Chapter 1769: Entering the Heavenly Court Secret Region

Very quickly, everyone received their identity plate.

As soon as the superpowers arrived at the Heavenly Court, they reported the disciples’ names participating in the battle, cutting down the time they needed to prepare the identity plates.

The jade plate was prepared according to the names list provided by the superpowers.

As for the names list of the Fortune Emperor Palace, Li Shan had already submitted it a long time ago. There was no need for Huang Xiaolong and the others to register personally.

Of course, there was no need for the Heavenly Court to worry about the fact that the disciples taking part in the battle would exceed the restrictions set by them. There was a restriction placed in the Heavenly Court Secret Region, and only the individuals who had a bone age below one hundred thousand years could enter it. Of course, they had to be at the God King Realm at the very least.

On the main platform, Di Jing ordered his subordinates to open the Heavenly Court Secret Region when he saw that everything was nearly prepared.

Even though tons of people were standing in the plaza, a massive space was left in its center. This space was enough to house a city.

The entrance of the Heavenly Court Secret Region was precisely the empty space in the middle of the plaza.

As Di Jing’s subordinates made several hand signs and activated a secret manual, lightning flashed through the air, and the bolts of lightning formed a snake. As the number of lightning bolts increased, the snake turned into a flood dragon, eventually forming a complete dragon.

The lightning dragon exuded endless might in the air, and before long, several other lightning dragons appeared beside it. Every single lightning dragon had the strength of a late-stage Emperor Realm expert.

Every single expert in the plaza felt a shocking pressure descend on them.

After tens of minutes, the dragons finally fused, and the glow of the lightning illuminated the world. The Heavenly Court shone with the radiance of the sun.

Under the might of the lightning energy, the void itself shattered, and a massive space-gate entered before everyone’s eyes.

The gate was thousands of feet tall, and it was hundreds of feet wide. Even if a hundred thousand experts were to charge through it simultaneously, they wouldn’t feel cramped in the slightest.

The instant the gate opened, a clap of thunder filled the Heavenly Court. It seemed like the sound originated from the heavens itself and its majestic beat resounded in everyone’s mind.

The beat signified the start of the preliminary round!

As soon as the clap of thunder sounded off, Di Jing entered the Heavenly Court Secret Region with the rest of the princes.

With Di Jing leading the way, the young masters of the Grandmist Emperor Palace, Silver Fox Commerce, Brightness Emperor Palace, Fiend God Emperor Palace, and the other Emperor Palaces in the top ten spots shot through the air. They fought for the chance to enter the Heavenly Court Secret Region before the rest.

In the next moment, the members from the top one hundred Emperor Palaces rose into the air. 

They were followed by the top thousand, then three thousand, five thousand, ten thousand, and those after that.

The contestants streamed into the Heavenly Court Secret Region according to the rankings.

Like everyone else, Huang Xiaolong and the other disciples from the Fortune Emperor Palace charged towards the gate.

Even though Fang Xuanxuan had followed them all the way to the Heavenly Court, she didn’t take part in the battle.

In the instant Huang Xiaolong and others arrived before the gate, they felt space swirling around them, and the feeling lasted for several minutes. Before he could react, Huang Xiaolong’s body turned weightless, and he plummeted towards the ground. 

In an instant, he steadied himself. 

When Huang Xiaolong looked into the distance, he could see a primitive jungle stretched endlessly in front of his eyes. There were also mountains standing tall in the middle of the endless trees, and all of them were incomparably tall. Some of them were tens of thousands of feet, and there were even some that crossed the hundred thousand feet mark.

Shocking amounts of demonic and devil qi filled the spaces around the mountain peaks.

Was this the Heavenly Court Secret Region?!

The Heavenly Court Secret Region was somewhat similar to the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe’s Secret Region. It was a grandmist space formed from heaven and earth.

The grandmist space was boundless and vast. Even if an Emperor Realm expert were to fly at their top speed, they would probably still be unable to make a complete round around it.

However, Huang Xiaolong wasn’t too worried about it, and he was in no hurry to start moving. He looked at the jade plate in his hand to learn about the rules and situation in the Heavenly Court Secret Region. After all, the jade plate held a basic explanation of the Heavenly Court Secret Region and the rules everyone had to follow for the preliminary round.

Huang Xiaolong very quickly learned what he needed to.

The preliminary round would end in a month, and it couldn’t be considered too long. However, it couldn’t be regarded as a short time either.

All participants had to hunt down demonic beasts, devils, ghosts, or metal beasts to increase their points.

Beasts in the First Order God King Realm would be worth one point, and those in the Second Order God King Realm would be worth two points. According to this logic, a Tenth Order God King Realm existence would give ten points when it died!

Beasts in the First Order Heavenly Monarch Realm would be worth a hundred points, and so on to the Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm. A Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch Beast was worth a thousand points!

In the Heavenly Court Secret Region, several existences had already broken through to the Emperor Realm. Every single one of them was worth an astonishing one hundred thousand points!

However, all of them were trapped in a specific restricted region in the secret region. It was challenging to find them. With the vastness of the secret region, locating all ten of them was harder than locating a needle in the sea.

Moreover, more than four hundred million disciples were participating in the preliminary round!

There were more than three thousand Heavenly Monarchs within them!

As for those who were at the high-level God King Realm, they were counted in the millions!

There were only a million people who could move on to the semi-finals!

Huang Xiaolong frowned. There are actually more than three thousand Heavenly Monarchs. That was something unexpected. Initially, his master, Zhao Lei, had guessed that there would probably be only two hundred Heavenly Monarchs taking part in the battle. The number of Heavenly Monarchs was off by a long shot.

As such, even an early stage Heavenly Monarch might not get placed in the top thousand!

The jade plate they were given only glossed over the number of Heavenly Monarchs, and it didn’t break down the total number of mid-level and high-level Heavenly Monarchs.

Huang Xiaolong kept his jade plate and sighed. He turned his gaze towards the forest below him, and he fully extended his divine sense. Under the probing of his divine sense, every single beast within a radius of a hundred million miles could be seen clearly.

The only thing he needed to do now was to relish in the massacre!

Even though it was the preliminary competition, Huang Xiaolong wasn’t willing to leak even the slightest bit of his true abilities. 

As his body blurred, Huang Xiaolong locked on to the high-level and mid-level Heavenly Monarch beasts.

Since Huang Xiaolong had spent some time looking at the information on the jade plate, many disciples had already made a move before him.

Several geniuses appeared on the ranking board, and a massive jade mirror materialized in the space above the plaza.

Light swirled around, and the ranking of the participants appeared in the mirror. The first was naturally Heavenly Prince Di Jing. He didn’t disappoint as he managed to gather a shocking 4600 points in a mere ten minutes!


Everyone present in the plaza couldn’t help but feel a tremor run through their heart.

As for the second placed Feng Chan, he had a mere 2100 points. He didn’t even have half of Di Jing’s score!

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