Chapter 1601: Good Disciple

Hearing that, the King of Grandmist sucked in a breath of cold air. He stuttered slightly due to hesitation, “Per-perhaps, about a hundred thousand year-s?”

He himself had spent several million years to advance to the fourth stage of Grandmist Parasitic Medium, and it had taken him almost a million years to advance to the third stage.

In his opinion, even if this new disciple’s talent was heaven-defying, it was still impossible for his new disciple to advance to the third stage of Grandmist Parasitic Medium in less than a hundred thousand years.

Li Tong and the others stared fixedly at Jiang Hong, waiting for an answer.

Jiang Hong shook his head and said to the King of Grandmist, “Junior Brother’s overall cultivation years is less than a thousand years.”

“A, a thousand years?!” The King of Grandmist was flabbergasted, and he was unable to connect his thoughts.

Li Tong and the others froze on the spot with a silly expression on their faces.

A, a thousand years!

Less than a thousand years, and he has already reached the third stage of Grandmist Parasitic Medium?!

How, how was that possible!

But they knew Jiang Hong was not someone who would take this matter as a joke.

Then, what Jiang Hong said is true? For real!

As shock receded, Li Tong and the others looked at Huang Xiaolong with a dumbstruck expression that had never appeared on their faces.

Even the King of Grandmist was still in a daze when his mind registered Jiang Hong’s words.

“In truth, Junior Brother has only been cultivating for three hundred years or so.” At this time, Jiang Hong’s voice broke the silence.

Li Tong and the others’ heads buzzed, and their bodies shuddered from another blow of shock.

“Three, three hundred years?!” The King of Grandmist repeated, feeling his heart twang.

“You, you said three hundred years? Rea-really, truly, for real, three hundred years?” The King of Grandmist couldn’t help repeat, asking for confirmation.

Despite being certain that Jiang Hong would not use this matter for laughs, the King of Grandmist still found it hard to believe—it was absolutely unbelievable.

Jiang Hong added respectfully, “That is true, Master. A little over a decade ago, after I met Junior Brother at the Floating Twilight Land, his cultivation years hadn't reached three hundred years. Now, it should be around three hundred years.”

The King of Grandmist inhaled deeply as he looked at Huang Xiaolong. This new disciple of his had left him shocked and speechless, yet he felt excited and ecstatic. He suddenly got a strong impulse to touch his new disciple to determine that he really existed, to check what kind of a freak genius his new disciple was, to be so amazing!

“Junior Brother, quickly come to greet Master.” Jiang Hong laughed whilst urging Huang Xiaolong.

Being stared at by the King of Grandmist, Li Tong, and the others like they were looking at a strange monster, Huang Xiaolong immediately reacted hearing Jiang Hong’s words. He hastened a few steps forward and stopped in front of the King of Grandmist, then respectfully saluted, “Disciple Huang Xiaolong, pays his respects to Master.”

Watching Huang Xiaolong saluting to him, the King of Grandmist reached out and lightly lifted Huang Xiaolong up by the arms. The smile on his face grew wider by the second. He exclaimed in joy, “Good, good darling young disciple, absolutely excellent! Excellent!”

The King of Grandmist was feeling jubilant that he repeated his words incoherently.

It had been a long time since he had felt so happy like today. Looking at his new disciple, the King of Grandmist found it hard to hide the fondness in his eyes.

Li Tong and several others also hurried forward at this time, and knelt on their knees before the King of Grandmist, “Congratulations, teacher!”

As they were not the King of Grandmist’s disciples, they could only address the King of Grandmist as teacher instead of master.

The King of Grandmist happily responded to Li Tong and the rest, “Good, good, come, stand up.”

Li Tong and his companions complied respectfully, then stood up from the ground. They bowed to Huang Xiaolong and greeted him, “Greetings to Second Young Lord.”

Huang Xiaolong was now the King of Grandmist’s second disciple, hence, to Li Tong and the others, Huang Xiaolong was their Second Young Lord.

In the past, Li Tong and the rest had addressed Jiang Hong as Young Lord, but Jiang Hong had them change it to Senior Brother.

Huang Xiaolong was quick to return Li Tong and the others’ greetings.

A voice sounded at this time, “I say, Old Man Grandmist, now that you’ve a new disciple, you’ve forgotten about this old friend?”

The King of Grandmist, Li Tong, and more than a few people dazed for a second.

This voice belonged to none other than the little cow.

“You are?” The King of Grandmist’s eyes finally fell upon the little cow. In the next second, his eyes lit up as he exclaimed, “You are, Little Qingqing?!” Amidst his delight, there was surprise and doubt.

Little Qingqing?

Huang Xiaolong nearly spat something out from his mouth in shock.

So, the little cow has this kind of an alias!?

Hearing this name, the little cow immediately spit out fire at the King of Grandmist, “Old Man Grandmist, how many times have I told you not to call me Little Qingqing.”

The King of Grandmist didn’t mind her tone at all and he laughed loudly. “Fine, won’t call you Little Qingqing.” Then, he stared seriously at the little cow and asked, “Qingqing, what happened to you?”

He wanted to ask why the little cow was reduced to this state, moreover, about her strength… Was this cultivated again from scratch after rebirth? But what in the universe could destroy the little cow’s previous body?

The little cow was still angry hearing the King of Grandmist call her Qingqing, and also felt somewhat helpless. She replied impatiently, “It’s a long story, we'll talk about it later. I came here with Kiddo Huang this time. I want to ask for your help in healing my damaged soul. Another thing is, I want to borrow your grandmist pool to recover some of my strength.”

The grandmist pool was a spiritual energy pool the King of Grandmist had built from years of collecting numerous grandmist spiritual herbs, which had wondrous benefits, especially for those who were reborn and cultivated from scratch like the little cow.

“You and Xiaolong are…?” Hearing the little cow call Huang Xiaolong as Kiddo Huang, and seemingly looking quite close to him, the King of Grandmist couldn’t help feeling curious.

Seeing the thick curiosity on the King of Grandmist’s face, the little cow almost snapped, “Kiddo Huang is my master.”

This time it was the King of Grandmist that nearly took a tumble. Li Tong and the others were already leaning sideways, finding what they had just heard hard to believe. Earlier, Li Tong and the others had not recognized the little cow, but the name the King of Grandmist had called out just now had reminded them about who the little cow. The little cow had been to the Grandmist Lands before, and Li Tong himself had respectfully welcomed her several times in the past.

Li Tong knew how amazing this Senior Azure Cow’s identity was. Her name was as loud as the King of Grandmist himself. Now, the Second Young Lord had actually become her master??!

“Little Qingqing, you’re joking right?” The King of Grandmist couldn’t help asking, as in the past, the little cow was used to playing this kind of trick for laughs.

The little cow’s eyes widened in anger hearing the King of Grandmist still call her Little Qingqing, and half-scolded, “Old Man Grandmist, it’s more like you want to see my joke.”

The King of Grandmist nodded seriously, “I do.”

The little cow was extremely speechless, thus she decisively shut her mouth.

Huang Xiaolong then changed the subject by introducing Li Lu and Yao Chi to the King of Grandmist. The King of Grandmist was full of smiles looking at the two women, and words of praise for them flowed freely out of his mouth. At this, Li Lu and Yao Chi didn't know what to do.

Huang Xiaolong went on to introduce Xiang Xun, the Chaos Black Camel, Lei Budong, and Feng Chen. Seeing this, the Earth Bear strutted towards the King of Grandmist and imitated everyone’s actions, he saluted, “Grandfather King of Grandmist.”


After a moment of dazedness, the King of Grandmist grinned and said, “What a cute Earth Bear, what is your name?”

“Big brother calls me Little Bear Bear, then my name is Little Bear Bear.” The little Earth Bear replied.

Everyone watching this laughed at his cuteness.

“Xiaolong, your Grandmist Parasitic Medium has progressed so rapidly, could it be that you’ve found the grandmist aura?” A brief pause later, the King of Grandmist asked Huang Xiaolong.

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