Chapter 1545: Dragon Mizzle Wine

Upon remembering his Dragon Shark Flying Ship, Huang Xiaolong’s unease reduced slightly. If they travel with the Dragon Shark Flying Ship, it would only take a month or two at the most.

Another day passed.

With Feng Yaozhong leading in front, Huang Xiaolong finally reached where the Barbaric Wind Tribe lived.

As Feng Yaozhong’s home was located in one of the five biggest Barbarians’ settlements, it was bustling and noisy all the time—noisier and busier than Huang Xiaolong had imagined.

Though they were called settlements, in truth, it looked more like a cluster of old cities. Small old cities, less than one-tenth the size of the Brimming Snow City, where Huang Xiaolong had once stayed. The walls showed the vicissitudes of time. Clearly, these walls had seen a lot.

Feng Yaozhong led Huang Xiaolong, Jiang Hong, and the rest into one of the cities. 

“Big Brother Feng!”


“Uncle Yaozhong!”

Once they were inside the city, shouts of greetings to Feng Yaozhong could be heard from all around. It looks like Feng Yaozhong was quite popular in this city. 

The Barbarians, who were passing by them, stole glances at Huang Xiaolong’s group, but none of them showed surprise. As Feng Yaozhong had said, outsiders often visited this space from time to time. Gradually, seeing outsiders had become a norm for them. 

Huang Xiaolong noticed that the average strengths of these Barbarians was quite high, the majority of them were Ancestor God Realm masters, with a very few Ancient God Realm. He saw a few children who already had the cultivation of Heavenly God Realm. 

Huang Xiaolong also spotted one or two high-level God King Realm masters like Feng Yaozhong on the streets.

However, Huang Xiaolong did not see any Heavenly Monarch Realm masters since following Feng Yaozhong into the city, even though they had been walking for more than an hour.

Feng Yaozhong introduced the surroundings and the Barbarians’ daily lives to Huang Xiaolong’s group as they walked through the city.

The city they were in belonged to the Barbarian Wind Tribe, and it was also one of the biggest cities around, and one of their Barbarians’ favorite hobbies was drinking a kind of wine named Dragon Mizzle Wine.

The Dragon Mizzle Wine was made using various herbs and water from the dragon rain unique to their space.

“The Dragon Mizzle Wine has a wonderful aroma, containing an aura unique to the dragon clan. It’s fantastic! Drinking it not only enhances your strength, tempers your physical body, but it also nourishes the soul.” Feng Yaozhong passionately introduced the wine to Huang Xiaolong’s group, smacking his lips a few times as if he was remembering the taste of the Dragon Mizzle Wine.

“Unfortunately, the wine costs an arm and a leg.” Feng Yaozhong shook his head in pity as he went on, “Even if I take out all of my grade-seven spirit stones savings from the last couple of years, I still can’t afford to buy a small jug of it.”

The inhabitants of this space also use spirit stones as currency. 

“How much does one Dragon Mizzle Wine cost?” Huang Xiaolong asked curiously.

Feng Yaozhong extended out his palm in front of Huang Xiaolong. 

Huang Xiaolong took a guess, “Fifty thousand low grade-seven spirit stones?”

Feng Yaozhong blanked stupidly by Huang Xiaolong’s guess, chuckling awkwardly as he said, “What fifty thousand? You think the Dragon Mizzle Wine is a chaos spiritual pill? It’s five hundred low grade-seven spirit spirit stones! Though it’s merely five hundred low grade-seven spirit stones, I need to save for a good several years. If it were to cost fifty thousand low grade-seven spirit stones, I wouldn’t be able to save enough throughout my entire life even to buy one small jug.”

… Five hundred? Huang Xiaolong, Jiang Hong, and the others felt a wave of speechlessness. 

Five hundred low grade-seven spirit stones is considered expensive? 

“Your world outside this space is full of spiritual energy, but here, spiritual energy is scarce, therefore, five hundred low grade-seven spirit stones is expensive for us.” Feng Yaozhong watched the expressions on the faces of Huang Xiaolong’s group and explained, “The spiritual veins and spiritual stones in this space reduce after every piece is used. It takes tens and thousands of years for spiritual veins to form!”

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head in agreement.

“Is there a place that sells Dragon Mizzle Wine in this city?” The little cow asked Feng Yaozhong with sparkling eyes. 

One look at the little cow’s expression, and Huang Xiaolong knew the little cow’s brewing intentions.

“There is, there’s a restaurant that sells this wine near my residence.” Feng Yaozhong answered.

A while later, the group arrived at Feng Yaozhong’s residence. The truth was less glamorous than what ‘residence’ sounded to be, as Feng Yaozhong’s ‘residence’ was merely a simple and small courtyard.

Feng Yaozhong’s courtyard had three rooms, one alchemy chamber, a study, the front hall, and the backyard. The building materials were definitely the higher quality materials found in this space but many times worse compared to the building materials Huang Xiaolong had seen in residences outside. 

Some time later, the group stepped out from Feng Yaozhong’s residence as the little cow suggested they go try the Dragon Mizzle Wine.

Huang Xiaolong was more than willing to do so. He too was curious if the Dragon Mizzle Wine was as good as Feng Yaozhong had described it. After all, they had learned that they were going to find the way back outside once they passed through the Land of Lightning Penalty. None of the others minded delaying for a day or two.

Moreover, Huang Xiaolong wanted to stay around a few days there to inquire about the clues of the grandmist aura.

But Feng Yaozhong looked troubled hearing Huang Xiaolong say that he wanted to drink the Dragon Mizzle Wine. “Erm, about this, Brother Huang, I don’t have enough grade-seven spirit stones.”

The little cow chortled at Feng Yaozhong’s words. She then pointed at Huang Xiaolong with her hoof and said, “There’s more than enough spirit stones on this brat, you don’t have to worry about spirit stones at all. When we are there, you can drink as much as you want, drink to your heart’s content! You can even drink down to the last jug of Dragon Mizzle Wine the restaurant has and things will still be fine.”

Excitement rose to Feng Yaozhong’s face, then he said shyly, “This, it’s not nice, right, that I spend Brother Huang’s spirit stones?”

Huang Xiaolong smiled silently. With a wave of his hand, several spirit stones fell from the void, exuding rich spiritual energy that rushed out to the four corners of Feng Yaozhong’s courtyard.

Feng Yaozhong stared blankly at the several pieces of spirit stones on the floor. A while later, his stammering voice sounded, “T-The-These, all-l, the legend-ary gr-grade-ten spirit stones?!”

Within this space, there were still quite a lot of grade-seven spirit stones, but grade-eight spirit stones and grade-nine spirit stones were scarce. Not to mention, grade-ten spirit stones were only heard of in legends spoken by the older generations. Someone like Feng Yaozhong, who had lived for several hundred millennia had never seen nor touched a grade-ten spirit stone.

Huang Xiaolong nodded with a faint smile as he confirmed, “These are mid grade-ten spirit stones.” 

Since Huang Xiaolong’s cultivation realm had risen to mid-level God King Realm, he could condense mid-grade ten spirit stones.

At Huang Xiaolong’s confirmation, Feng Yaozhong’s heart started beating erratically. 

Mid grade-ten spirit stones for real!

“I still have a lot of these mid grade-ten spirit stones, I don’t lack spirit stones, so Elder Brother Yaozhong don’t be polite with me.” Huang Xiaolong reassured him. 

Feng Yaozhong stared at the several pieces of mid grade-ten spirit stones and nodded woodenly.

From Feng Yaozhong’s residence, the big group headed to the restaurant Feng Yaozhong had mentioned earlier.

Though there was only one floor to the restaurant, it was large and spacious with more than a hundred tables. All the furniture was made out of the same ancient divine wood that was emitting a faint refreshing and comfortable woody fragrance.

However, there were not a lot of customers inside, and not even one-tenth of the seats were filled.

Huang Xiaolong’s group chose a table close to the window, called the waiter over and ordered a hundred jugs of Dragon Mizzle Wine.

The restaurant had a rule that limited one table to buy one hundred jugs of Dragon Mizzle Wine every day. So, Huang Xiaolong adhered to the rule and ordered one hundred jugs.

The moment Huang Xiaolong’s voice fell, the waiter and other Barbarians in the restaurant were astounded. But when Huang Xiaolong took out a piece of mid grade-ten spirit stone, the waiter hurried away and returned swiftly with a hundred jugs of Dragon Raindrops Wine.

Everyone grabbed a jug of wine. The moment it was uncorked, both Huang Xiaolong and Jiang Hong exchanged a look of astonishment. There was a trace of grandmist aura within this Dragon Mizzle Wine, but how?!

How was that possible...?!

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