Chapter 1765: Who’s Your Senior Brother?

As for Chen Kaiwen and Yan Kang, their reaction was worse than Mo Xiao when they heard what he said.

In the Divine World, the King of Grandmist was a taboo existence. No one dared to speak of his title in public, much less his name. Even Mo Xiao, as unrestrained and reckless as he was, he didn’t dare to step out of line. In front of the King of Grandmist, he was nothing more than a junior. No, he couldn’t even address himself as a junior before the King of Grandmist—he was a junior’s junior.

Mo Xiao hurriedly explained himself, “I was rude to ask about them…”

Seeing Mo Xiao’s expression of panic, Zhao Lei, Li Shan, Fang Xuanxuan, Bei Xiaomei, and the others felt a little curious.

“Uncle, why haven’t I heard anything about you having a senior brother and another master?” Bei Xiaomei couldn’t help but ask.

Zhao Lei and the rest turned to stare at him.

As for Mo Xiao and the other ancestors of the Martial Demon Emperor Palace, they straightened their backs at the mention of Huang Xiaolong’s senior brother and master.

Huang Xiaolong turned around and chuckled, “I only managed to meet my senior brother at the Floating Twilight Lands…”

“Who’s your senior brother?” Bei Xiaomei wasn’t willing to let it go.

Huang Xiaolong no longer tried to hide anything and confessed. “He’s called Jiang Hong.”

Jiang Hong?

No matter how they racked their brains, they could not think of any expert called Jiang Hong.

“They’ll probably be here for the semi-finals. When they come to cheer for me, you will naturally learn of their identities.” Huang Xiaolong chuckled when he saw the puzzled expression on their faces.

Mo Xiao and the other members of the Martial Demon Emperor Palace felt a jolt down their spine.

The King of Grandmist was going to make a personal appearance to cheer for Huang Xiaolong?!

That was earth-shaking news! It wasn’t just shocking for them, but it was news that could shake the Divine World!

The King of Grandmist had hidden from the rest of the world since a long time ago!

Mo Xiao, Chen Kaiwen, and Yan Kang felt their chest tighten, and their breathing quickened. It was as though they had already felt the presence of the King of Grandmist.

Bei Xiaomei, Zhao Lei, and the others revealed a myriad of expressions. Some of them were curious, and the others were shocked.

As Huang Xiaolong and Mo Xiao enjoyed fine wine in the manor, the Terrace of Heaven was shaken.

“Did you hear about how the members of the Fortune Emperor Palace were chased out of Manor 61? I heard that Marshal Yu Shi ordered it, and he gave it to the members of the Solitude Emperor Palace.”

“It can’t be… How can something like that happen? Won’t the members of the Fortune Emperor Palace have to sleep out on the streets now?”

“Huang Xiaolong has heaven shaking talent, and he’s a reckless monster. He provoked too many people, and the Fortune Emperor Palace has been dragged down together with him. I heard that Huang Xiaolong swore to destroy every single prince from the Heavenly Court during the battle. He even vowed to crush Heavenly Prince Di Jing. What a joke. He really doesn’t know when to give in…”

“That’s right. Now that Fang Gan is gone, there is no longer anyone left to protect him. Who does Huang Xiaolong think he is? Does he think the Fortune Emperor Palace will be able to protect him? Even if Fang Gan came, he wouldn’t be able to protect Huang Xiaolong after what Huang Xiaolong said to disrespect the Heavenly Court!”

Everyone had their view on the matter, and the whole issue blew up.

Some wanted to watch the world burn, and others mocked Huang Xiaolong openly. Naturally, some empathized with him.

However, shocking news soon swept through the Terrace of Heaven. “WHAT? Whichever Emperor Palace in the top 10 rankings gives up their manor will gain ten million low-grade chaos spirit stones from Huang Xiaolong?!”

“Only the top ten Emperor Palaces?!”

“WHAT?! Mo Xiao agreed to give his manor to Huang Xiaolong?!”

The news of Mo Xiao yielding his manor was even more shocking than what Huang Xiaolong had said to the Solitude Emperor Palace members and the silver armored general. The Terrace of Heaven shook when the news started to spread.

That was ten million low-grade chaos spirit stones they were talking about!

Even the Emperor Palaces in the top hundred would be hard-pressed to take out ten million low-grade chaos spirit stones!

“I heard that Huang Xiaolong managed to obtain some amazing treasures when he was out training. Ten million low-grade chaos spirit stones are nothing to him!”

“Nothing to him?! Heaven shaking treasure?! Even if Huang Xiaolong doesn’t die in the Battle of the Heavenly Court, he won’t be able to leave. Countless experts will chase him down the moment he leaves!”

When this discussion was rampant in the Terrace of Heaven, a handsome young man sat in one of the manors’ main hall. He wore a nine-dragon robe, and his brows were sharp like swords. There was a mysterious air around him, and he seemed to turn into the heavens as he sat there. It was as though he was in control of everything.

He sat in the hall’s main seat, and silver armored generals were lining the side of the room. All of them were marshals and grand marshals of the Heavenly Court. Even Yu Shi, who was held in high regard, was standing at the back, in some hidden spot.

Yu Shi and the others stared at the man sitting in the main hall, and they didn’t dare to breathe loudly.

“Yu Shi.” A voice penetrated the silence.

Yu Shi nearly jumped in shock, and he hastily got to his feet. He staggered to the center of the hall and kneeled respectfully. “This general is present. Heavenly Prince, please give me your order!”

The young man was precisely Heavenly Prince Di Jing.

Di Jing was the person who possessed the publicly-acknowledged number one king of supreme godhead, and he had the strongest divine physique. He was known as the number one genius in the Divine World!

His talent was something that eclipsed the King of Hell, the Ancient Heavenly Emperor, the Buddhist Ancestor, and even the King of Grandmist!

Di Jing swept his gaze over and spoke to Yu Shi. “I want to hear your explanation regarding the matter with the Fortune Emperor Palace.”

Even though Di Jing didn’t yell, his voice was imposing enough to make Yu Shi feel as though he was dunked into a tank of freezing water. He trembled as he explained, “This subordinate is at fault! Heavenly Prince, please pardon me! I will immediately allocate a new manor for them!”

He didn’t dare to look for excuses.

It was a small matter for him to chase them out of the manor. However, Huang Xiaolong had blown up everything by taking out ten million low-grade chaos spirit stones. Yu Shi had indeed dragged the reputation of the Heavenly Court through the mud.

Di Jing said with indifference, “There’s no need for that. However, you better watch yourself in the future.”

“Yes! This subordinate thanks the Heavenly Prince!” Yu Shi hastily went back to his original position, and his back was drenched with cold sweat.

After Yu Shi returned, Di Jing opened his mouth again. “Did Huang Xiaolong say that he will crush me under his feet? Was he saying that he will smash a prince when he sees one?!”

One of the marshals in the hall stood up and replied respectfully, “Replying to the Heavenly Prince, several generals heard him saying that! Huang Xiaolong is too arrogant! How dare he threaten and smear the reputation of the princes?! Should we take him down before the battle?”

Di Jing thought about it for a moment and shook his head. “There’s no need. If we do that, we’ll be admitting that we aren’t a match for him. He’s just a mere shrimp. Since he dares to bark, I’ll be looking forward to how he crushes me under his feet…”

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