensive capabilities. If the Sun and Moon Yin Yang Wheel slashes Huang Xiaolong, I’m afraid the Black Dragon Divine Armor will shatter in an instant!” The look in Zhang Renjie’s eyes became a little heavier.

Everyone was shocked at the sudden revelation, and Huang Xiaolong was no exception. Sun and Moon Yin Yang Wheel?! He had heard of the little cow speaking about how the Ancient Heavenly Emperor had managed to obtain that weapon in the past. The little cow was someone who had caused the Ancient Heavenly Emperor to experience the worst headaches, and she had even fought against him! It wasn’t a surprise that she knew about the existence of the Sun and Moon Yin Yang Wheel. However, seeing it in person was still slightly surprising.

The light around Di Jing’s body had already started to move, and his Heavenly Dao Godhead was already rotating at maximum speed. Endless might from the Heaven’s Dao entered the wheel, and the ordinary-looking Sun and Moon Yin Yang Wheel started to emit terrifying light.

It seemed as though space itself had submitted to the light, and the originally bright world was split into two. One half was black, and the other half was red.

Moons appeared in the darker side of space, and they emitted bouts of scary-looking silver light. In the other half of the space that was dyed in red, countless suns appeared, and they bubbled with the molten lava. The temperature soared into the skies, and even several ancestor level experts circulated their godforce to withstand the pressure.

“Huang Xiaolong, I want to see if your sixteen wings can withstand my Sun and Moon Yin Yang Wheel!” Di Jing raised the wheel in his hand, and his aura pierced through the sky. He stared down at Huang Xiaolong, as though he was the ruler of the world. With a wave of his arm, the Sun and Moon Yin Yang Wheel sliced downwards.

Yin and Yang seemed to separate in that instant, and day and night changed places. Everyone stared at the wheel with a sense of trepidation in their heart. The feeling of space itself splitting into two appeared in their hearts.

It seemed as though the suns and moons in the space above them exploded, with all their residual energy flooding into the Sun and Moon Yin Yang Wheel.


Space was like a sheet of paper, and the wheel was like a pair of scissors. It effortlessly tore the space around it as it shot towards Huang Xiaolong.

Seeing as the wheel was about to hit him, Huang Xiaolong pushed the radiant energy around him to the limit. His sixteen wings shook and moved to block the attack.

When Di Jing saw what Huang Xiaolong wanted to do, he felt that Huang Xiaolong was asking to die.

It was true that this was the first time someone with sixteen wings had appeared. However, Huang Xiaolong was merely in the Seventh Order Heavenly Monarch Realm. Even if he used the full power of his sixteen wings, he wouldn’t be able to gather enough energy to display their true might! There was no way he could stop Di Jing’s peak-grade grandmist artifact.


Under the gazes of everyone present, the Sun and Moon Yin Yang Wheel slammed into Huang Xiaolong’s wings.

The sixteen wings formed a sea of radiant energy, and waves came crashing towards the wheel.


Everyone felt a bomb going off in their minds.

The sixteen wings stopped the Sun, and Moon Yin Yang Wheel Di Jing was so proud of without suffering so much as a scratch. 

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