Chapter 1775: Gudu Canyang—Dead!

Huang Xiaolong smiled coldly after hearing Gudu Canyang’s words. He looked at them and asked, “Which one of you wants to die first?”

Gudu Canyang and the others stiffened speechlessly at Huang Xiaolong’s retort.

“Huang Xiaolong, you’re knocking on death’s door without realizing it! Do you think that just because you stand in second place, we are afraid of you?! I, Gudu Canyang, am the Solitude Emperor Palace’s brightest star, and the most dazzling genius. I am even more talented than our founder. I have a supreme godhead and have cultivated for almost a hundred thousand years. My cultivation is already at the peak late-Third Order Heavenly Monarch Realm. I don’t believe someone like you, who hasn’t even cultivated for a thousand years, can be stronger than me!” Gudu Canyang laughed mockingly.

“Your subordinate once injured my father outside this Heavenly Court Secret Region. But now, no subordinates can help you here. Let’s see what is making you this confident and arrogant!”

Gudu Canyang’s godforce surged vigorously out of his body, and his supreme godhead spun to the limit.

His own words riled up his emotions, and his face twisted in excitement.

Just as Gudu Canyang was about to attack, Huang Xiaolong’s palm struck faster than him. An enormous but invisible giant palm imprint flew out and smashed Gudu Canyang into the ground.

A loud boom rang as the entire valley swayed violently.

Gudu Canyang’s voice disappeared abruptly.

The Brightness Emperor Palace’s Sun Fei, Nine Dragons Emperor Palace’s Chen Zhuang, and the others looked dazedly at Gudu Canyang lying at the bottom of a giant pit.

“Noisy!” Huang Xiaolong harrumphed coldly.

Sun Fei, Chen Zhuang, and the others were jolted to their senses by Huang Xiaolong’s icy voice. All of them retreated in panic as their sights fell on Huang Xiaolong again. Their heartbeats raced, and their faces looked pale under the moonlight.

They could hear Gudu Canyang grunting weakly in pain as he struggled to climb up the pit.

Huang Xiaolong had merely used a fraction of over ten-thousandths of his strength, maybe even less. Therefore, Gudu Canyang, who has the supreme godhead, hadn’t died instantly.

Huang Xiaolong looked coldly at the blood-stained Gudu Canyang, struggling to climb out from the pit. Still, just as Gudu Canyang’s upper body emerged above the pit, Huang Xiaolong’s palm pressed down from across space.


The entire valley swayed and quaked again. Deep crevices split across the land surface, accompanied by Gudu Canyang’s miserable screams as he fell deeper into the earth. Blood and flesh splattered everywhere.

This time, there were no movements from Gudu Canyang at the bottom of the pit.

Thinking of the worst, Sun Fei, Chen Zhuang, and the others turned even paler in dread.

Among the dozen of them, Gudu Canyang’s strength was the highest, and the second was Sun Fei. Chen Zhuang and the rest were between the late-Second Order and early Third Order Heavenly Monarch Realm. Even Gudu Canyang had failed to withstand two strikes from Huang Xiaolong, then how could they?

“Huang Xiaolong, what do you want to do? I am a core disciple of the Brightness Emperor Palace and the personal disciple of Brightness Emperor Palace’s Ancestor Chen Wenxin. If you dare to kill me, the whole Brightness Emperor Palace won’t spare you! The Brightness Emperor Palace will annihilate your Fortune Emperor Palace down to the last dog!” Sun Fei threatened, pointing his finger condescendingly at Huang Xiaolong’s face.

“Count in my Nine Dragons Emperor Palace!” 

“Also, my Thousand Venoms Emperor Palace!”

Chen Zhuang and other disciples quickly supported Sun Fei.

Huang Xiaolong laughed carelessly while looking at Sun Fei, “What’s so great about the Brightness Emperor Palace? I’m going to raze the Brightness Emperor Palace to the ground sooner or later, but it’s probably going to be sooner rather than later. So, not only you, I am going to kill the so-called Brightness Emperor’s Disciple Lan Tailong, just the same!”

Sun Fei was quivering so badly that even his lips trembled at Huang Xiaolong’s words.

Raze the Brightness Emperor Palace to the ground?

Even the Grandmist Emperor Palace or the Heavenly Court hadn’t dared to say that they could raze off the Brightness Emperor Palace to the ground. Otherwise, the Brightness Emperor Palace wouldn’t have stood until now.

Yet how could Huang Xiaolong have the guts to spout such nonsense about razing off their Brightness Emperor Palace to the ground…?!

Sun Fei’s eyes were spitting sparks of anger. He bellowed towards Chen Zhuang and the rest, “We’re going to die anyway—everyone, attack him together and kill him. All those supreme treasures on him will be ours. There are more than ten of us, and our combined power can even kill a Fourth Order, or even a Fifth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm expert. I believe we can kill Huang Xiaolong!”

As he said that, radiant white godforce enshrouded Sun Fei that was akin to a small white star shining brightly.

“The Angel’s Sword!”

Sun Fei’s arms stretched out, and his radiance light energy condensed into a sharp light sword and cut at Huang Xiaolong. Sword qi overlapped in layers, and the surrounding rock-walls of the valley started to crack and crumble even before the attack landed.

Huang Xiaolong sneered, seeing Sun Fei’s actions. The Radiance Divine Scepter appeared in his grip. Hee barely moved and merely infused his radiance light godforce into the Radiance Divine Scepter. The moon-shaped blade on top of the divine scepter condensed a radiance lightning dragon that instantly destroyed Sun Fei’s attack, and it flew onwards, piercing Sun Fei’s chest.

Sun Fei stiffened, and he lowered his head awkwardly to look at the big hole in his chest. The hole in his chest was still expanding as radiance light godforce spread to other parts of his body from the hole.

Before Chen Zhuang and the others’ terrified faces, Sun Fei disintegrated into spots of light and vanished from the world as they witnessed his demise.

Earlier, they were tempted by Sun Fei’s words into cooperating with him to deal with Huang Xiaolong, but now, they were frozen in place.

Suddenly, one of them screamed, turned around and fled. In just a split second, he was already high in the air, above the valley.

However, when this Thousand Venoms Emperor Palace’s disciple escaped, a flash of divine lightning struck him suddenly. In a split second, he was sent back into the valley.

 When he crashed to the ground, he looked blacker than charcoal.

Chen Zhuang and the rest turned even paler, seeing his ending.

An air of despair clouded their faces.

“Huang Xiaolong, don’t kill me. As long as you let me go, I can promise you anything. I’ll do whatever you want me to do.” A Nine Dragons Emperor Palace’s disciple pleaded.

Chen Zhuang glared fiercely at the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace’s disciple.

Huang Xiaolong remained indifferent. He lightly tapped his index finger in the air, and an overwhelming force pierced a hole through the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace’s disciple’s forehead.

The Nine Dragons Emperor Palace’s disciple’s eyes widened in shock as he tumbled lifelessly to the ground.

“I have said that I would destroy the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace, Solitude Emperor Palace, Thousand Venoms Emperor Palace, and Flying Blossoms Emperor Palace. That means all of you are bound to die here.” Huang Xiaolong’s cold voice went on, “If you want someone to blame, blame it on these four Emperor Palaces’ Emperor’s Disciples.”

Chen Zhuang suddenly bellowed, and his body transformed into a small white dragon with a twist of his body. He lunged towards Huang Xiaolong with mad desperation.

The Nine Dragons Emperor Palace’s Chen Jianwei and the rest had a trace of the dragon clan’s bloodline. And Chen Zhuang, as the White Dragon Emperor’s Disciple, naturally had dragon bloodline in him. Relying on his not-so high pure dragon bloodline, Chen Zhuang could transform into a white dragon for a short amount of time.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Chen Zhuang coming at him in his dragon form. He didn’t even use the Radiance Divine Scepter, but met with Chen Zhuang’s dragon claw with a bare fist.


The white dragon Chen Zhuang wailed in pain as his dragon claw was pulverized into fragments by Huang Xiaolong’s punch, and Chen Zhuang was hurled backward from the impact. Chen Zhuang was half-buried into the valley wall—more flesh, blood, and dragon scales ricocheted.

“You!” Chen Zhuang groaned weakly, but the fear in his eyes was obvious as he looked at Huang Xiaolong. His body slid down the wall, falling to the ground with a soft thud. His pupils were blank and lifeless.

More screams and cries echoed in the valley, but it soon resumed it’s calmness.

Huang Xiaolong walked over the wet, bloodied land as he left the valley.

Outside at the plaza, the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace’s White Dragon Emperor Chen Huoan was focused on the sixty-ninth place when suddenly, he wailed with grief, “NO!!”

On the sixty-ninth spot, Chen Zhuang’s name dimmed and vanished silently.

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