Chapter 1772: It’s Time to Get Serious

“The rumor that Huang Xiaolong has just advanced to the Heavenly Monarch Realm must be false.” The True Divinity Sect Chief Wang Haojun stated with certainty.

In Wang Haojun’s opinion, it was ludicrous that Huang Xiaolong would run into dog-shit luck so many times, coming across so many herds of First Order Heavenly Monarch Heavenly Demons.

The True Divinity Sect’s Ancestors nodded their heads in agreement.

“However, Huang Xiaolong has been cultivating for less than a thousand years. Has his cultivation really reached the Sixth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm like our Shaozhen?” One of the True Divinity Sect’s Ancestors hesitated.

Others had no answer to that question.

Reaching the Sixth Order Heavenly Monarch with less than a thousand cultivation years…!

That was indeed impossible!

“If that is the case, then Huang Xiaolong’s talent is frightening.” The True Divinity Sect’s Chief, Wang Haojun, suddenly sighed with melancholy.

The rest were surprised by his tone.

“Sect Chief, you mean Huang Xiaolong might really have…?” The True Divinity Sect’s Ancestor asked in a quivering voice.

Other True Divinity Sect’s Ancestors’ hearts shuddered, just imagining the possibility.

“Yes, even though it seems impossible, what if it’s true? Let’s suppose that Huang Xiaolong has already broken through to the early Sixth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm. In that case, it is more than sufficient for him to kill some of the early Seventh Order Heavenly Monarch Realm Heavenly Demons with the combined power of his king of supreme godhead and the variant True Dragon Physique!” The True Divinity Sect Chief Wang Haojun deduced slowly.

He couldn’t help shuddering as he spoke those words.

But this was the most logical explanation why Huang Xiaolong’s points had risen by 700 points for three consecutive times.

“That, that is impossible, even the Heavenly Prince Di Jing’s cultivation realm could not reach the Sixth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm in less than one thousand cultivation years!” One of the True Divinity Sect’s Ancestors blurted out. “I know that Huang Xiaolong has a king of supreme godhead and a more powerful variant True Dragon Physique, but his potential is incomparable to the Heaven’s Dao Physique!”

The True Divinity Sect’s Chief, Wang Haojun, suggested solemnly, “Perhaps, Huang Xiaolong has more than one king of supreme godhead?”


The True Divinity Sect’s Ancestors exclaimed in unison.

This possibility had not occurred to them at all. After all, in the vast universe, they had never heard of anyone possessing more than one king of supreme godhead.

“Sect Chief, you’re saying that Huang Xiaolong might have two king of supreme godheads… two king of supreme godheads?!” One of the True Divinity Sect’s Ancestors stammered terribly.

True Divinity Sect’s Chief, Wang Haojun, nodded solemnly and did not speak further.

However, the True Divinity Sect’s Ancestors were still in a state of astonishment.

Two king of supreme godheads?!

One king of supreme godhead was a monstrous genius; then, what about the person who had two king of supreme godheads at once?

They couldn’t even dare to imagine this possibility at all.

None of them could guess how heaven-defying this kind of genius could be while possessing two king of supreme godheads.

“If Huang Xiaolong survives until the end of the Battle of the Heavenly Court and continues to grow to break into the Emperor Realm, then no one will be able to kill him. No one will be able to suppress him at that point!” Wang Haojun couldn’t help adding a moment later. “This kind of a person is not someone our True Divinity Sect can afford to offend. The Brightness Emperor Palace and Fiend God Emperor Palace’s adamance for killing him is equivalent to playing with fire. There would be nothing but trouble in the future for them.”

Conversations similar to the one among the True Divinity Sect’s group were happening in various other forces. Many of them were making guesses of Huang Xiaolong’s real strength. 

Inside the Heavenly Court’s Secret Region, Huang Xiaolong shuffled through a large primordial forest. Wherever he passed, demonic beasts, metal beasts, devils, and ghosts fell to the grounds.

Huang Xiaolong had set clear targets for his prey—only to kill those of mid-level and high-level Heavenly Monarch Realm. More accurately, he mainly preyed on those at the Seventh Order Heavenly Monarch Realm.

Occasionally whenever he came across a First Order or Second Order Heavenly Monarch Realm prey, he would reap these extra points as well with a wave of his hand, but he was too lazy to deal with the God King Realm and below.

From the beginning until now, Huang Xiaolong had not used any godforce, not even his archdevil bloodline’s power. So far, he had merely relied on his True Dragon Physique’s physical strength.

Based on Huang Xiaolong’s current True Dragon Physique’s strength, he could kill an average early Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm Heavenly Demons with one punch.

As Huang Xiaolong continued to shuffle through the forest, his points rose rapidly on the rankings board—4,000, 5,000, 6,000, 10,000, 20,000 points, and upwards.

In fourth place, Huang Xiaolong’s points were quickly chasing up to the Brightness Emperor Palace’s Lan Tailong’s points, who was in third place.

The group of Brightness Emperor Palace’s Ancestors grew nervous as they watched the rankings board.

After an hour, Huang Xiaolong’s name emitted a radiant light burst and rose to third place. Simultaneously, Lan Tailong’s name dropped to fourth place!

People in the crowd had dumbfounded faces.

The Solitude Emperor Palace, who was mocking Huang Xiaolong for running into dog-shit luck at the beginning, had long been silenced by Huang Xiaolong’s performance.

The Nine Dragons Emperor Palace’s Chen Jianwei and Chen Huoan watched with tightly clenched fists, as their eyes glimmered with shock and other thoughts sprouted in the depths of their minds.

Zhao Lei, Fang Xuanxuan, and Li Shan, too, were quiet. The Martial Demon Emperor Palace’s Mo Xiao, Magic Shaman Emperor Palace’s Peng Yi, and the others’ burning gazes stared fixedly at the rankings board. Their breathing was slightly heavy, as if they were trying to suppress something.

Above a certain plain inside the Heavenly Court’s Secret Region, was a giant flickering white light. The white light separated into rays of sword qi and shot out in four directions, heavily injuring more than a dozen Heavenly Demons in the surroundings.

The Brightness Emperor’s Disciple Lan Tailong’s figure emerged from this white light. There was roiling killing intent in his eyes, and his expression was gloomy as he hissed each word through gritted teeth, “Huang—Xiao—Long!”

As the Brightness Emperor Palace’s Emperor’s Disciple, everyone was convinced that he would enter the top three rankings. But no, he was actually pushed down by Huang Xiaolong!

“Looks like it’s time to get serious.” Lan Tailong harrumphed under his breath. His eyes gleamed like two white burning suns with world-shattering power.

He had initially thought he could breeze through the preliminary with a guaranteed spot among the top three with just the effort of moving a pinky. But now, Huang Xiaolong had kicked him out of the top three rankings and suppressed him! Huang Xiaolong!!

This was an insult to him! An insult to the Brightness Emperor Palace!


Ten white wings emerged from Lan Tailong’s back, condensed from the holy radiance energy. Lan Tailong’s figure moved above the plains with a flap of the wings, leaving more than a dozen blurry afterimages in different locations. In a split second, the Heavenly Demons that were previously injured by the white rays of sword qi split into countless pieces in midair.

Rays of light flew out from these Heavenly Demons’ corpses and fell onto his identity jade plate.

Lan Tailong’s points surged up and soon surpassed Huang Xiaolong’s points.

“Huang Xiaolong, since you want to play, I’ll accompany you!”

“I don’t believe you would be able to climb up again!”

Somewhere in the Heavenly Court Secret Region’s mountainous terrains, Huang Xiaolong looked at Lan Tailong’s points exploding upwards, and he couldn’t help sneering. In a flicker, his figure disappeared from the spot. His speed had more than doubled. Barely a moment had passed when Heavenly Demons and metal beasts’ blood rained over the forest floor.

No matter how fast Lan Tailong’s points were increasing, Huang Xiaolong held him off the top three rankings.

Two hours later, Lan Tailong’s face was gloomier than murky water. The white light around his body rippled volatilely, resembling a giant sun on the verge of exploding.

He swung the Brightness Holy Sword in his hand, raising the amount of godforce from seventy percent to eighty percent, then ninety percent! A hundred percent! His points increased rapidly, but Huang Xiaolong’s points increased faster than him!

“En?” Suddenly, Lan Tailong saw a group of disciples up ahead, flying in his direction.

Fortune Emperor Palace?

Seeing this group of Fortune Emperor Palace’s disciples, a devilish smile spread over Lan Tailong’s face.

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