Chapter 1605: Planning To Go Alone

“Master, can you tell when Junior Brother’s three types of different Archdevil Bloodline will awaken?” As waves were crashing about in the king of grandmist’s heart, Jiang Hong couldn’t hold himself back and asked.

The king of grandmist snapped back to reality and he thought about it for a second, “Normally, the Archdevil bloodline should awaken when he is in the God King Realm. However, there are stronger bloodlines and weaker ones. For those who possess the stronger bloodlines, they will only be able to awaken it at the Heavenly Monarch Realm. Some of them might only be fully activated when one reaches the middle to late stages of the Heavenly Monarch Realm!”

“Your Junior Brother has three Archdevil bloodlines hidden in his body. I have never heard of anything like this in my life.” The king of grandmist hesitated for a second before continuing, “It is possible that he might awaken one of them when he breaks into the early Heavenly Monarch Realm. When he arrives at the middle stages of the Heavenly Monarch Realm, the second bloodline might awaken. As for the last bloodline, it might only awaken when he arrives at the late stages of the Heavenly Monarch Realm. Of course, there is a possibility of them awakening at the same time.”

A brilliant light flashed through Jiang Hong’s eyes. “If Junior Brother is able to awaken his Archdevil bloodline when he reaches the early stages of the Heavenly Monarch Realm, then he might be able to clinch first place in the Battle of the Heavenly Court!”

“Battle of the Heavenly Court?!” The king of grandmist seemed a little shocked at the fact and asked, “Xiaolong is going to participate in the Battle of the Heavenly Court?”

As Jiang Hong had never brought up the topic of Huang Xiaolong joining the Battle of the Heavenly Court, the king of grandmist was kept in the dark the whole time.

Jiang Hong replied respectfully, “Yes. Master, Junior Brother wants to participate in the Battle of the Heavenly Court. He also wishes to obtain the first place.”

When the king of grandmist heard Huang Xiaolong’s plan, he chuckled to himself, “Hehe, this little brat’s goal is pretty high. He plans on grabbing the number one spot after cultivating for three hundred years…” After thinking about it, he broke out into laughter, “That’s what it means to be my disciple, I like it!”

“But… The Battle of the Heavenly Court has been brought forward and there are only eighty years left for it to start.” Jiang Hong reminded his master.

A complicated light flashed through the king of grandmist’s eyes and he muttered to himself, “Eighty years…”

Eighty years was indeed a little short.

Unless what Jiang Hong said really happened and Huang Xiaolong managed to awaken an Archdevil bloodline, it would be almost impossible for him to obtain the first place.

In a flash, two years passed.

The light surrounding Huang Xiaolong started to dim and the avatars fused back into Huang Xiaolong’s body.

After two months, the glow around Huang Xiaolong’s body completely disappeared.

When they saw the light dissipating around Huang Xiaolong’s body, the king of grandmist and Jiang Hong revealed a bitter smile. The king of grandmist had estimated that Huang Xiaolong needed ten years to refine the grandmist fruit. However, Huang Xiaolong had proved him wrong by completing the refining process in four years and two months.

Under the Grandmist Spiritual Tree, Huang Xiaolong slowly opened his eyes and he used his divine sense to scan his body. He realized that he had already broken through to the peak of the late-Seventh Order God King Realm!

He was merely half a step away from entering the Eighth Order God King Realm!

Even though he had failed to live up to Jiang Hong’s prediction of breaking into the Ninth, or even Tenth order God King Realm, he was already very satisfied with himself. He only had expected himself to enter the middle or even peak of the mid-Seventh Order God King Realm. However, he had managed to enter the peak of the late-Seventh Order God King Realm!

The moment he broke through the fourth restriction on the Netherworld King’s Jade, his strength would experience a sharp rise!

Moreover, his True Dragon Physique’s godhead was strengthened a whole lot after it was tempered by the grandmist spirit qi from the grandmist fruit.

By the time he was done checking up on himself, the king of grandmist, Jiang Hong, and Li Tong arrived before him. 

The moment he saw them, Huang Xiaolong hastily got to his feet to greet them.

“Master, Senior Brother.”

The king of grandmist laughed, “I had thought that you would need ten years to refine the grandmist fruit. However, you exceeded my expectations…”

His words caused Huang Xiaolong to feel a little embarrassed.

“I heard your Senior Brother saying something about you joining the Battle of the Heavenly Court?” The king of grandmist quickly changed the topic.

“Yes, master. I am.” Huang Xiaolong nodded his head.

“Since that is the case, you should remain here in secluded cultivation till then.” The king of grandmist paused for a second before continuing, “My fruit tree garden has the highest concentration of spirit qi in the entire Divine World. If you cultivate here, you can use the assistance of the spirit qi in the air and from the trees to break through into the Heavenly Monarch Realm.”

Huang Xiaolong was stunned for a second before he was able to snap back to his senses.

In his mind, his next course of action was to head over to the Hell Asura World.

However, the spirit qi concentration in the fruit garden was really too high. He felt that if he entered seclusion there, he would be able to raise his strength at an extremely fast pace as well.

“Master, if I were to cultivate here, will I be able to break through to the Fourth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm before the Battle of the Heavenly Court?”

The king of grandmist shook his head, “Impossible. Even if you absorb the spirit qi in here endlessly, you will definitely not be able to do that. However, if the Archdevil bloodline in you awakens, there is a possibility of that happening.”

Huang Xiaolong was stunned for a second and his eyes widened to the size of saucers, “Master, what do you mean? Do I have an Archdevil bloodline hidden in me?!”

The king of grandmist turned to Jiang Hong and his lips arched upwards.

Jiang Hong laughed and replied in his master’s stead, “Junior brother, don’t you know that you possess an Archdevil bloodline? Oh right, you wouldn't be able to notice it unless it awakens. Anyway, you have more than one Archdevil bloodline in your body”

“... Not just one bloodline?!” Huang Xiaolong was startled.

“In fact, you have three Archdevil bloodlines hidden in you.” The king of grandmist continued the explanation.

Huang Xiaolong felt an explosion going off in his head. 

Three! He had three different Archdevil bloodlines laying dormant in his body!

After Huang Xiaolong returned to his senses, he turned his gaze to everyone before him. The little cow caught his eye and he noticed that purple lightning was swirling around her body without the slightest hint of stopping. The purple lightning emitted a dazzling light and it nearly blinded him.

After the purple lightning dispersed, the little cow shook her head and wagged her tail as she stood up. As her body trembled, a look of satisfaction appeared on her face. “I have never felt so comfortable in my life!”

Huang Xiaolong couldn’t help but smile.

However, he had never thought that the little cow would be able to refine the grandmist fruit as quickly as him!

‘Kiddo Huang, I already told you that you could be a descendant of an Archdevil. See, I was right!” 

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head. She had indeed told him of this possibility before.

“However, I feel that it will be better for you to head over to Hell to temper yourself. Even though this place isn’t bad, it will definitely hold you back.”

The king of grandmist was taken aback when he heard what the little cow said, “Xiaolong, you are going to Hell to train yourself?!”

Huang Xiaolong replied respectfully, “Yes, master.” He slowly started to tell the king of grandmist about his plans and explained his thought process. Even though it was pretty good for him to be able to cultivate in the Grandmist Lands, he still decided to head over to Hell. After all, the Netherworld King’s Jade was in his hands!

The Hell Asura World held the inheritance of the king of hell! Also, there was another chaos lightning pool there!

“Alright.” The king of grandmist agreed, but he eventually thought of a foolproof plan. “Hell is dangerous. Let Li Tong and the others follow you there.”

Huang Xiaolong shook his head and quickly rejected his master’s plan. “Master, I plan on going alone.”

“Alone?!” Not only did the king of grandmist yell in surprise, even Jiang Hong and the little cow were stunned. 

“Yes. I plan to go alone.”

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