Chapter 1790: Is Huang Xiaolong Dead?

However, Han Qing was further infuriated. For the subsequent two matches, Huang Xiaolong did not encounter an opponent from the Grandmist Emperor Palace.

After two rounds of matches, it was time for the top ten rankings round.

The Grandmist Emperor Palace only had one disciple named Zhao Tong, who had successfully entered the top ten rankings battle.

This Zhao Tong was one of the two strongest disciples of Grandmist Emperor Palace participating in the Battle of the Heavenly Court. Though his strength was slightly lower compared to Li Junhua, the gap was almost negligible.

However, amongst the top ten disciples, Zhao Tong’s strength could only rank at the bottom of the ladder. If it weren’t for Lan Tailong and Li Junhua’s elimination early on due to Huang Xiaolong, Zhao Tong’s strength would have been insufficient to enter the top ten rankings.

Soon, a new round of lots was drawn for the top ten rankings matches.

This time, Huang Xiaolong drew the number three.

And the other person who drew the same number was Zhao Tong.

Zhao Tong’s mind went blank, looking at the number in his hand.

Han Qing’s eyes sparkled with a manic gleam, seeing this result. Initially, she had lost all hope, but based on Zhao Tong’s strength, this would be his last match in the top ten. Who’d have thought Zhao Tong’s last opponent would be Huang Xiaolong?

Huang Xiaolong!


Han Qing could barely suppress the elation in her chest.

Huang Xiaolong, even the heavens, want you dead! Don’t blame me!

When Zhao Tong returned to zone one with the number-token in his hand, Han Qing immediately called him to her side. She gave Zhao Tong the Massacre Emperor Bead, and she imprinted the method to activate the runes straight into Zhao Tong’s mind. Like she had done with Li Junhua, she strictly emphasized Zhao Tong in an inviolable tone to activate the Massacre Emperor Bead when he went up to the battle stage.

When Zhao Tong saw the ordinary looking bead in his palm that could annihilate Emperor Realm experts and boom Huang Xiaolong into dust, he was dazed for a second. Then a rush of joy flooded to his eyes.

In the top ten, each higher position promised an even greater reward.

If there was hope, he naturally wanted to advance higher.

Moreover, if he defeated Huang Xiaolong, his reputation would resound throughout the entire Divine World, maybe even reach other great worlds.

“Please rest assured, Ancestor Han Qing.” Zhao Tong quickly reassured Han Qing after accepting the Massacre Emperor Bead.

“Good, you’re doing merit to the Grandmist Emperor Palace by killing Huang Xiaolong!” Hearing Zhao Tong’s guarantee, Han Qing smiled and added, “When we return, the Grandmist Emperor Palace and I would heavily reward you.”

“Thank you, Ancestor Han Qing.” Zhao Tong responded joyfully. Grasping the Massacre Emperor Bead tightly in his hand, Zhao Tong strode purposefully towards the battle stage three.

“Xiaolong, you must be extra careful. That Zhao Tong and Grandmist Emperor Palace’s Ancestor Han Qing’s expressions don't seem right.” Just as Huang Xiaolong raised his foot to walk towards battle stage three, Fang Xuanxuan spoke to remind Huang Xiaolong of Zhao Tong and Han Qing’s suspicious behavior. Even though she could not see or hear them, their actions gave her a strong ominous feeling.

“That’s right, ah. Xiaolong, just that Grandmist Emperor Palace’s Ancestor Han Qing seems to have given Zhao Tong something.” Peng Xiao chimed in with a worried expression as she added, “They must be plotting something.”

Huang Xiaolong flashed them a carefree smile. “I know. I will be careful.”

Since Huang Xiaolong seemed to have taken their warning lightly, Peng Xiao summoned the Black Dragon Divine Armor and pushed it to Huang Xiaolong, “Put on this Black Dragon Divine Armor.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head and replied, “Alright then.”

In truth, it made no difference to Huang Xiaolong, whether he wore the Black Dragon Divine Armor or not.

He had the Heavenly Hall and City of Eternity protecting his body, even if the opponent had some tricks up their sleeves, they couldn’t kill him.

However, he was reluctant to disappoint the two girls’ good intentions.

Huang Xiaolong accepted the Black Dragon Divine Armor and let it submerge into his body. After that, he strode to battle stage three. At this time, Zhao Tong was already waiting on the battle stage, watching Huang Xiaolong walk over. He couldn’t help himself revealing a jeering sneer. His fingers tightened over the Massacre Emperor Bead in his hand.

As soon as Huang Xiaolong stepped onto the battle stage, he would immediately activate the Massacre Emperor Bead.

Huang Xiaolong reached the battle stage moments later and ascended the stage under various experts’ watchful eyes.

When Huang Xiaolong stepped on the battle stage, Zhao Tong’s face warped with an insane smile. He activated the Massacre Emperor Bead according to the method taught by Han Qing, then hurled it towards Huang Xiaolong.

“Huang Xiaolong, go die!”

The moment the Massacre Emperor Bead was thrown out, an ear-splitting explosion shook the plaza. It felt like the world had exploded, and countless streaks of chaos lightning snaked out frenziedly and enveloped Huang Xiaolong.

Simultaneously, the entire battle stage was reduced to dust. The explosion even opened a giant hole in space, and the whole plaza quaked violently. Numerous chaos lightning streaks easily pulverized the unbreakable barrier placed around the perimeters of the stage by an early Emperor Realm expert.

Emperor Palaces’ experts in the vicinity of battle stage three sensed an overwhelming destructive power rushing towards them, scaring them to dodge away in a panic.


The various Emperor Palaces, families, and sects’ Ancestors looked pale as they cooperated, defending against the terrifying destructive power.

The unexpected turn of events astounded everyone.



The first to react were Fang Xuanxuan, Peng Xiao, and Bei Xiaomei, as they cried out to Huang Xiaolong in horror.

All three rushed towards the battle stage, disregarding the dangers, but were pulled back just in time by Zhao Lei, Li Shan, and Elder Fu. The terrifying chaos lightning explosion was still roiling in the air, dominating the entire battle stage area. The three girls would die even before reaching the battle stage.

“Let me go!” Bei Xiaomei yelled, with a face full of anguish and despair, and tears rushed down from her red-rimmed eyes.

Fang Xuanxuan and Peng Xiao were desperately struggling to break free from Zhao Lei and Li Shan’s restraints.

Standing where she was, Han Qing watched ecstatically as the entire battle stage exploded into dust, and started laughing hysterically. Huang Xiaolong, let’s see how you manage to survive this time!

“You did a good job!” Han Qing praised Zhao Tong. “Don’t worry. When we return, you will be handsomely rewarded.”

In the meantime, Zhao Tong escaped back to the Grandmist Emperor Palace’s zone one.

“Many thanks, Ancestor Han Qing.” Zhao Tong smiled happily.

In the far distance, the Heavenly Prince Di Jing was agape with shock, and a little dazed. Huang Xiaolong died just like that?

On the other hand, the Fiend God Emperor’s Disciple Feng Chan nearly laughed out loud at this sight.

A while ago, he had been worrying that he would encounter Huang Xiaolong as an opponent on the battle stage, but now, this was no longer a problem!

Since Huang Xiaolong’s death, the second place in this time’s Battle of the Heavenly Court was his without any doubt!

“You, shameless Grandmist Emperor Palace! I want all of you dead!” The grief-stricken Fang Xuanxuan suddenly turned around. Her eyes had turned scarlet as she stared at Han Qing and Zhao Tong as if she was going to lunge on them.

“Insolent!” The Heavenly Court’s Marshal Yu Shi barked, and numerous heavenly soldiers surrounded Fang Xuanxuan, Zhao Lei, and the others. “This is the Battle of the Heavenly Court, if you dare to wreak havoc here, all of you will be thrown to the dungeon!

Fang Xuanxuan, Peng Xiao, and the others were about to explode from anger. Clearly, the Grandmist Emperor Palace had violated the Battle of the Heavenly Court’s rules. But these Heavenly Court’s marshals and soldiers were pointing their spears at the Fortune Emperor Palace instead of the Grandmist Emperor Palace!

Suddenly, someone shouted sharply, “Look there!”

The crowd was baffled as they turned to look. The energy rippled on the pulverized battle stage submerged under the overwhelming chaos lightning energy. It seemed like the lightning energy was gathering towards a particular spot.

What’s going on? Han Qing was taken aback as a bad feeling rose in her heart.

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