Chapter 1484: You’re Being A Disgrace

Chen Hao was dumbfounded when he saw Huang Xiaolong stand up and proceed towards the hall center. He came to his senses and quickly reached out to pull Huang Xiaolong back, but Huang Xiaolong was already out of his reach.

In this brief moment, others in the hall also noticed Huang Xiaolong walking towards the hall, center and watched him doubtfully. 

What is this mid-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm Fortune Emperor Palace’s disciple planning to do?

Huang Xiaolong weaved through the banquet tables and chairs. When he was passing by the front row of the banquet tables, Bei Xiaomei grabbed Huang Xiaolong’s hand as she had probably guessed his intention, and said, “Uncle, you cannot go!” She shook her head with begging eyes. Even Sun Shihai and the Crimson Flames Emperor Palace’s Xie Ming weren’t a match against that Fiend God Emperor Palace’s Wang Yongsen, so Huang Xiaolong’s action was literally equivalent to offering his life on a platter!

Huang Xiaolong lightly patted her slender hand and gave her a reassuring look. He smiles at her and said, “It’ll be fine.” He continued towards the center of the hall.

His actions baffled all the guests. 

At this point, they obviously knew what this black-haired young man was planning to do.

“Who is this Fortune Emperor Palace’s disciple? He is merely a mid-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm, so don’t tell me that he really wants to challenge Wang Yongsen? Has he gone mad? Is there something wrong inside his head?!”

“I am sure something is wrong inside his head. I would say that he’s a downright fool!” 

“I wonder which idiot is his Master, actually accepting such a fool for a disciple!” 

Some Emperors’ Disciples ridiculed mercilessly.

The Azure Dragon Emperor Disciple Chen Zhao who was sitting beside Azure Dragon Emperor Chen Jianwei couldn’t help exclaiming as well, “Father, that kid actually has the guts to challenge Wang Yongsen!”

The Nine Dragons Emperor Palace’s supreme godhead genius disciple Zheng Ming who was defeated by Sun Shihai earlier shook his head and said, “This is not the proper method to get famous, or does he think that Wang Yongsen will not dare to kill him for real? He might not have killed Sun Shihai, but it’s a different situation when it comes to an average Fortune Emperor Palace’s disciple; Emperor Fang Gan won’t even say a word if Wang Yongsen takes his life!” 

Upon seeing that Huang Xiaolong was about to challenge Wang Yongsen, whether it was Fang Gan, Li Shan, Zhou Chen, Chen Yirong, and especially Zhao Lei, all of them frowned.

As the surrounding guests laughed and ridiculed, Huang Xiaolong arrived at the hall center.

"You guarantee you will release Senior Sister Fang Xuanxuan safely if I’m able to take ten strikes from you?" Huang Xiaolong ignored the noises around him and spoke calmly to Wang Yongsen. 

Wang Yongsen broke out into laughter at Huang Xiaolong's question, and jeered at Huang Xiaolong in response, "Kiddo, are you saying you're going to challenge me? You, a mere mid-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm wants to take ten strikes from me?!"

Other Emperor Palaces' young lords and Emperors' Disciples joined into the laughter marathon.

"If I can take ten strikes from you, then you will release and send Senior Sister Fang Xuanxuan back safely and soundly, is that correct?!" Huang Xiaolong stared directly at Wang Yongsen as he repeated his question.

Wang Yongsen laughed again but answered a moment later, “That’s right. I did say that if any of the Emperor palace’s newly recruited disciples can take ten strikes from me, I’ll have Miss Fang Xuanxuan sent back safely.”

“What if I defeat you?” Huang Xiaolong’s tone suddenly turned playful as he asked. 

Huh? Everyone blanked for a second, failing to react to Huang Xiaolong’s ridiculous question. 

The mirth in Wang Yongsen’s eyes was replaced by a chilling coldness. “What did you say?”

Had he heard the question correctly right now?

Sun Shihai chose to interject at this point, snapping at Huang Xiaolong with disdain, “Huang Xiaolong, haven’t you made enough trouble? Quickly step back and stop disgracing the Fortune Emperor Palace!”

In Sun Shihai’s mind, Huang Xiaolong was turning the Fortune Emperor Palace into a big joke. Even he wasn’t Wang Yongsen’s match, much less Huang Xiaolong who was only a mid-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm. Yet Huang Xiaolong was thinking that he could take ten strikes from Wang Yongsen? On top of that, Huang Xiaolong had gone nuts and had the cheek to say he could defeat Wang Yongsen?!

If this was not a big joke, then what was it?!

As expected, the guests erupted in another fit of laughter, some shook their heads at Huang Xiaolong's ignorance, and one of them was Azure Dragon Emperor Chen Jianwei.

Fang Gan's expression also wasn't that good upon hearing Huang Xiaolong's crazy words. His mood was already at its worst after learning that his daughter was in the hands of the Fiend God Emperor Palace’s bastards, yet this Huang Xiaolong had jumped out and further messed up the things, regardless of the time and place. However, Huang Xiaolong was Zhao Lei's personal disciple, thus he didn't want to reprimand Huang Xiaolong in Zhao Lei's face.

He looked at Zhao Lei instead.

Zhao Lei ordered heavily, "Xiaolong, step down right away." 

Huang Xiaolong shook his head at Zhao Lei and said, “Master, I’d like to try.” His tone was determined.

Silent gasps sounded among the guests… Master? This kid is Zhao Lei’s disciple? Those who had ridiculed Huang Xiaolong’s ‘idiot Master’ nearly jumped out of their skins.

Sun Shihai snapped at Huang Xiaolong again, “Huang Xiaolong, now you even dare to defy your Master’s order! You unfilial disgrace! Why are you still standing there like a clown!”

Huang Xiaolong glanced coldly in Sun Shihai’s direction and reminded him, “It seems like you've forgotten who was the disgrace? Who was it that couldn’t even take one strike?”

Sun Shihai’s face turned red, in fact it was almost purple as he glared fiercely at Huang Xiaolong but couldn’t refute at all.

Zhou Chen looked coldly at Huang Xiaolong then said to Zhao Lei, “Zhao Lei, you’ve accepted a ‘good’ disciple! I’ll penalize him after this matter ends!”

Zhao Lei’s face darkened with displeasure. He sneered at Zhou Chen, “You will penalize my disciple? Ancestor Zhou Chen, what wrong has my disciple done? The Sect Chief did say earlier that all Emperor Palaces’ newly recruited disciples could come up and challenge Wang Yongsen. My disciple is our Fortune Emperor Palace’s newly recruited disciple, then how is it a crime for him to challenge this Wang Yongsen?” 

Although he had told Huang Xiaolong to step down earlier, it was more out of concern because he knew that Huang Xiaolong wasn’t Wang Yongsen’s match, and didn’t want his disciple to end up injured. But when he heard Zhou Chen wanted to penalize Huang Xiaolong after the apprenticeship ceremony banquet, it had riled him up instantly.

Zhou Chen had not expected Zhao Lei to contradict him in public, causing him to lose face. His sullen expression was even gloomier now.

“Alright, that’s enough.” Fang Gan interjected to cut off their argument. 

Only then did Zhou Chen and Zhao Lei stop their tit-for-tat. 

“Huang Xiaolong, are you sure that you want to challenge Wang Yongsen?” Fang Gan stared fixedly at Huang Xiaolong as he asked.

Despite knowing Huang Xiaolong’s amazing battle strength, and even that Peng Xiao had lost to him, in Fang Gan, Li Shan, Chen Yirong, and others’ eyes, Huang Xiaolong’s strength was still slightly lacking compared to Sun Shihai. Hence, Huang Xiaolong challenging Wang Yongsen was no different than running towards death’s embrace. 

“Yes, Master.” Huang Xiaolong thought for a second, but came to the same decision. In truth, for a split second there, Huang Xiaolong was reconsidering getting involved in this whole matter. 

“Alright then.” Fang Gan could only agree.

Huang Xiaolong’s attention returned to Wang Yongsen and he stated, “If I defeat you, on top of having Miss Fang Xuanxuan returned safely, I also want those three million Fortune Divine Fruits and that low-grade chaos spiritual vein!” He pointed at the spatial ring in Wang Yongsen’s palm.

Since he would be exposing his supreme godhead fighting Wang Yongsen, he might as well get as many benefits as he could. 

Wang Yongsen clasped his hands behind his back and threw his head back in laughter, as if he had heard the funniest joke in the world. When he finally stopped laughing, he agreed to Huang Xiaolong’s request. “Sure, if a mid-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm like you can defeat me, I would have my people send that Fang Xuanxuan back unharmed, and I would give you the three million Fortune Divine Fruits as well as the low-grade chaos spiritual vein. However, what are you putting at stake here? Don’t tell me that I won’t get anything if I win, since you will be getting all these benefits IF I lose?”

Wang Yongsen had decided that he would brutally kill this punk named Huang Xiaolong with one move as soon as the battle would start!

A measly Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm was actually claiming to defeat him?

But before killing Huang Xiaolong, he was planning to wriggle out some extra benefits from this arrangement.

Wang Yongsen looked in Zhao Lei’s direction. Since Zhao Lei was this Huang Xiaolong’s Master, he should take out some good stuff as his Master, shouldn’t he? He needed to bleed a little for his little disciple, needn't he?

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