Chapter 1783: Kill That Peng Xiao

Han Qing immediately called the Grandmist Emperor Palace’s disciple Wu Yanxi to her side. She exhorted with a beaming face, “Later, on the battle stage, you must go all out. More importantly, never give that Peng Xiao the chance to admit defeat. Attack the moment you’re on the battle stage and kill her in one strike! You’re a peak late-Heavenly Monarch Ream expert. If you can’t even kill a peak late-Tenth Order God King Realm girl, then you know the consequences!”

Wu Yanxi looked at the beaming Han Qing, and his heart tightened inexplicably, but on the surface, he respectfully complied, “Yes, please rest assured, Ancestor Han Qing.” 

“Go on, kill that Peng Xiao, and I will reward you heavily!” Han Qing nodded, extremely pleased with herself. 

“Yes, thank you, Ancestor Han Qing.” Wu Yanxi complied respectfully, then walked towards battle stage number twelve.

Far away in zone sixty-one, Fang Xuanxuan was full of worry as she faced Peng Xiao and said, “Xiaoxiao, you must be extra careful on the battle stage. I’m afraid that Grandmist Emperor Palace’s Wu Yanxi bears ill-will towards you and will attack you lethally.” 

Li Shan’s face was lined with worry as well. “That’s right, Xiao’er. If the opponent is too tough, just admit defeat. You’re a supreme godhead genius, and you can break through to Emperor Realm; a moment of victory or defeat is unimportant.” 

Although he had previously agreed to Peng Xiao and Sun Shihai getting together, Peng Xiao was his disciple, and he was genuinely concerned about her well-being. 

Zhao Lei also looked worried, afraid that Peng Xiao would make a careless mistake. Only Huang Xiaolong appeared calm as he stood there. 

Peng Xiao gave Fang Xuanxuan and the others a reassuring gaze, and went up to battle stage twelve.

Looking at the peak late-First Order Heavenly Monarch Realm Wu Yanxi standing opposite her, Peng Xiao did not have thoughts of retreat. A surging desire to battle filled her chest, instead.

Under the stage, Han Qing sneered when she saw this. It was true that Peng Xiao was a supreme godhead genius and possessed the Purple Phoenix Physique. However, could Wu Yanxi be that simple to defeat?

Wu Yanxi, too, was someone with a unique physique—one that was much stronger than the Purple Phoenix Physique. Although Wu Yanxi was not a supreme godhead genius, he had a top emperor rank godhead—a variant top emperor rank godhead! 

Not to mention, Wu Yanxi had once encountered a big fortuitous adventure, and he had successfully practiced a powerful ancient secret technique. Wu Yanxi had no problem killing an early Second Order Heavenly Monarch Realm expert, then what was a mere peak late-Tenth Order God King Realm, like Peng Xiao, when compared to his strength?

Though the difference between a peak late-Tenth Order God King Realm and an early First Order Heavenly Monarch Realm may seem minuscule, the gap in their strength was akin to the difference between heaven and earth. Generally speaking, ten peak late-Tenth Order God King Realm experts were no match against one early First Order Heavenly Monarch Realm expert.

Han Qing had been worried that Peng Xiao would immediately admit defeat when she went up the battle stage but watching Peng Xiao’s warring expression, she felt reassured. 

A sinister smile spread over Han Qing’s face, imagining the sight of Peng Xiao being killed on the battle stage, and Huang Xiaolong’s anguished expression following her death.

Wu Yanxi was a little surprised, seeing Peng Xiao’s warring intent, but his gaze turned icy immediately. Golden light burst out from his body, as if his skin was painted with a layer of golden Buddha’s luminance. 

“Is this the Great Buddha’s Golden Physique?!”

After seeing this, the experts noticed movements on battle stage twelve.

The Great Buddha’s Golden Physique ranked tenth among the three thousand unique physiques! Even though it only ranked at tenth place, any physique that made it into the top ten was undoubtedly powerful.

Furthermore, with the higher rank in the top ten physiques, the wider was the gap in strength between each physique. 

Huang Xiaolong was also surprised by Wu Yanxi’s unique physique. 

Generally speaking, only the freak geniuses among Buddhism cultivators could possess the Great Buddha’s Golden Physique; thus it was really a surprise that Wu Yanxi had this unique physique. 

Peng Xiao raised her vigilance seeing this and did not dare to act carelessly. She circulated her Purple Phoenix Physique bloodline power to the limit. Wisps of purple flames appeared on the surface of her skin as a faint shadow of a purple phoenix twirled around her body. 

This purple phoenix was condensed from purple flames and had the power to incinerate mountains and seas.


The referee on battle stage twelve announced sharply. 

The instant the referee’s word sounded, Wu Yanxi’s figure disappeared into a blur from where he stood. When he appeared again, he had closed the space in between him and Peng Xiao. Many spectators were caught off guard by his move. 

“That seems like the Ancient Heaven Buddha Sect’s Transmigration Grand Movement, doesn’t it?” 

A Martial Demon Emperor Palace’s Ancestor voiced his doubt aloud. 

The Ancient Heaven Buddha Sect was a famous hidden sect since ancient times. The sect’s power was comparable to the current top ten Emperor Palaces; however, it had been many billions of years since the Ancient Heaven Buddha Sect last appeared.

Some said the Ancient Heaven Buddha Sect had offended a peerless expert and was annihilated by him. Others said that the Ancient Heaven Buddha Sect’s Chief had entered death seclusion to break through the realm above the Emperor Realm.

On the battle stage, Peng Xiao tensed from an invisible pressure. 

Inside the Heavenly Court Secret Region, a total of five disciples from the Brightness Emperor Palace and Grandmist Emperor Palace had besieged her. One of them was named Zhuo Ran. He was a late-First Order Heavenly Monarch Realm. However, even though all five of them were put together, they wouldn’t last when fighting against this Wu Yanxi.

Wu Yanxi suddenly struck out with his palm, breaking past the protective purple flames around Peng Xiao and went straight for Peng Xiao’s heart. He obviously intended to shatter Peng Xiao’s heart in one strike. 

Although a God King Realm expert’s body was powerful and could be said to be immortal, it was still subjective. Moreover, the heart was the most fragile yet essential organ; once the heart was gone, a person’s body was half-crippled.

“Xiaoxiao, watch out!” Fang Xuanxuan shouted a warning, as her face paled in an instant. 

Just as everyone thought Wu Yanxi’s palm strike would shatter Peng Xiao’s heart, a rumbling dragon’s roar came from Peng Xiao’s body. 

Everyone was dumbfounded by this unexpected factor.

Wasn’t Peng Xiao’s physique the Purple Phoenix Physique? Why was there dragon’s roar coming from her body?

Subsequently, everyone saw nine huge dragons flying out from Peng Xiao’s body, letting out deafening roars that shook the heavens. A majestic dragon might swept over, their condescending gaze peered over the battle stage. 

A black-colored armor rose to the surface of Peng Xiao’s body.

A burst of numbing pain shot up Wu Yanxi’s arm when his palm strike landed on the black divine armor as if he had just struck his palm against a giant wall. The collision force sent him staggering back in a sorry state.

This result astounded the spectators. 

Even the Heavenly Emperor Di Jun, who was sitting on the dragon chair on the high stage, looked towards the battle stage twelve, more accurately, at the black divine armor on Peng Xiao’s body. 

“What kind of divine armor is that?! It’s so powerful!” A Brightness Emperor Palace’s Ancestor sucked in a breath of cold air. 

A peak late-Tenth Order God King Realm disciple actually repelled a peak late-First Order Heavenly Monarch Realm expert purely relying on the divine armor alone. This defensive power could only be described as terrifying. 

“That, that is the Desolate Era’s Black Dragon Clan’s Black Dragon Divine Armor! A top-grade grandmist spiritual artifact ah!” One of the Grandmist Emperor Palace’s Ancestors shrieked, and his eyes rounded in astonishment. 

“What?! The Desolate Era’s Black Dragon Clan’s Black Dragon Divine Armor!”

Those words sent a wave of shock through the plaza, and the crowd was in a furor.

A top-grade grandmist divine armor, ah! This was a treasure that many peak late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm experts could only dream of. Even existences that had surpassed the Emperor Realm did not necessarily have this high grade of divine armor! 

Zhao Lei, Fang Xuanxuan, Li Shan, and the others were genuinely shocked but soon showed an appreciative expression. Even though others didn’t know,they were well aware that the Black Dragon Divine Armor belonged to Huang Xiaolong. It looks like Huang Xiaolong gave it to Peng Xiao for her protection.

“No wonder a no-conscience guy like you wasn’t worried earlier.” Fang Xuanxuan fumed at Huang Xiaolong. 

Huang Xiaolong sweated inwardly—how come his ‘conscience’ was dragged into this.?

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