Chapter 1604: Three Kinds of Archdevils’ Bloodlines?

“Your first Grandmist Fruit is most effective, where you reap the biggest benefits.” The King of Grandmist explained to Huang Xiaolong, Li Lu, Yao Chi, and the others. He added, “The effect is amplified when you refine the Grandmist Fruit sitting under the grandmist tree.”

“Under this grandmist tree?” Huang Xiaolong was perplexed.

The King of Grandmist nodded his head as he said, “That’s right, under this grandmist tree, when you borrow the grandmist tree’s tree qi, the refining and absorbing effects are increased by thirty percent when compared to other places. These Grandmist Fruits have just been picked,hence, their spiritual energy has not dispersed much. All of you quickly refine your fruits.” 

Huang Xiaolong, Li Lu, Yao Chi, and the others hurried to comply, and made their way forward. All of them picked a spot and sat under the tree. 

Huang Xiaolong, Li Lu, Yao Chi, the little cow, Xiang Xun, the Chaos Black Camel, Lei Budong, Feng Chen, and the Earth Bear, all nine of them, sat around the grandmist tree, forming a nice circle with a certain distance between each other.

Under the King of Grandmist, Jiang Hong, and the others’ watch, Huang Xiaolong and the eight others swallowed the Grandmist Fruit that was hovering in front of them. 

Huang Xiaolong’s body was the first to be enshrouded in a bright light. 

A while later, the little cow’s body was also enshrouded in a bright light. Subsequently, the Earth Bear, Xiang Xun, Lei Budong, the Chaos Black Camel, Feng Chen, Li Lu, and lastly Yao Chi were enshrouded in the bright light.

Jiang Hong watched Huang Xiaolong who was enshrouded in the brightest light, and couldn’t help saying, “Master, which realm do you think Junior Brother could break through to after refining the Grandmist Fruit?” 

Li Tong and the rest perked their ears, listening in. 

The King of Grandmist shook his head and replied, “Hard to say.”

Jiang Hong, Li Tong, and the others were shocked by the King of Grandmist’s answer. Jiang Hong had thought his Master would answer something like the Ninth or Tenth Order God King Realm. 

Is it possible that even Master can’t tell?

The King of Grandmist replied seriously, “In the vast universe, there are not many people that I can’t see through, one of them is your Junior Brother. Your Junior Brother’s talent has exceeded my level of cognition. If it is the usual peak late-Sixth Order God King Realm supreme godhead genius, his cultivation could rise to the mid-Ninth Order God King Realm after refining the first Grandmist Fruit; but your Junior Brother would probably only break through to late-Eighth Order God King Realm?”

Jiang Hong was filled with emotions, “It’s hard to imagine how Junior Brother cultivated to this level in a short several hundred years.”

The King of Grandmist was content, “With your Junior Brother’s talent, he definitely will cultivate the Grandmist Parasitic Medium to the tenth stage, maybe create the eleventh stage, even the twelfth stage!” 

Right at this time, the light enshrouding Huang Xiaolong flickered as a resounding dragon’s roar came from his body. 

This scene surprised the King of Grandmist, Jiang Hong, and the rest.

“This! Junior Brother’s refining speed is so fast! The Grandmist Fruit’s grandmist spiritual energy has awakened the power of his True Dragon Physique’s bloodline, has it? But he has just swallowed the Grandmist Fruit!” Jiang Hong exclaimed in shock.

The shock Li Tong and the others felt was stronger than Jiang Hong. They too had the ancient Archdevils’ bloodline, and were highly talented, but when they had consumed their first Grandmist Fruit, it was several years later while refining the Grandmist Fruit’s grandmist spiritual energy had they awakened their bloodline power. 

Yet it took Huang Xiaolong… less than four minutes? 

Regaining his sense, the King of Grandmist’s face bloomed as he said, “Your Junior Brother’s talent has far exceeded my imagination ah. Judging from this, he could finish absorbing all the Grandmist Fruit’s energy in roughly ten years!”

“Ten years?! Isn’t that too fast?!” Jiang Hong was genuinely shocked. When he had first consumed his first Grandmist Fruit whilst still a Tenth Order God King Realm, it had taken him over a hundred years to completely absorb all of the Grandmist Fruit’s energy. 

The King of Grandmist chuckled watching his disciple’s reaction, and stated, “Just wait and see.”

The King of Grandmist and Jiang Hong did not leave, as they stood guard some distance away and waited for Huang Xiaolong and the others to finish refining their Grandmist Fruits.

After all, they were mostly idle anyways. A decade to them was nothing more than the blink of an eye. 

Half a day later, the King of Grandmist and Jiang Hong sat cross-legged on the ground to comprehend heavens dao. 

Two years went by in the blink of an eye.

Suddenly, a shocking energy swept out violently from Huang Xiaolong’s body, and Huang Xiaolong’s momentum rose rapidly. The surroundings spiritual energy rushed towards him, forming colorful energy spheres.

Huang Xiaolong’s peak late-Sixth Order God King Realm cultivation had broken through to Seventh Order God King Realm! 

In merely two years!

The King of Grandmist and Jiang Hong retreated out from their mediation and looked in Huang Xiaolong’s direction. Behind Huang Xiaolong were three vague shadows. 

“Those are?” There was obvious surprised on Jiang Hong’s face as he could feel the amazing power from these three vague shadows.

There were glimmers of doubt in the King of Grandmist’s eyes as he said, “Could it be…?” Suddenly, a thought flashed across his mind, and he jumped up in shock. “Could it be Archdevils’ bloodline?!” 

“What?!” Jiang Hong exclaimed when he heard the King of Grandmist’s words, jumping up from the ground as well. 

Li Tong and the others shuddered hearing the King of Grandmist’s words. Their eyes widened in disbelief as their gaze fell on Huang Xiaolong.

The King of Grandmist focused on sensing the powers from the three shadows behind Huang Xiaolong. The more he tried, his eyes grew brighter and he felt more astounded. “It’s likely to be the Archdevils’ bloodlines, no, it’s absolutely the Archdevils’ bloodlines!” Excitement shone on his face as he repeated incessantly, “It must be, absolutely, it is the manifestation of shadows from the Archdevils’ bloodlines’ power!”

Jiang Hong’s throat went dry, and his voice sounded scratchy. “Master, you, you’re saying, there are three kinds of Archdevils’ bloodlines in Junior Brother’s body?!”

The appearance of an Archdevil’s bloodline could raise a wave of shock across the Divine World, what kind of shock would three kinds of Archdevils’ bloodlines raise? 

Even Jiang Hong who was an Emperor Realm expert felt like he was about to faint. 

Although Jiang Hong also had a king of supreme godhead, he did not have any Archdevil’s bloodline. In the vast universe, the number of people who had an Archdevil’s bloodline was scarcer than cultivators with the king of supreme godhead!

The King of Grandmist was still staring at the three shadows behind Huang Xiaolong while trying to maintain a degree of calmness. He said, “That’s right, it’s highly likely that there are three kinds of Archdevils’ bloodlines in your Junior Brother’s body. The three shadows behind him have appeared because of these three Archdevils’ bloodlines’ power, but judging from their blurry shadows, your Junior Brother has yet to truly awaken these three bloodlines’ power.” 

Jiang Hong, Li Tong, and the others were flabbergasted hearing that.

Has yet to truly awaken?

If Huang Xiaolong’s three Archdevils’ bloodlines truly awakened, then his talent…?

Li Tong and the others shuddered even harder. 

Huang Xiaolong had only been cultivating for less than three hundred years, but his talent and progress were already unprecedented in their eyes. When Huang Xiaolong’s three Archdevils’ bloodlines would truly awaken, would there be anyone who could stop Huang Xiaolong’s path forward?

“Not one word of this matter can be leaked out.” The King of Grandmist suppressed his excitement and shock as he ordered Jiang Hong, Li Tong, and the others present.

Despite knowing that Jiang Hong, Li Tong, and the rest would not spread a word out, the King of Grandmist couldn’t help putting everyone on their toes. 

“Master, rest assured.” Jiang Hong replied with a solemn expression. “We will not breathe a word about Junior Brother outside.” 

Li Tong and the others vowed the same.

The King of Grandmist nodded his head in satisfaction. He gaze was fixed on Huang Xiaolong once again as he looked calm on the outside, but inwardly, he was sensing great waves of shock. Perhaps, this disciple of his could break out from the heavens dao’s restraint?

He looked forward to that day with great anticipation.

Note: "but your Junior Brother would probably only break through to late-Eighth Order God King Realm?” -because HXL requires more 'energy' to advance than others.

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