Chapter 1482: Crimson Flames Emperor Palace

“Darkness Domain Devil Art!”

All the guests in the Fortune Great Hall murmured in shock. These Emperor Palaces’ forces’ masters looked at the black-robed young man Wang Yongsen with apprehension and solemn expressions. 

Wang Yongsen has actually cultivated the Darkness Domain Devil Art! 

The Devil World’s Archdevil Lord had twelve Archdevil subordinates below him, and the Darkness Domain Archdevil’s strength ranked fourth amongst them! The Darkness Domain Devil Art was the Darkness Domain Archdevil’s cultivation technique!

In the past, the Archdevil Lord Wu Tian had raged war against other big worlds, slaughtering through tens of thousands of world surfaces. Countless lives were lost under his twelve Archdevil subordinates. Each Archdevil had stood above the mountains of white bones, and other worlds’ masters would ashen just by hearing their names. Even Emperor Realm masters from Hell used to shudder involuntarily upon hearing the twelve Archdevils’ names.

Though Fang Gan and the others had felt something eerie about Wang Yongsen earlier, never had they imagined that he had cultivated the Darkness Domain Devil Art!

On top of that, it seems like he has a high grasp of the technique. He has probably already entered the third stage?

The third stage of the Darkness Domain Devil Art was enough for Wang Yongsen to be invincible among his peers of the same cultivation realm. Hence, it was no surprise that Sun Shihai was defeated so miserably.

Upon seeing Fang Gan and others’ aghast expressions, Wang Yongsen smiled and admitted proudly, “That’s right, it is the Darkness Domain Archdevil’s Darkness Domain Devil Art.” Then, his mocking gaze fell on Sun Shihai as he went on, “What unique physique? A supreme godhead genius who is weaker than a kitten. He can’t even take one attack from me!”

Faces turned white with fury, especially Fang Gan and Zhou Chen’s. 

Wang Yongsen continued wearing the same smile as if he had not noticed the ugly expressions on Fang Gan, Zhou Chen and others’ faces, “Pardon me, I was a little too heavy handed just now, I didn’t expect the so-called Fortune Emperor Palace’s supreme godhead genius to be such a rubbish, and so very weak!” 

Such rubbish! So very weak! 

Each word was like a thorn in the Fortune Emperor Palace masters’ hearts! 

Fang Gan, Zhou Chen, and the others’ faces turned even uglier.

Even so, Fang Gan, Zhou Chen, Li Shan, and the rest had to admit that compared to this black-robed young man Wang Yongsen, Sun Shihai was indeed too weak. Sun Shihai couldn’t even withstand one move from Wang Yongsen.

A heavy silence enveloped the great hall.

The various Emperor Palaces’ masters, disciples, and supreme godhead geniuses looked at Wang Yongsen in astonishment for having the guts to utter those words in such a fragile situation.

Moreover, judging from the strength Wang Yongsen had shown earlier, not even a peak late-Second Order God King Realm disciple would be a match against him.

The highest cultivation realm among these Emperor Palaces’ supreme godhead geniuses was Sun Shihai, didn’t that mean Wang Yongsen had already won? 

“Emperor Fang Gan, since I’ve won, where’s the promised three million Fortune Divine Fruits?” Wang Yongsen extended his palm out and demanded without any humility. 

Fang Gan retorted sullenly, “You won this round of challenge, however, Shihai does not represent all of the Fortune Emperor Palace’s disciples, isn’t that so?” 

Wang Yongsen blanked for a second then broke out laughing. “Alright then, since Emperor Fang Gan isn’t willing to give in, I’ll stand here and accept challenges from all the Emperor Palaces’ newly recruited disciples attending this ceremony. If someone defeats me, then I’ll hand over the low-grade chaos spiritual vein with both hands!” 

His gaze swept around the great hall, more specifically, the various Emperor Palaces’ so-called genius disciples and went on nonchalantly, “Who else here wants to challenge me?”

None of the Emperor Palaces’ disciples made any sound. 

If Sun Shihai could not withstand one attack from this Fiend God Emperor Palace’s Wang Yongsen, then they were no match for him at all! Furthermore, Wang Yongsen’s attack was simply brutal. Since all of them had witnessed Sun Shihai’s miserable ending, who would be so stupid to volunteer to get tortured?

Roughly two minutes passed in silence when Wang Yongsen turned to Fang Gan in a mocking sneer, “Emperor Fang Gan, can you see? None of these Emperor Palaces’ disciples dare to come up and challenge me, so, can you give me the three million Fortune Divine Fruits now?”

Fang Gan took a deep breath. Just as he was about to speak, a voice rang, “I’ll battle you!”

Everyone was surprised. They turned to look and saw a young man in crimson brocade robe standing up from his seat.

This crimson-robed young man’s features were a little different—his pupils were red in color, red as flames! This was not because of his cultivation technique, but he was born this way.

Fang Gan gave Zhou Chen, Chen Yirong, Li Shan, and Zhao Lei a baffled look, but they responded by shaking their heads, indicating that they too had no clue about this young man’s identity.

“I, Xie Ming of Crimson Flames Emperor Palace, would like to experience your Darkness Domain Devil Art.” The young man said flatly after he came to the center of the hall, standing face to face with Wang Yongsen.

“Crimson Flames Emperor Palace!”

“There Crimson Flames Emperor Palace’s disciple actually came!” 

The guests stirred with excitement.

The Crimson Flames Emperor Palace ranked ninth among the top one hundred Emperor Palaces’ forces! 

All the Emperor Palaces in the top one hundred rankings were giant forces of the Divine World. Any one of them was an existence that made people shudder at their names.

Fang Gan was inwardly shocked. It was an understatement to say that it was hard to invite the top ten Emperor Palaces. Therefore, he definitely had not sent any invitation to the Crimson Flames Emperor Palace, yet there was a disciple of the Crimson Flames Emperor Palace amongst his guests!

How did this Crimson Flames Emperor Palace’s disciple sneak in?

Despite Fang Gan’s surprise, he chose not to ask anything at this point. Regardless of the young man’s intention in getting involved in this matter, in a sense, he was helping the Fortune Emperor Palace. 

“Oh, the Crimson Flames Emperor Palace.” An unnoticeable black light glimmered in Wang Yongsen’s eyes, however, he didn’t really put the Crimson Flames Emperor Palace’s young man to heart. “This is good, at least, it won’t be so boring. Hope you’re not as weak as that Fortune Emperor Palace’s rubbish who couldn’t even stand one strike from me!” 

The ‘rubbish’ was naturally Sun Shihai.

Zhou Chen’s face darkened and he started exuding a frosty air from his body.

The Crimson Flames Emperor Palace’s Xie Ming observed the Fiend God Emperor Palace’s Wang Yongsen then spoke coldly, “You’ve got quite a big tone, I hope your Darkness Domain Devil Art can withstand my Golden Crystal Divine Fire!” Radiant golden flames surged from his body and danced around him.

These golden flames resembled crystals, reflecting golden halos.

As these golden flames appeared, the great hall’s temperature spiked up, and heat spread at a rapid pace. Some weaker First Order God King Realm, and even Second Order God King Realm masters had no choice but to circulate their godforce to withstand the rising heat.

Everyone watching this was astonished. 

“Golden Crystal Divine Fire!” 

“Golden Crystal Divine Fire is one of the desolate era divine fires, and the bane of all darkness element power!” 

Various Emperor Palaces’ masters exclaimed. 

Fang Gan, Zhou Chen, Li Shan, and the others of Fortune Emperor Palace finally revealed a weak and hopeful smile.

In that case, the Fiend God Emperor Palace Wang Yongsen’s Darkness Domain Devil Art would be suppressed by the Golden Crystal Divine Fire! Even though the Darkness Domain Devil Art was powerful, the Golden Crystal Divine Fire ranked at a high thirteenth in the desolate era’s divine fires, and it was overbearing by nature. Not to mention, they could see that the Crimson Flames Emperor Palace’s Xie Ming was a mid-Second Order God King Realm master. So at least, in this aspect, he was stronger than Wang Yongsen.

Contrary to everyone’s expectations, Wang Yongsen actually chuckled when he saw the Xie Ming’s Golden Crystal Divine Fire. “So, this is your trump card?” His figure blurred and disappeared even before finishing his words. 

Just like before, the devilish black shadows around Wang Yongsen flickered, casting complete darkness over the hall as if they had pulled everyone into hell. 

At the same time, they noticed that the Golden Crystal Divine Fire had actually dimmed under the devilish black shadows’ darkness, and it soon extinguished, completely suppressed by the darkness! 

Muffled booms sounded in the darkness.

Moments later, light returned to the great hall, and everyone saw that Crimson Flames Emperor Palace’s Xie Ming was lying on the floor at the center of the hall the same way Sun Shihai was, bathed in blood with bite wounds all over his body.

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