Chapter 1759: Arriving at the Heaven Square

Bei Xiaomei naturally didn’t know what Huang Xiaolong was thinking. When she saw the look of interest on his face, she couldn’t help but advise him, “Uncle, if you encounter that sissy, you must run as far as possible! Don’t think of fighting with him! Even though he may look harmless and friendly, he’s extremely devilish at heart.” 

Huang Xiaolong laughed when he heard her evaluation of Feng Chan.

Fang Xuanxuan and Peng Xiao also laughed out loud.

Bei Xiaomei pinched Huang Xiaolong’s arms and retorted, “Why are you laughing? I am serious! Don’t think that you are competent just because you can fight a mid-level Heavenly Monarch. If you meet that sissy, he will kill you with just a single finger.” 

Huang Xiaolong couldn’t help it anymore, and he roared with laughter, “Alright, alright, I know what you are trying to say! Don’t worry. I am extremely quick-witted. If I see that sissy, I will run away.” 

This silly girl is still so pretty even when she’s angry. 

As Huang Xiaolong stared at Bei Xiaomei’s angry face, a feeling of relief appeared in his heart. It’s good to be back in the Divine World!

Even though he had great power and authority in Hell, it had been quite a tedious journey.

“However, even though Feng Chan’s talent and strength are extremely monstrous, he isn’t the top pick for the number one spot in the Battle of the Heavenly Court.” Bei Xiaomei added, “Everyone believes that the number one spot belongs to the Heavenly Prince, Di Jing. He is said to possess the Heaven’s Dao Physique, and it could be said to be the number one physique throughout history. Moreover, he has also cultivated the Jade Dragon Manual and has the protection of the Primordial Divine Dragon. Some people even say that he has reached the Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm even though he has only cultivated for a few thousand years!” 

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes flickered brightly. 

Heaven’s Dao Physique!

He sucked in a deep breath of air.

The Grandmist Parasitic Medium and the Jade Dragon Manual could be said to be the number one and number two techniques in the Divine World, respectively!

Of course, some people also claimed that the Jade Dragon Manual was no weaker than the Grandmist Parasitic Medium. Both were said to be the strongest techniques in the Divine World! 

The Jade Dragon Manual was the Ancient Heavenly Emperor’s cultivation method. However, the successive Heavenly Emperors had failed to cultivate the manual. No one had expected Heavenly Prince Di Jing to succeed in cultivating the manual!

Since Di Jing possessed the Heaven’s Dao Physique, he definitely had the number one heavenly dao king of supreme godhead. 

This was because the Heaven’s Dao Physique and the heavenly dao king of supreme godhead appeared together.

Even though Huang Xiaolong didn’t put Feng Chan in his eyes, Di Jing gave him quite a bit of pressure indeed.

“Has Di Jing reached the Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm already?” Huang Xiaolong asked, “However, a few hundred years ago, I heard from some people that he was only in the mid-level Heavenly Monarch Realm.” 

A few hundred years ago, he had indeed heard from his Senior Brother Jiang Hong that the Heavenly Prince was only around the Fifth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm. 

Bei Xiaomei shook her head, “It’s impossible for him to only be at the mid-level Heavenly Monarch Realm; it should be a false rumor spread by someone. With Di Jing’s talent, he should be around the Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm by now. However, other than the Heavenly Prince and the young master from the Fiend God Emperor Palace, Lan Tailong from the Brightness Emperor Palace is also one of the top three favorites. Furthermore, I heard that he has already cultivated his Brightness Divine Saint Manual to the large success stage, and he can form ten complete wings. Moreover, he has obtained the supreme inheritance of the Brightness Emperor Palace’s founder from the forbidden area!” 

“Even though his strength is weaker than Feng Chan by a bit, it won’t be by much.” 

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head.

His talent could indeed be considered quite monstrous as he had cultivated the Brightness Divine Saint Manual to this degree. One had to know that he was still in the Heavenly Monarch Realm. He might even form twelve complete wings after breaking into the Emperor Realm.

In the various world surfaces, fourteen wings were considered a myth, whereas twelve wings could be regarded as the highest level.

Of course, even though Huang Xiaolong had obtained the Heavenly Hall’s inheritance and possessed sixteen wings, it was a totally different thing from the one that Lan Tailong had formed through his hard work. 

At this moment, the disciples from the Fiend God Emperor Palace arrived at a particular palace in the heavenly street.

“Senior Brother Feng Chan, who would have thought that Huang Xiaolong would actually participate in the Battle of the Heavenly Court this time around.” Wang Yongsen said to Feng Chan, and he failed to contain his excitement.

He had been waiting for this day for hundreds of years. 

Ever since losing to Huang Xiaolong, he had felt extremely humiliated. For the past hundreds of years, he had been working hard, thinking about defeating Huang Xiaolong at the Battle of the Heavenly Court. 

He had been worried that Huang Xiaolong might not show up. Now that he had, he could finally feel relieved. 

Feng Chan looked at Wang Yongsen, “That Huang Xiaolong isn’t simple. You better be careful when you face him. Both Zhou Chen and Special Envoy He died. Now that the Fortune Emperor Palace is under lockdown, no one knows what is happening inside. I have a feeling this brat has something to do with it…”

Wang Yongsen laughed, “Senior brother Feng Chan, how can it possibly be related to Huang Xiaolong? Both Special Envoy He and Special Envoy Chen were late-Tenth Order Emperors. They could have killed Huang Xiaolong with their breaths alone!”

Feng Chan nodded his head and agreed that this scenario was improbable. 

“However, I’m afraid that the death of Wang Qi might actually be related to Huang Xiaolong. Go and order some people to investigate the middle-aged man following Huang Xiaolong.” Feng Chan muttered.

That year, the Fiend God Emperor Palace had sent Wang Qi to kill Huang Xiaolong. Later, when Wang Qi was killed, the Fiend God Emperor Palace was bewildered. However, news from the Grandmist Emperor Palace mentioned that Huang Xiaolong’s subordinate, Lei Budong, had sent the mid-Fourth Order Emperor from Brightness Emperor Palace, Peng Xing, flying.

Fiend God Emperor Palace suspected that Wang Qi was killed by Huang Xiaolong’s follower, Lei Budong, because of this news.

Wang Yongsen's eyes were filled with killing intent as he said, “Don’t worry, Senior Brother Feng Chan, I will ask people to investigate more about this. This time, everyone from the Fortune Emperor Palace, including Huang Xiaolong can forget about escaping! All of them must die!” 

“Also, find out why the middle-aged man is serving Huang Xiaolong.” 

At the bottom of it all, Huang Xiaolong was just in the God King Realm, and it was impossible for an Emperor Realm expert to serve him. 

“Yes, Senior brother Feng Chan.”


Bei Xiaomei and the two girls finally returned to the headquarters of the Silver Fox Commerce after a whole day of walking around.

Huang Xiaolong heaved a sigh of relief, as if he had just finished fighting a big battle. 

After they returned to the headquarters of the Silver Fox Commerce, Bei Xiaomei wanted to throw a banquet for Huang Xiaolong, but he dissuaded her.

Huang Xiaolong shut himself in his room and took out one thousand Brilliant Sun Divine Pills.

After devouring Sun Shihai’s bloodline, he still had to fully merge it into his own Archdevil bloodline. Hence, he planned to make use of the next few days to fully refine Sun Shihai’s Archdevil bloodline into his own. 

As there were more than two months to the Battle of the Heavenly Court, he would catch up. 

Huang Xiaolong summoned his three avatars and circulated the Grandmist Parasitic Medium.

Suddenly, the thousand Brilliant Sun Divine Pills shone and resembled miniature suns, radiating a vital medicinal essence as they gushed into Huang Xiaolong’s body.

The three avatars were golden, black, and nine-colored, respectively. They started refining the Archdevil bloodline from Sun Shihai.

The moment the three avatars appeared, they started to swallow energy endlessly. A terrifying might appeared all of a sudden, and waves of qi rolled into Huang Xiaolong’s body.

The heaven and earth spiritual qi was like a waterfall, and all sorts of qi smashed into his body. The three colors were extremely distinct, and the demonic qi that came from the depths of the void was extremely eye-catching. That was a special type of qi that could only be swallowed by someone with an Archdevil bloodline. Because of this special qi, people with the Archdevil bloodline could experience a surge in their cultivation speed.

A few days passed in a blink of an eye and the people from the Fortune Emperor Palace and the Silver Fox Commerce started making their way to the Terrace of Heaven.

The Fortune Emperor Palace had sent out a total of one thousand people, whereas there were more than five thousand participating disciples from the Silver Fox Commerce.

Even the weakest disciples from the Silver Fox Commerce were stronger than some of the Fortune Emperor Palace’s middle-ranked disciples. 

Generally speaking, one could also tell the strength of a superpower based on their disciples’ strength. It was evident from this that the strength of the Silver Fox Commerce wasn’t something that the Fortune Emperor Palace could compete with. 

Before setting off, Huang Xiaolong had met Elder Fu’s direct disciple. He was called Guo Deyun, and he had an honest appearance and looked a little ordinary. However, Huang Xiaolong could sense a mysterious and powerful bloodline hidden in his body. 

And even though it wasn’t an Archdevil bloodline, it was no weaker than most of the Archdevil bloodlines out there. 

Throughout the journey, Huang Xiaolong and Guo Deyun got along quite well, and Huang Xiaolong found that Guo Deyun was actually quite knowledgeable about cultivation. Besides knowing how to refine pills and artifacts, he also knew quite a bit about arrays. Even though Huang Xiaolong was quite proud of his own achievements in these three fields, he realized that Guo Deyun wasn’t inferior. His knowledge in arrays might even surpass Huang Xiaolong!

Since they weren’t traveling too far, they arrived at the Terrace of Heaven after a few days. 

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