Chapter 1603: Grandmist Fruits

After calling Xiang Xun, the Chaos Black Camel, Lei Budong, and Feng Chen to gather, Huang Xiaolong’s group flew towards the Grandmist Palace. 

The Grandmist Palace was only a short distance away from the courtyards they were staying at. In a quick few minutes, Huang Xiaolong’s group reached the Grandmist Palace. 

When they arrived, Senior Brother Jiang Hong, Li Tong, and a few other people were already waiting at the entrance for them. 

“Master.” Huang Xiaolong greeted respectfully when he stood in front of the King of Grandmist.

Li Lu, Yao Chi, Xiang Xun, and the others swiftly stepped forward to salute as well. 

The King of Grandmist waved his hand and told everyone that there was no need to stand on ceremony. He smiled and asked Huang Xiaolong, Li Lu, Yao Chi, and the others, “Did you all rest well last night? Were you able to adapt to the Grandmist Lands?”

Huang Xiaolong replied honestly, “The Grandmist Lands’ spiritual energy is amazing. One night of cultivation here is better than one month of effort outside.”

Li Lu and Yao Chi answered similarly one after another. 

At this time, the little Earth Bear chimed in, “Grandfather King of Grandmist, the Grandmist Lands is superb. I have been to many places, but none of them were as comfortable as Grandmist Lands, it’s simply wonderful here.”

The Earth Bear’s baby voice and his cute adorable look raised a wave of laughter in the group. 

The King of Grandmist was also laughing heartily. “Little guy really speaks well.” He then said, “Since everyone is here, let’s head over to the orchard now.”

Everyone complied and followed behind the King of Grandmist out of the palace and headed straight to the orchard. 

The orchard was not located on the same mountain peak as the Grandmist Palace. The group flew for close to twenty minutes and descended on the slopes of a bright shiny mountain.

From the slope of the mountain, the group hiked several hundred meters before arriving at the orchard’s entrance.

Huang Xiaolong raised his head to look at the orchard’s entrance where the bold words ‘Fruit Orchard’ hung high. It was an ordinary name, but like the words ‘Grandmist Palace’ these words exuded an indescribable mood. 

“Kiddo Huang, don’t underestimate this place because of the plain name, I bet you’ll get a shock when you go inside.” The little cow showed off to Huang Xiaolong.

The King of Grandmist chuckled hearing the little cow’s words, “It’s just a fruit orchard that I had built when I was idle. Come, let’s go inside.” With that said, he led the group into the orchard.

Outsiders couldn’t enter the Grandmist Lands, thus the King of Grandmist had not placed any restrictions around the fruit orchard.

Huang Xiaolong, the little cow, and the others trickled into the fruit orchard. 

Everyone had imagined what this fruit orchard would be like, but upon entering the fruit orchard, they realized how pale their imaginations were compared to reality. Looking at the glistening fruits resembling agates, pearls, jade stones, citrines, and ambers hanging from the branches. Everyone was dumbfounded by this sight. 

None of these spiritual trees look the same. 

The fruits these spiritual trees bore were exuding spiritual energy that Huang Xiaolong and his group had never experienced before. 

Even Xiang Xun and the Chaos Black Camel who had seen more than Huang Xiaolong, Li Lu, Yao Chi, Lei Budong, and Feng Chen were awed. They had never seen many of the spiritual trees found here, and the fruit orchard was so big that they couldn’t even see its other side. 

There were lush towering spiritual trees piercing through the clouds. These trees were so tall that they couldn’t see the tops of the trees at all. Whilst other spiritual trees were no more than ten meters tall, however, their trunks were emitting a glow that Huang Xiaolong’s group had never seen before.

There were also spiritual trees that resembled a variety of chaos beasts.

“Old Man Grandmist, do you know what I envy about you the most? It’s this fruit orchard.” The little cow looked at the stretch of trees and bluntly stated, “If I can have such a fruit orchard, I’d rather not leave my Azure Cow Mountain.”

The King of Grandmist chuckled happily as he said, “Indeed.” He couldn’t help feeling a little smug talking about his fruit orchard. He turned and said to Huang Xiaolong’s group, “The grandmist trees are right in the deepest part of the orchard, come on.”

The more precious the spiritual trees, the further inside they were located.

Huang Xiaolong and the others followed the King of Grandmist further into the fruit orchard. 

Walking along the small paths of the fruit orchard, breathing in the various fruity fragrances, everyone sank into a happy feeling, unwilling to wake up. 

The little cow chattered on as the group walked. She said to Huang Xiaolong, “This fruit orchard has a total of ten thousand spiritual trees, and most of them are from the grandmist era.” 

Huang Xiaolong and the others were astonished—most of the trees here had survived since the grandmist era! 

This…! Huang Xiaolong’s head buzzed thinking about it.

As long as something came from the grandmist era, even if it was a rock, it could fetch a sky-high price. Valuable enough to send the various Emperor Palaces into a snatching frenzy, then what’s more to the spiritual trees that had survived from the grandmist era until now?!

Was one spiritual tree from this fruit orchard worth as much as an Emperor Palace’s entire treasury? 

“Although a small number of the spiritual trees here are not from the grandmist era, they are still of the rare spiritual trees in this universe. There are only one or two trees at the most for each kind of these rare spiritual trees!” The little cow went on, “The seven wonder fruits outside are rubbish compared to the spiritual fruits here. So, you won’t find any of those seven wonder fruits planted here.”

Huang Xiaolong and the others were rendered speechless by the little cow’s rich attitude.

If the Emperor Palaces outside were to learn of the Grandmist Lands’ Fruit Orchard, what would they think…? 

Listening to the little cow as she introduced his fruit orchard to Huang Xiaolong and the others, the King of Grandmist smiled quietly.

The fruit orchard was really the pearl in his palm.

For so many years, he had spent a lot of time and effort in the fruit orchard. Other than preaching dao to Li Tong and the rest at the Grandmist Lands, he either strolled idly around the fruit orchard or spent time comprehending heavens dao.

In truth, trying to comprehend heavens dao in the fruit orchard gave him a different perspective. 

“This spiritual tree here is called a monsoon tree. It’s tree trunk changes color with the seasons.” 

“This one here is the scarlet blood flowerless Tree.” 

 “This is the primal glaze tree.”


When passing by some of the spiritual trees, the little cow pointed and briefly introduced them to Huang Xiaolong, appearing knowledgeable as if the fruit orchard was hers.

The group walked at a leisurely pace, and several hours had passed when they reached the deepest part of the fruit orchard. Here they found themselves standing in front of a giant tree.

The giant tree in front of them was enshrouded in a golden halo yet it wasn’t exactly golden. Fist-sized fruits hung a hundred meters off the ground. These fruits had translucent green jade colored skin and one could see agile purple-colored fluid swirling within.

Standing upright, the tree gave everyone an illusion that it was the king of all trees. Huang Xiaolong could feel other spiritual trees somehow leaning towards this tree as the center as if they were worshipping the emperor.

Other trees grew within a hundred meters of each other, but there was no tree within ten thousand li radius of this tree.

“This is the grandmist tree.” While Huang Xiaolong was admiring the tree in front of him, he heard the King of Grandmist’s voice. 

As expected, the grandmist spiritual tree! Huang Xiaolong thought inwardly.

Li Lu, Yao Chi, and the others’ eyes lit up looking at the grandmist spiritual tree, especially when their gazes fell on the fruits hanging from its branches. The number of Grandmist Fruits on the tree was exactly one hundred. 

At this time, the King of Grandmist pointed casually towards the tree. One after another Grandmist Fruits flew off the branches. There was one fruit floating in front of Huang Xiaolong, Li Lu, Yao Chi, and the others.

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