Chapter 1591: Coming To Greet

Looking at the expressions on Zhang Renjie, Han Qing, and Wu Tianhe’s faces, the other Emperor Palaces’ experts became curious about the young man Liu Rui’s identity.

“Who is that young man?” One of the Emperor Palaces’ experts asked.

“Don’t know.” The person beside him answered, shaking his head.

“I know, he’s the Grandmist Emperor’s personal disciple, Liu Rui!” One of the Emperor Palaces’ Ancestors interjected.

Other Emperor Palaces’ experts who heard that were astounded.

That young man was actually the Grandmist Emperor’s personal disciple! No wonder Zhang Renjie, Han Qing, and the others showed such expressions.

“Since this Liu Rui was accepted as a personal disciple by the Grandmist Emperor, then it must mean that his godhead is a supreme godhead, isn’t it?!” One of the Emperor Palaces’ Hall Masters voiced his suspicion.

“His godhead must be above supreme godhead! There are rumors claiming that Liu Rui’s godhead is also a king of supreme godhead!” The same Emperor Palace’s Ancestor, who had recognized Liu Rui, shared this information with others.

“What?! King of supreme godhead?! Cannot be, right? If his godhead is really the king of supreme godhead, why haven’t I heard of this circulating through the other Emperor Palaces? Moreover, how many hundred millions of years has it been since the king of supreme godhead last appeared!”

“The king of supreme godhead has not appeared for several hundred millions of years, but didn’t the Fortune Emperor Palace have one, named Huang Xiaolong? If the Fortune Emperor Palace could get a king of supreme godhead disciple, what’s so strange about the Grandmist Emperor Palace having a king of supreme godhead disciple? The Divine World’s number one Emperor Palace did not announce it is because they are low-profiled. Do you think everyone craves attention like that Huang Xiaolong?”

While some of the present Emperor Palaces’ experts were surprised by Liu Rui’s identity, they were more interested to discuss about Liu Rui’s talent. At one point, there were those who even linked the discussions to Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong had a moment of wry helplessness.

Craves attention?

Was he too high-profiled?

Honestly, he had always tried to maintain a low-profile, but reality forever pushed him to become high-profile.

This time for example; he merely wanted a Grandmist Emperor Palace’s disciple to relay his arrival, then covertly, without attracting any attention, go see his Senior Brother. Who would have thought Wu Tianhe, Peng Xingfei, and the others would force him to retaliate? Thus when Zhang Renjie and Han Qing came over, Huang Xiaolong could only send a message directly to his Senior Brother Jiang Hong.

However, considering the implications, Huang Xiaolong had sent another message to Jiang Hong, saying it was enough to send someone to pick them up instead of coming personally.

It seems the person Senior Brother Jiang Hong had sent to pick him and the little cow up was Jiang Hong’s personal disciple, Liu Rui.

When Liu Rui appeared suddenly, Huang Xiaolong more or less relaxed. If Liu Rui would have arrived a few moments later, the Grandmist Emperor Palace’s Ancestor Han Qing would have attacked Huang Xiaolong.

Amidst the whispers from all around, Liu Rui descended onto the square.

The Grandmist Emperor Palace’s Ancestor Zhang Renjie and Ancestor Han Qing dared not slight Liu Rui. Both walked up to Liu Rui. Liu Rui was not only the Grandmist Emperor’s personal disciple, but he was also the Emperor’s Disciple, the successor to the Grandmist Emperor Palace.

“Greetings Emperor’s Disciple.” Zhang Renjie and Han Qing both greeted as they came to a stop in front of Liu Rui.

Liu Rui smiled and nodded at Zhang Renjie and Han Qing, returning their greetings. He then said, “Ancestor Zhang Renjie and Ancestor Han Qing need not stand on ceremony.”

At this time, Wu Tianhe and other Grandmist Emperor Palace’s disciples all knelt on one knee in salute, “Greetings to the Emperor’s Disciple!”

Liu Ruo had Wu Tianhe and everyone stand as his gaze silently swept over the people in the square. His Master had ordered him to pick up Huang Xiaolong. He had felt shocked the entire time as he had rushed over there.

His Master had actually told him to be respectful to Huang Xiaolong!

Liu Rui had heard of the Fortune Emperor Palace’s Huang Xiaolong before this, someone who has a king of supreme godhead like himself. But what was this Huang Xiaolong’s relationship with his Master? To the extent that his Master had ordered him to come greet Huang Xiaolong!

However, his Master had not elaborated, and he had not dared to ask.

After scanning the faces in the crowd, Liu Rui’s gaze finally fell on Huang Xiaolong, and his eyes narrowed. He hesitated briefly before approaching Huang Xiaolong.

Zhang Renjie, Han Qing, Wu Tianhe, Brightness Emperor Palace’s Peng Xingfei, as well as other Emperor Palace’s experts watched with confusion and doubt.

In a few moments, Liu Rui reached Huang Xiaolong, and asked very politely, “You are the Fortune Emperor Palace’s Huang Xiaolong?”

Zheng Renjie, Han Qing, and the others’ couldn’t believe their eyes watching Liu Rui’s courteous manner. What’s going on here?! Could it be…?! 

“I am Huang Xiaolong.” Huang Xiaolong nodded at Liu Rui.

Hearing Huang Xiaolong’s affirmation, Liu Rui was even more courteous and respectful as he explained, “Master has ordered me to greet you.”

“What?!” Everyone was dumbstruck with disbelief as they stared at Huang Xiaolong and Liu Rui.

What did Liu Rui just say? Master? Ordered him to come greet Huang Xiaolong?!

The Grandmist Emperor actually ordered his personal disciple to greet Huang Xiaolong personally!

Th-this…. Can someone tell them what the heck is going on here?!

Wu Tianhe, Peng Xingfei, and several others were agape. Wu Tianhe was especially dumbfounded by the baffling scene, his mind went blank with hazy gray clouds in the horizon.

Huang Xiaolong was really connected to their Grandmist Emperor! Not the usual shallow connection!

At this point, he finally realized that the cow was telling the truth when she had said that Huang Xiaolong had come to see their Emperor! Huang Xiaolong had not come over to worship! Huang Xiaolong had come under their Emperor’s invitation!

Otherwise, their Emperor’s Disciple wouldn’t have come to greet Huang Xiaolong personally!

“I want to go see your Master, but I’m afraid they won’t agree.” Huang Xiaolong wasn’t surprised hearing Liu Rui said his Master had ordered him to greet him. He concisely summarized the situation as he looked at Wu Tianhe, Han Qing, and a few others.

Initially, Huang Xiaolong had planned to ignore Wu Tianhe, Han Qing, and the others, but these people’s attitudes had been overly aggressive just now.

Huang Xiaolong was no saint, and he was annoyed by these people.

Liu Rui blanked for a second. He followed Huang Xiaolong’s line of gaze and saw Wu Tianhe, Han Qing and several others, and creases wrinkled his smooth forehead. He asked Wu Tianhe, “Wu Tianhe, what is going on here?!” 

Wu Tianhe trembled at Liu Rui’s harsh tone, stammering as he tried to answer, “Em-Emperor’s D-Disciple, misunderstanding, really a misunderstanding. I-I didn’t know he-he’s our Emperor’s….”

Wu Tianhe wanted to explain that he didn’t know of Huang Xiaolong’s relationship with their Grandmist Emperor. Therefore, until the end, he didn’t know what to say.

But it was enough for Liu Rui. His face darkened. At this point, he could obviously see that some sort of conflict had taken place between Wu Tianhe and Huang Xiaolong before he arrived!

“Ancestor Zhang Renjie, please tell me what happened earlier?” Liu Rui skipped over Wu Tianhe and asked Zhang Renjie instead.

Although Zhang Renjie was Wu Tianhe’s Master, Liu Rui was quite familiar with Zhang Renjie’s upright temperament.

Zhang Renjie’s mouth opened and closed in hesitation, but he recounted the matter as it had happened to Liu Rui.

Liu Rui’s face was frosty when he heard that Wu Tianhe and the others had besieged Huang Xiaolong in order to prevent the news of the Earth Bear from leaking out.

Although Liu Rui still didn’t know about the exact relationship between Huang Xiaolong and his Master, he was clear of one thing—even when the top ten Emperor Palaces’ Sect Chiefs came, his Master had never ordered him to greet them!

Just this point proved how high Huang Xiaolong’s status was in his Master’s heart!

A while later, Zhang Renjie finished recounting the incident without straying from the truth.

The Grandmist Emperor Palace’s Ancestor Han Qing suddenly interjected, “Emperor’s Disciple, Wu Tianhe is not entirely to blame in this matter. Not to mention, in several hundred millions of years, no one has dared to assault our Grandmist Emperor Palace’s Grand Elder while at our Grandmist Emperor Palace. Even though Huang Xiaolong is our Grandmist Emperor’s guest, his action is an insult to our Grandmist Emperor Palace!”

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