Chapter 1770: Reputation Hitting Rock Bottom

The person in third place was Lan Tailong of the Brightness Emperor Palace, and with his score of 1900, he wasn’t too far off from overtaking Feng Chan.

In the fourth place was an underdog as it wasn’t Li Junhua from the Grandmist Emperor Palace. Instead, it was a disciple from the True Divinity Sect called Long Shaozhen! He had already amassed 1800 points!

The person in fifth place was Li Junhua, with 1600 points.

As for the sixth place was Cao Liang from the Ten Thousand Sword Emperor Palace with 1540 points.

The Bladeless Gate’s Tan Weier held the seventh spot. As for the eighth spot, it was held by Zhang Song of the Martial Demon Emperor Palace. Jiang Chuhan from the Myriad Deity Emperor Palace took the ninth spot, and Xu Ziye from the Violet Flame Sword Sect was placed tenth.

The person in the top ten who garnered the most attention was naturally the dark horse, Long Shaozhen.

“I have heard that Long Shaozhen is the only disciple of the True Divinity Sect. His talent is shocking, and he was born with the Thousand Mysteries Physique. He also managed to obtain the treasure of the number one expert in the Dragon World! He has even managed to cultivate the strongest art of the Dragon World!”

“What?! Thousand Mysteries Celestial Physique?! It’s the unique divine physique ranked in second place!”

“It’s no wonder he managed to overtake Li Junhua from the Grandmist Emperor Palace.”

As for Zhao Lei, Li Shan, and Fang Xuanxuan, they looked at the jade mirror in the sky unblinkingly.

“What’s going on with Xiaolong? Why hasn’t he made his move?” Zhao Lei looked through the board and couldn’t find Huang Xiaolong’s name. A frown slowly formed on his face.

With Huang Xiaolong’s current strength, it was more than enough for him to secure a spot in the top ten ranks.

Li Shan hesitated for a moment and said, “Could he have met with several Emperor Realm beasts the moment he entered?”

Zhao Lei and Fang Xuanxuan’s expression turned gloomy in an instant.

Even though it seemed impossible, there was indeed a chance of that happening.

In the past, several disciples had met the same fate. Some seeded candidates were killed the moment they had stepped into the secret region as they had run into an Emperor Realm beast.

Chen Jianwei revealed a cold sneer as he stared at the members of the Fortune Emperor Palace from a distance.

“It’s possible Huang Xiaolong ran into an Emperor Realm beast the moment he entered…” The White Dragon Emperor, Chen Huoan, chuckled beside Chen Jianwei. “If that’s the case, Huang Xiaolong cultivated in vain. A super genius with the king of supreme godhead died before he killed a single beast. Haha! What a loser! Zero points!”

Chen Jianwei and several other Emperors broke into laughter.

Zhao Lei and the others naturally heard the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace’s mockery as they hardly planned to conceal their voice.

Zhao Lei’s anger boiled over in an instant.

Several experts from other Emperor Palaces also looked over and sniggered.

As someone with a king of supreme godhead, Huang Xiaolong was someone in the limelight.

Right now, he had failed to leave up to his name on the ranking board, and it caused many people to start laughing at his misfortune.

Even Bei Xiaomei started to get angsty.

“Elder Fu, do you think uncle ran into trouble?!” Bei Xiaomei looked at Elder Fu and asked.

After a slight moment of hesitation, Elder Fu replied, “I don’t think so… After all, Young Master Huang has a king of supreme godhead. He has extreme luck, so he shouldn’t have run into such troubles.”

Even though he was reassuring Bei Xiaomei, he didn’t sound confident in the slightest.

Even though it was said that someone with a king of supreme godhead wouldn’t fall so easily, who would be able to account for every single accident? Even an existence who had broken past the Emperor Realm might die when meeting an accident. Who could be sure that a Heavenly Monarch like Huang Xiaolong wouldn’t run into life-threatening danger?

Elder Fu didn’t know how to react as well.

At that moment, Huang Xiaolong arrived in the space above a mountain valley in the Heavenly Court Secret Region.

The instant he appeared in the space above the valley, a massive shadow charged out from the valley. It was a giant bear with brown fur growing on its body. Moreover, the bear’s coat wasn’t regular—it was more appropriate to say that spikes were growing on its body.

The spikes on its body were razor-sharp, and it shone with a chilly glow under the sunlight. It was clearly different from ordinary demonic beasts as it emitted a terrifying amount of demonic qi that contained horrifying pressure.

It was a Heavenly Demon!

A Heavenly Demon was part of the demonic beast race, and it was one of the stronger races. Every single Heavenly Demon was leagues ahead of regular demonic beasts in terms of attack and defense.

In the Heavenly Court Secret Region, Heavenly Demons was the biggest population.

When the late-Seventh Order Heavenly Monarch Realm Heavenly Demon charged out of the valley, it pounced on Huang Xiaolong after issuing a heaven shaking roar. Demonic qi rushed towards Huang Xiaolong in waves, and it was so dense that it formed demonic qi clouds.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the bear in front of him and disdain filled his eyes. He didn’t bother dodging, and neither did he circulate his godforce. With a single slap, he sent the giant bear flying. When he sent it smashing into the valley below, a crash resounded through the air, and it stopped moving altogether.

A trace of grey light appeared from its corpse and entered Huang Xiaolong’s jade plate.

The initially 0 points on the plate emitted dazzling light as the numbers soared.

In the same instant, when Huang Xiaolong killed the Heavenly Demon, Gudu Canyang waved the humongous blade in his hand and severed the head of an early-Second Order Heavenly Monarch Heavenly Demon.

“698!” Gudu Canyang looked at the score on his plate, and a smile appeared on his face. His rank was finally 41!

He believed that he could enter the top thirty with his strength at the peak of the late-Third Order Heavenly Monarch Realm!

As he belonged to the Solitude Emperor Palace, which did not rank in the top sixty Emperor Palaces, it was going to be a feat for him to charge his way into the top thirties!

However, Gudu Wuyi’s sorry image flashed in his mind all of a sudden.

“Huang Xiaolong!!!” Gudu Canyang’s eyes flashed with chilly, killing intent as he roared towards the sky. “You better hope I don't see you! I have tons of ways to torture you!”

Just as he screamed, the jade plate in his hand trembled. He looked down, only to realize that his rank was no longer at 41. He had been pushed down to the 42nd spot.

The 41st position changed, and a name he was too familiar with appeared.

Huang Xiaolong!

The name seemed to pierce his eyes, and he felt a wave of pain assaulting his chest.

“Huang Xiaolong… seven… seven hundred?! How is this possible?!” Gudu Canyang’s eyes widened to the size of saucers.

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