Chapter 1602: Treasure Falling Golden Pig

It was nothing strange that the King of Grandmist asked Huang Xiaolong this question. No matter how heaven-defying one’s talent was, it was impossible to practice and reach the third stage of Grandmist Parasitic Medium in less than three hundred years. 

Hearing his question, Huang Xiaolong answered honestly, “Yes, Master. I did obtain the grandmist aura.” 

Jiang Hong chuckled and interjected, “Master, some time back, Junior Brother and I found sources of purple grandmist aura and grandmist aura at the Floating Twilight Land.” 

“What? Purple grandmist aura!” The King of Grandmist exclaimed in astonishment. 

The shocked expressions on Li Tong and the others mirrored the King of Grandmist. 

“Junior Brother, it’s better if you tell the story.” Jiang Hong said to Huang Xiaolong. 

Huang Xiaolong nodded then recounted how they had found the purple grandmist aura and grandmist aura in the Barbarians’ space. Huang Xiaolong also mentioned he had found the grandmist aura and purple grandmist aura at the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield. 

Initially, the King of Grandmist felt it was surreal enough listening to Huang Xiaolong describing how he and Jiang Hong had found the purple grandmist aura and grandmist aura in the Barbarians' space at the Floating Twilight Land and refined them. But as he listened on to how Huang Xiaolong had also found and refined purple grandmist aura and grandmist aura at the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield prior to that, the King of Grandmist was beyond dumbfounded.

The way Li Tong and other ‘students’ looked at Huang Xiaolong became increasingly strange. 

This… Can a person’s luck reach this degree?! 

Since the Divine World had come into existence, it had been so long that no one could remember how many billions of years had passed, but no one had ever heard of anyone finding the grandmist aura. Yet Huang Xiaolong had not only found the grandmist aura, but he had even received the purple grandmist aura! 

Purple grandmist aura ah!

The more Li Tong and the others thought about it, the stranger their gazes on Huang Xiaolong became. 

All of them were Emperor Realm experts from various forces, and had been living for several hundred million years, thus they were clearer than most what the purple grandmist aura meant. 

Just like what Jiang Hong had said in the past, not anyone could refine the purple grandmist aura. Even if they had the luck to come across the purple grandmist aura, they wouldn’t have the capability to refine it, but Huang Xiaolong did! 

This Huang Xiaolong is? 

Moments later, the King of Grandmist looked wryly at Huang Xiaolong as he commented, “Xiaolong, you couldn’t possibly be the reincarnation of the grandmist Treasure Falling Golden Pig’s artifact spirit, could you?”

Huang Xiaolong was stupefied, “Treasure Falling Golden Pig?” 

The little cow explained, “Ranking above top-grade grandmist spiritual artifacts are grandmist treasures, for example, the Ancient Heavenly Emperor’s Ancient Heavenly Court is a grandmist treasure. The Treasure Falling Golden Pig is not an attack type grandmist treasure but it has an unbelievably heaven-defying function. Anyone who carries the Treasure Falling Golden Pig would have unending good luck. A simple outing could end with a bountiful harvest.”

“In short, the Treasure Falling Golden Pig is the universe’s number one lucky divine artifact, and its artifact spirit has an invincible innate luck.”

After hearing the little cow’s explanation, Huang Xiaolong caught on. 

So, it was like that. But he shook his head, smiling helplessly, could he really be the reincarnation of the Treasure Falling Golden Pig’s artifact spirit?

Huang Xiaolong had to admit that after he was reborn in this world, his luck had continued being quite invincible.

“The Treasure Falling Golden Pig grandmist treasure has another heaven-defying function if you can become its master. Activating the grandmist array within it enables you to take away the opponent’s divine artifacts, disregarding the difference in cultivation realms and divine artifacts’ grades!” The King of Grandmist supplemented. 

Everyone was astonished hearing that.

“All divine artifacts? Even top-grade grandmist spiritual artifacts can be taken away?” Huang Xiaolong asked in astonishment.

The King of Grandmist nodded and said, “That’s right, it can even snatch away same grade grandmist treasures! On top of that, after snatching away the divine artifacts, you can refine the divine artifacts with the help of the grandmist array inside the Treasure Falling Golden Pig and own them.” 

Huang Xiaolong and the others sucked in a breath of cold air, agreeing that the Treasure Falling Golden Pig was simply against the law and truly heaven defying! 

Disregards the opponents’ gap in strength!

Disregards the opponents’ grades of divine artifacts!

Moreover, it helps the owner to refine all snatched divine artifacts?!

One must know that some experts’ soul marks on certain divine artifacts were hard to erase unless one’s strength was higher. But with that Treasure Falling Golden Pig, everything would be much simpler.

Huang Xiaolong was still a God King Realm, so it was impossible for him to refine an Emperor Realm expert’s divine artifact simply because he could not erase the Emperor Realm expert’s soul mark. However, this was not a problem with the Treasure Falling Golden Pig. 

“Unfortunately, we’ve only seen the Treasure Falling Golden Pig once during the grandmist era, after that, it has never appeared again.” The King of Grandmist sighed. 

The little cow also reminisced that time, “During the grandmist era, whenever a grandmist treasure was about to be born, it would attract numerous Archdevil experts, fighting for it. Later on, a mysterious Archdevil expert appeared and snatched away all other Archdevil experts' divine artifacts with the Treasure Falling Golden Pig, including that grandmist treasure. That Archdevil expert disappeared after that, simply left in a glimpse.” 

Huang Xiaolong was inwardly shocked.

“Enough about it.” The King of Grandmist changed the subject, smiling at Huang Xiaolong as he said, “Xiaolong, this time, all of you’ve come at the right time. The Grandmist Fruits will be ripening in these few days. Tomorrow, I’ll bring you to the orchard to pick the Grandmist Fruits.”

Huang Xiaolong and his group respectfully gave their thanks. 

The King of Grandmist stopped preaching to Li Tong and the others for that day, and had Li Tong arrange the courtyards for Huang Xiaolong, Li Lu, Yao Chi, and the rest. In the meantime, he and the little cow went to catch up on things.

Jiang Hong also took his leave.

In a moment, there was only the King of Grandmist and the little cow left inside the hall. 

“Old Man Grandmist, observing the aeromancy, there would be a great change to the Divine World not too far from now in the near future. This time it is going to be more severe than the last time. Are you planning to stand and watch from the side like the last time?” After Huang Xiaolong, Jiang Hong, and the others had left, the little cow spoke with rare solemnity.

The King of Grandmist shook his head and sighed, “This matter will be discussed again when the time comes. Even though your soul can be healed to a certain extent with the aid of the grandmist pool, it’s hard for your body to recover your previous strength. Who destroyed your body?” 

The little cow sadly recounted the events that had taken place that year at the Devil Abyss.

The King of Grandmist was slightly dazed with speechlessness. 


The next day was bright and sunny when Huang Xiaolong stepped out from one of the yards of the palace, breathing in the unique air enriched by grandmist aura.

Cultivating for a night on the Grandmist Lands had been much more effective than cultivating for a month in the past. 

Subsequently, Li Lu and Yao Chi also stepped out from their courtyards, Like Huang Xiaolong, they too had reaped a good harvest from a night of cultivation. 

Facing the warm morning sunlight, Li Lu and Yao Chi’s body was enshrouded by a golden halo, and with their beauty, even Huang Xiaolong was lost in them.

Noticing Huang Xiaolong’s silly dazed reaction, both women blushed.

“Big brother, Li Lu, Elder Sister Yao Chi.” A milky voice sounded as the Earth Bear appeared swaying his chubby butt.

The Earth Bear’s voice pulled Huang Xiaolong out of his daze, and he felt like laughing watching the Earth Bear’s walking posture. 

“Big brother, can you tell Grandfather King of Grandmist to let me stay here at the Grandmist Lands? This place is so much fun, there are a lot of spiritual beasts here.” The Earth Bear asked. 

Huang Xiaolong was stunned but nodded his head. “I’ll tell Master then. Go call Xiang Xun and the others so we can go to the Grandmist Palace. Master is probably waiting for us.”

Huang Xiaolong was looking forward to the legendary Grandmist Fruits.

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