Chapter 1587: Arriving at the Grandmist Emperor Palace

A few days later, the Dragon Shark Flying Ship completed its journey through the Perfect Galaxy.

With the help of everyone and Huang Xiaolong’s grandmist spiritual pill, the Earth Bear’s injuries were completely healed. Now, its body was as good as new - the sparse amount of hairs on it gave off a soft yellow glow, making it look extremely adorable.

The only thing that gave Huang Xiaolong a headache was that the Earth Bear and the little cow seemed to have developed a friendship during these few days and they wouldn’t leave each other’s sights. They were like the best of friends… With the childish behavior of the Earth bear, it couldn’t sit still and was extremely mischievous.

“Xiaolong, is it really fine for us to go to the Grandmist Emperor Palace?” Yao Chi asked worriedly.

After all, they had already angered one of the grand elders of the palace.

“Don’t worry, it will be fine.” Huang Xiaolong assured her.

Li Lu added, “Sister Yao Chi, since Xiaolong has said it, nothing will go wrong.”

In the end, Yao Chi nodded her head and no longer spoke about it.

All of a sudden, the Earth Bear and the little cow appeared at the same time and shook their heads as they walked towards Huang Xiaolong.

“Big brother, Senior Cow told me that there’s tons of good food at the Grandmist Emperor Palace, is it true?” The Earth Bear looked at Huang Xiaolong with an innocent expression and asked. 

Huang Xiaolong was stunned speechless as he smiled bitterly. After getting along with the Earth Bear for a few days, he had discovered that it was as much of a glutton as the little cow.

“There are indeed many delicacies there, what do you like to eat??” Huang Xiaolong asked. 

The Earth Bear’s eyes sparkled when he heard Huang Xiaolong’s confirmation. “I like to eat the Great Golden Dragon Fruit, White Flame Flower, the Heavenly Phoenix Blood Stone…”

Without missing a beat, the Earth Bear named at least a hundred types of food before stopping.

Li Lu and Yao Chi stood there dumbfounded while Huang Xiaolong felt a little dizzy.

Half a day later...

The Dragon Shark Flying Ship finally stopped.

Huang Xiaolong heaved a sigh of relief as they had finally arrived at the Grandmist Emperor Palace.

Before long, they disembarked from the Dragon Shark Flying Ship.

Huang Xiaolong and the others looked over and saw countless large palaces floating in front of them, each giving off an indescribable radiance. As the millions of palaces drifted about in mid air, they seemed to resemble swarms of fluttering Nine Colored Spirit Butterflies. The scene mesmerized the eyes of many. 

Not only was the radiance pleasant to the eyes, but it also made people feel comfortable. As though they delved deep into one’s heart and mind, their beauty was phenomenal.

This was the Grandmist Emperor Palace!

The number one palace in the Divine World!

The difference between Fortune Emperor Palace and Grandmist Palace was that the former was surrounded by floating Divine Planes, and the latter was surrounded by huge islands.

There were spirit trees, spirit flowers, and countless spirit stones. There were even groups of spiritual beasts roaming about and the view could be said to be nothing less than godly.

“It’s so beautiful!!” Li Lu and Yao Chi could not help but exclaim in admiration.  

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head and couldn’t help but admit that the Grandmist Emperor Palace was extremely beautiful.

“Even though the Grandmist Emperor Palace is beautiful, you two ladies are more beautiful.” The Earth Bear piped up all of a sudden.

Li Lu and Yao Chi were both flattered by the little bear’s compliment.

“I must say, you have quite the sweet tongue there. Even an old lady like me can feel your sweetness from here. From the looks of it, once you grow up, you will definitely harm many innocent young girls.” The little cow grinned at the Earth Bear. 

The Earth Bear replied dejectedly, “Even after traveling through so many worlds, I have never seen a beauty from my race!”

“Let’s go.” Huang Xiaolong interrupted before the little cow could say anything else. If the two of them were to continue bickering, no one knew when they would be able to leave.

He kept the Dragon Shark Flying Ship away and rode on the little cow and the two ladies followed behind by riding on their galaxial beasts. The party slowly made their way into the Grandmist Emperor Palace.

The Earth Bear, Xiang Xun, Lei Budong, Feng Chen, and the Chaos Black Camel followed behind them.

As the little cow had been here quite a few times, she was familiar with the area. She led Huang Xiaolong and everyone else towards one of the floating islands.

As they approached the floating island, they could sense an astonishing amount of spiritual qi in the surroundings.

Even though the spiritual qi wasn’t comparable to the Fortune God Kingdom,  it was many times richer than the random palaces in the Fortune Emperor Palace.

How dense would the spiritual qi be in the inner palaces if the spiritual qi in the surrounding islands were already so dense?

If one were to cultivate in this type of environment, it wouldn’t be surprising that the overall strength of Grandmist Emperor Palace’s disciples would be much higher than that of the disciples of the other Emperor Palaces.

Of course, one had to admit that the disciples in the Grandmist Emperor Palace were extremely talented as well.

Currently, the island they were on was used by the Grandmist Emperor Palace to receive visitors. Everyone who wished to enter the Grandmist Emperor Palace needed to pass through this island. When they registered themselves at the reception counter, a disciple would be sent to inform an elder. The elder would report to a grand elder or hall master. They would only be allowed entry if someone could confirm their identity. 

The moment they arrived on the island, they flew towards the reception counter.

The island wasn’t small and they took around an hour to reach the central region.

On the way there, even though they saw numerous disciples patrolling back and forth in the sky, none of them came forward to question Huang Xiaolong’s group. 

As their journey progressed smoothly, they managed to arrive safely at the reception palace in an hour's time. 

The palace they arrived in was in the dead center of the island and it was made from Enchantment Butterfly Crystals like the other palaces. The palace itself was massive and it was sitting on top of a mountain vein. It exuded an imposing and majestic aura and the rivers of time seemed to leave no marks on it.

Once they arrived at the square in front of the palace, they flew down and noticed that above this massive square, there were quite a number of flying ships and flying beasts.

“Strange, why are there so many flying ships and flying beasts around?” The little cow was puzzled, “Not many people know the location of Grandmist Emperor Palace. There shouldn’t be people gathering here anyway…”

“Are they holding some event? Could it be that experts of other palaces are here?” Xiang Xun asked with a puzzled expression on his face.

Huang Xiaolong seemed a little bewildered when he saw the symbol on the flying ships. Most of these flying ships belonged to the top thirty and forty Emperor Palaces. He even discovered the Brightness Emperor Palace’s insignia on one of the ships.

Even the people from Brightness Emperor Palace are here!

Li Lu, Yao Chi, and the rest of them were all shocked when they discovered the Brightness Emperor Palace’s flying ship.  

“Hehe, who would have thought that even those cubs from the Brightness Emperor Palace would be here...” The little cow said with a smile.

“Xiaolong, if we meet the people from Brightness Emperor Palace, will we…?” Yao Chi asked worriedly. 

“If we meet them and they are arrogant, we’ll just kill them all.” The little cow chuckled tyrannically.

Huang Xiaolong grunted, “Yeah, yeah, keep talking. You’re all talk and no action. Hurry up and go in.”

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