Chapter 1523: Half-Half

Upon hearing Tong Jiang’s introduction of himself, Chen Xinde raised his head slightly and continued to peer down on Huang Xiaolong, Grandmist Emperor Jiang Hong, the little cow, Xiang Xun, and the others like a superior being.

That gaze indicated that he was looking at weaklings that crawl on the ground. 

But Huang Xiaolong was looking straight at Chen Xinde’s eyes as he spoke, and his voice less than lukewarm, “Magic Shaman Emperor Palace’s Hall Master? I really could not tell.” 

Chen Xinde, Tong Jiang, and the rest of the group’s momentum splintered. 

The little cow’s voice sounded next, “Hehe, maybe he’s a fake? A Magic Shaman Emperor Palace’s Hall Master looks like this? He is cross-eyed, and has a crooked mouth like a monkey!” 

Cross-eyed and crooked mouth?


Xu Baisheng, Xu Jiang, Feng Er, and the rest took another look at Chen Xinde. From their angle, Chen Xinde indeed seemed to have slightly crossed-eyes and a crooked mouth; they started laughing loudly.

Grandmist Emperor Jiang Hong stood silently in his spot, smiling faintly. Senior Azure Cow’s style is still the same as in the past. She hasn’t changed one bit.

Xu Baisheng, Xu Jiang, Feng Er, and the others’ laughter sounded harsh in Chen Xinde and Tong Jiang’s ears, especially to Chen Xinde. Killing intent flickered across his eyes. 

“At death’s end, still in the mood to joke.” The Demonic Python City’s Mayor’s cold gaze swept over the faces in Huang Xiaolong’s group. He then cupped his fists at Chen Xinde and requested respectfully, “This subordinate asks Hall Master Chen to let this subordinate capture them on behalf of Hall Master Chen!”

Chen Xinde pondered for a second then agreed, “Alright, however, don’t kill that black-haired young man right away.” He pointed at Huang Xiaolong.

Not killing Huang Xiaolong on the spot did not mean he was spared. Chen Xinde’s intention was to take Huang Xiaolong back to the Magic Shaman Emperor Palace and slowly torture him to death.

“Yes, please rest assured, Hall Master!” The Demonic Python City’s Mayor complied respectfully.

Chen Xinde stood with his hands clasped behind his back. The Demonic Python City’s Mayor was a mid-level Heavenly Monarch Realm master. Chen Xinde wanted to test that big elephant’s strength in letting the Mayor act first.

After getting Chen Xinde’s order, the Demonic Python City’s Mayor’s momentum soared. The surrounding devil qi roiled and his robe fluttered without wind.

During this time, Xiang Xun stepped to Huang Xiaolong’s side. 

Just as the Demonic Python City’s Mayor was about to attack, whistling winds sounded in everyone’s ears, and all of them turned to look in surprise. A group of people was accelerating towards Huang Xiaolong and Chen Xinde’s group. The leader was a tall burly old man with a glaring devil symbol between his eyebrows.

Chen Xinde subconsciously frowned as he saw this group of people. Of course, he had recognized the old man, as he was very familiar with him. That old man was one of the Martial Demon Emperor Palace’s Hall Masters, named Hall Master Cui Wei.

The problem was that Chen Xinde and Cui Wei were similar in strength.

Chen Xinde had not expected people from the Martial Demon Emperor Palace to arrive so quickly, that too led by a Hall Master as well. 

The Demonic Python City’s Mayor, who was about to capture Huang Xiaolong, stopped his actions when he saw the incoming group was.

“Greetings, Hall Master Cui!” The Demonic Python City’s Mayor stepped up and greeted respectfully from afar.

Cui Wei nodded as he continued to fly until he reached Chen Xinde. He smiled at Chen Xinde and said, “Hall Master Chen’s actions are so fast ah.” 

Chen Xinde looked at Cui Wei, and put on a pretend smile as he responded, “Hall Master Cui’s actions ain’t slow either.”

Cui Wei’s gaze swept over Huang Xiaolong’s group, his eyes turning sly as he continued, “Hall Master Chen, you’re also here to capture that Fortune Emperor Palace’s disciple? We’re also here to capture him. So, how should we divide the rewards?”

Chen Xinde sneered upon hearing his words. “How to divide? Split that brat into two, each of us take half back.” This Cui Wei had always been cunning and sly, so he couldn’t help raising his vigilance.

Cui Wei grinned instead. He said, “Half-half? What’s the use of us bringing back a corpse? I have an idea, how about this instead? That Fortune Emperor Palace’s disciple, I’ll give him to you, but the rest goes to our Martial Demon Emperor Palace!” 

Rage burned in Chen Xinde’s heart after listening to Cui Wei’s words. This Cui Wei wants to swallow that elephant alone?! 

“I’ll yield that Fortune Emperor Palace’s disciple to your Martial Demon Emperor Palace, as for the rest, I’ll take them back to the Magic Shaman Emperor Palace.” Chen Xinde harrumphed coldly.

Cui Wei let out a hearty laughter, then said, “Okay, okay, no need for us to go round and round in circles, we’ll divide that Ten Thousand Elephant equally between us. I’ll take his soul, his godhead goes to you; his blood essence is mine, you can have his skin, bone, and tusks.” 

Chen Xinde chuckled, “Half-half, I have no problem, but I want his soul and blood essence, you can take the rest of the stuff.”

While Chen Xinde and Cui Wei were busy negotiating about how to split Xiang Xun between the two of them, Huang Xiaolong spoke to them in an indifferent voice, “You two don’t need to bicker as I’ll be taking all your lives!” 

I’ll be taking all your lives! 

Chen Xinde and Cui Wei stopped abruptly, as they blanked for a moment, then, sonorous laughter ensued from both of them.

However, just as Chen Xinde and Cui Wei were about to satire Huang Xiaolong, a violent and overwhelming pressure flooded out from Xiang Xun’s body like a mountain torrent that had been brewing for millions of years, rushing out in all four directions.

Under this overwhelming pressure, everyone from the Magic Shaman Emperor Palace and Martial Demon Emperor Palace felt their breaths getting stuck in their chests, as if there were ten thousand world surfaces pressing down on them. 

Chen Xinde and Cui Wei’s satirical expressions vanished, and were replaced by horror, fear, disbelief and denial.

Both stared at the elephant they were discussing how to divide earlier, and their minds spun silly.

“Em-Emperor, Emperor R-Realm master!” The Demonic Python City Mayor stuttered with quivering lips. 

Emperor Realm master! 

This Ten Thousand Elephant was actually an Emperor Realm master, not Seventh Order Heavenly Monarch Realm?!

Such an overpowering pressure, only an Emperor Realm master could exude this degree of suffocating pressure on them.

With terrified faces, the Demonic Python City’s Mayor, He Clan’s Patriarch, Ning Clan’s Patriarch, Yang Clan’s Patriarch, Tong Jiang, and the others watched Xiang Xun lift a foot and kick. Violent darkness element godforce slammed Chen Xinde and Cui Wei to the ground.

Chen Xinde and Cui Wei crashed hard into the forest floor like shooting stars. Nearby ancient towering trees exploded into dust and fissures opened in the ground as two deep human-shaped pits appeared in it.

The Magic Shaman Emperor Palace and Martial Demon Emperor Palace’s experts felt their hearts tighten upon witnessing this sight.

Both Chen Xinde and Cui Wei’s strengths had reached the pinnacle of Heavenly Monarch Realm ah, yet they had gotten smashed into the ground with a kick!

A chilling coldness spread through the Demonic Python City’s Mayor, He Clan’s Patriarch, Tong Jiang, and the others’ bodies. All of them stood rigid in the air with fear written all over their faces, not daring to move. 

“I, I-I, am the Ma-Magic S-Shaman Empe-ror Pa-Palace’s Eld-Elder.” Tong Jiang stammered.

That was all Tong Jiang said. That was all Tong Jiang could say before he was flicked off by Xiang Xun’s trunk. A blood-curdling scream cut across the air, and in the next second, a bloodied Tong Jiang smashed to the ground. 

“The Magic Shaman Emperor Palace’s Elder? I know.” Xiang Xun said coldly.

The remaining two Magic Shaman Emperor Palace’s Grand Elders were already deathly pale. Neither of them dared to make any noise.

At this time, Huang Xiaolong extended his palms and a suction force from his palms pulled Chen Xinde and Cui Wei towards him. Looking at the two men, Huang Xiaolong did not hesitate at all, and devouring power from his Archdevil Supreme Godhead flowed out. Chen Xinde and Cui Wei’s blood essences, true essences, and godforce rushed out uncontrollably from their bodies.

Chen Xinde and Cui Wei both seemed to understand what was going on, and struggled violently to break free. 


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