Chapter 1599: Arriving At The Grandmist Lands

“What is the Heavenly Son’s strength?” The little cow was the first to ask.

Jiang Hong shook his head as he said, “His true strength is hard to tell. No one has ever seen the Heavenly Son’s strength, but it is certain that the Heavenly Son has the strength of a Fifth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm and above. Moreover, in the coming Battle of the Heavenly Court, some of the hidden ancient sects are also sending their genius disciples to participate. For example, the Bladeless Gate, Purple Flames Sword Sect, Skies Soul Cult, and True God Sect. Disciples of these old forces are unfathomable, therefore, if you really want to win first place in the Battle of the Heavenly Court, you must at least break through to the Fourth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm.”

“The Bladeless Gate’s disciple!” Huang Xiaolong was surprised hearing the name of this sect.

“What? Has Junior Brother heard of the Bladeless Gate?” It was Jiang Hong’s turn to be surprised.

Ancient sects like the Bladeless Gate and Purple Flames Sword Sect hardly appeared in public once in every million years, thus, not many people knew of them. In fact, most of the Divine World’s Emperor Palaces’ disciples had never heard of these ancient sects at all. This was the reason why Jiang Hong was surprised at Huang Xiaolong’s reaction.

“More than heard of, we’ve even seen the Bladeless Gate’s young lord.” The little cow said in a lazy drawl.

Jiang Hong asked in astonishment, “Junior Brother has seen the Bladeless Gate’s young lord?”

Huang Xiaolong nodded, and frankly recounted his ‘encounter’ with the Bladeless Gate’s young lord at the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield from the past.

Jiang Hong fell into contemplation and said a moment later, “Based on Junior Brother’s judgment, roughly what was the Bladeless Gate’s young lord’s strength at that time?”

“Du Tao at that time was probably a low-level Ancient God Realm.” Huang Xiaolong recalled and said.

When Huang Xiaolong had seen Du Tao at that time, he was merely a high-level Heavenly God Realm, and Du Tao’s strength was slightly higher than him. Hence, Huang Xiaolong estimated Du Tao’s strength to be at low-level Ancient God Realm when they had met in the past.

“Only low-level Ancient God Realm? Is Junior Brother certain that that person was the Bladeless Gate’s young lord?” Jiang Hong was bemused. The Bladeless Gate’s ancient heritage went as far as ten billion years, so their young lord’s strength had to be higher than that.

Huang Xiaolong pondered in silence. “At that time, that young man had not specifically stated that he was the Bladeless Gate’s young lord. But Xiaoniu had recognized that the blade technique he had used was the Bladeless Gate’s supreme technique, the Heaven’s Cycle Blade Qi, which had led us to conclude that the young man is the Bladeless Gate’s young lord.”

Jiang Hong shook his head, “Versed in the Heaven’s Cycle Blade Qi doesn’t mean that the person was the Bladeless Gate’s young lord. If a genius with a supreme godhead with an amazing talent is fancied and accepted by the Bladeless Gate’s Sect Chief as a personal disciple, then that person will also be able to practice the Heaven’s Cycle Blade qi.”

“Are forces like the Bladeless Gate and Purple Flames Sword Sect very powerful?” Huang Xiaolong couldn’t help asking. Although the little cow had told him that the Bladeless Gate and Purple Flames Sword Sect were super forces, she had not mentioned anything in specific details. So, he truly did not have much understanding of ancient sects like the Bladeless Gate and Purple Flames Sword Sect.

Jiang Hong nodded, “Very powerful. Ancient sects like the Bladeless Sect and Purple Flames Sword Sect have billions of years of old heritage, as they have existed longer than the Divine World’s top ten Emperor Palaces. The Bladeless Gate and Purple Flames Sword Sect’s strengths are comparable to the top ten Emperor Palaces. These ancient sects have complex and intricate connections with ancient races and tribes, but they rarely appear in the outside world, sometimes, there is a million years of gap in between their appearances.”

Huang Xiaolong was shocked.

The Bladeless Gate and Purple Flames Sword Sect were as powerful as the top ten Emperor Palaces.

Huang Xiaolong subsequently asked Jiang Hong questions related to the Bladeless Gate, Purple Flames Sword Sect, and the other ancient sects.

Jiang Hong told Huang Xiaolong everything that he knew about them.


Before they could realize, it was already the end of the day.

The Dragon Shark Flying Ship anchored in midair.

“The Grandmist Lands are just up ahead.” Jiang Hong said as he pointed to the front, and went on, “But that area is laden with layers of prohibitions, the flying ship won’t be able to pass through it, so we have to fly over instead.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded. Everyone disembarked and Huang Xiaolong put away the Dragon Shark Flying Ship, then everyone flew forward following Jiang Hong.

After flying for a dozen of minutes, the view in front of the group changed as if they had stepped into another world all of a sudden.

Huang Xiaolong, Li Lu, Yao Chi, Xiang Xun, Lei Budong, and the rest had an astounded expression as they looked at the scenery in front of them.

In front of them was a floating island that was bigger than any mainland they had come across in the past. On the humongous island, mountains weaved akin to undulating waves, spiritual waterfalls wound across the land, and various rare spiritual beasts were frolicking in the skies, or grazing below. Luscious fruits hung down from unnameable divine trees, stirring one’s palate.

High in the air, above the humongous island were soft dense clouds condensed from spiritual energy. Even though Huang Xiaolong’s group was still a far distance away, they still felt the amazing spiritual energy from the island.

The space around the humongous island was littered with rare chaos rock crystals, that were circulating the island according to a certain rule which added a layer of spirituality to the island.

Yet everyone had a feeling that this was the way it should be.

Compared to the Grandmist Emperor Palace, this humongous island brought a greater shock to them, and an indescribable mood.

“These are Master’s Grandmist Lands, let’s head over.” Jiang Hong smiled and said watching Huang Xiaolong and the others’ expressions.

Huang Xiaolong and the others came to their senses, then quickly followed Jiang Hong, flying towards the humongous island.

"In truth, I copied those floating islands at the outer periphery of my Grandmist Emperor Palace from Master. But they only look similar on the surface, my comprehension is still lacking and the results are far from comparable to Master's." Jiang Hong said to Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong immediately understood. No wonder he thought the sights looked familiar.

Soon, Huang Xiaolong’s group descended on the humongous island. The moment his feet touched the ground, Huang Xiaolong felt a rich spiritual energy that was brimming with grandmist aura.

This grandmist aura was different from the grandmist aura or purple grandmist aura that Huang Xiaolong was used to. He quickly came to the conclusion that the grandmist aura here was formed due to his Master’s own grandmist godforce that had blended into the surroundings spiritual energy as he spent most of his time cultivating here.

At the same time when Huang Xiaolong’s group descended, several figures flew towards them from a distance.

Huang Xiaolong was stunned seeing them. Apart from his Master the King of Grandmist, were there others on this Grandmist Lands?

“They are people from various world surfaces that look up to our Master, and have been following him and cultivating here. Some have come from the Fire World, the Brightness World, Buddha World, and even Hell. There are over forty of them, and each of them is a powerful expert; the weakest of them is still a Fourth Order Emperor Realm. Then again, they passed through layers of tests to follow by Master’s side. Though they cannot be considered as Master’s disciples-in-name, they are semi disciples-in-name.” Jiang Hong explained to Huang Xiaolong.

Realization struck Huang Xiaolong, and even more was astonishment.

More than forty mid-level Emperor Realm experts?!


This was beyond shocking.

“Greetings Senior Brother!” A while later, the several figures descended in front of Huang Xiaolong’s group, and respectfully saluted Jiang Hong.

Jiang Hong looked at one of the stalwart middle-aged men with a smile on his face and said, “Li Tong, it has been several hundred thousand years since we last met, your strength has improved a lot during this time. It seems you’re close to advancing to the peak late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm.”

The middle-aged man named Li Tong broke into a wide grin as he replied, “My bit of strength is far too lacking to be shown in front of Senior Brother.” His gaze then fell upon Huang Xiaolong and the others, and he asked, “They are?”

“Wait until you see Master, you will know.” Jiang Hong smiled mysteriously, then changed the topic, “Master is at the Grandmist Palace?”

Li Tong answered, “Master is giving us a sermon at the Grandmist Palace. He told us that Senior Brother was here and sent us out to greet Senior Brother.”

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