Chapter 1413: Buddha Mountain

Left a few hairs inside the Ancient Heavenly Court’s treasury as memorabilia!

Whilst astounded, Xu Yong, Xu Jiang, and Xu Shi nearly spit out in laughter.

Xiang Xun, Xu Baisheng, Feng Er, and the others found this funny and astonishing at the same time.

Huang Xiaolong asked helplessly, “After that?”

“After that? That sugar-baby looking Ancient Heavenly Emperor was outraged. He collected my hair and chased me for a fight!” The little cow revealed casually.

Other than Huang Xiaolong, everyone else sucked in a breath of cold air.

“Then, Senior Xiaoniu, what happened next?” Xu Yong asked compellingly. 

The little cow added, “We fought an intense battle for several days and nights. At the end, I felt like the battle was too bland, thus left.”

Xu Yong, Xu Jiang, and Xu Shi were clearly beyond shocked from their expressions, but they also had admiration for the little cow in their eyes.

This cow is someone who felt bored while battling with the Ancient Heavenly Emperor? Then she had just left because of that!

How many people would stumble to the ground if this news were to leak out. Even Xiang Xun and Xu Baisheng’s eyes were full of stars as they looked at the little cow.

“Senior Xiaoniu, then, how did you end up getting reincarnated to start cultivating from the scratch again?” Xu Baisheng was genuinely curious. With the little cow’s strength from the past life, why would she reincarnate and start from the bottom?!

The little cow paused for a moment, then answered doubtfully, “I think it was fun, so I dispersed my cultivation, and reincarnated, and started cultivating from the bottom again. Can’t I do that?”

The others looked at the little cow, agape with shock.

“You will not get a share in the Buddha Wine and Buddhist beasts’ meat later. You can stand and look from the side.” The little cow said to Xu Baisheng.

Xu Baisheng pleaded pitifully, “Senior Xiaoniu, I…”

“I... what I?” The little cow widened her eyes and glared fiercely at him.

Xu Baisheng could only purse his lips in silence.

“What is the God King’s Buddha Paste?” Huang Xiaolong suddenly remembered one of the items mentioned by the Fortune Gate’s disciples.

The little cow said, “In the old days, some experts would use God King Realm Buddhist cultivators’ bodies and combine them with countless chaos spiritual herbs. After that they would refine these living God King Realm cultivator’s bodies for several decades in the furnace, forming a kind of miraculous paste.”

“...Refined using God King Realm Buddhist cultivators’ bodies?” Huang Xiaolong was astonished. “Refined alive?”

“Yes, refined alive, only then it is effective.” The little cow answered.

Huang Xiaolong and the others had a harrowing feeling. 

That’s too cruel.

“Moreover, during the refining process, that Buddhist cultivator wouldn’t die, but would be tortured by the furnace fire for several decades, even several hundred years before he or she died.” The little cow went on, “However, this kind of refining technique is more or less lost. Very few people know this technique, therefore, most of the time, the God King’s Buddha Paste could only be found inside ancient Buddhist sect’s treasuries.”

A chill ran down everyone's spines as they imagined their bodies being burned inside a furnace fire for several decades, or even several hundred years before they could die.

“The Buddha Paste… is better than chaos spiritual pills?” asked Feng Er.

The little cow nodded and said with a matter-of-fact tone, “Many times better than chaos spiritual pills; why else would there be people willing to spend so much effort in refining it? However, there are significant differences between Buddha Pastes, as these were refined using the bodies of God King Realm Buddhist cultivators ranging from low-level to high-level. Obviously, the Buddha paste refined from the low-level God King Realm Buddha Cultivator is less effective as compared to the Buddha Paste refined from mid-level and high-level God King Realm Buddhist cultivators’ bodies. Nonetheless, Buddha Paste is more effective than a Sea God’s spirit.”

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes sparkled.

This God King’s Buddha Paste actually has better benefits than refining a Sea God’s spirit!

In that case, I must get it during the auction.


An hour later.

Huang Xiaolong’s group finally tasted the Buddha Wine and Buddhist beasts’ meat, of which the little cow had been singing praises for some time now. They were indeed delicious—the wine was mellow but fragrant. However, Xu Baisheng could only drool while watching from the side.

They stayed at the restaurant for a full day, and Huang Xiaolong bought all the remaining Buddha Wine and Buddhist beasts’ meat.

The group continued on their way to the Royal Buddha World, occasionally stopping for a day at the world surfaces along the way. A month later, they finally arrived at the Royal Buddha World.

As Huang Xiaolong’s group entered the Royal Buddha World, everyone was truly surprised by the flowing buoyant Buddhism qi.

“This Royal Buddha World’s Buddhism qi is almost as rich as the Buddha World’s Buddha Mountain, isn’t it?” Xiang Xun exclaimed.

However, the little cow contradicted, “Looks like you haven’t been to Buddha Mountain.”

Xiang Xun paused for a second, but soon nodded in agreement. “Our Ten Thousand Elephant Clan from Hell and the Buddha World’s Blue Buddha Clan are archenemies, so I haven’t had the chance to visit the Buddha Mountain.”

The little cow chuckled. “Fortunately, you didn’t go strolling casually around Buddha Mountain. The moment you would have dared to appear at the Buddha Mountain, no matter how good you are in concealing your presence, you would have been discovered. In the blink of an eye, you would have gotten incinerated to your bones. During the desolate era, many of your Ten Thousand Elephant Clan’s experts used to think they were powerful enough to tour around Buddha Mountain. In the end, they died without even knowing what hit them!”

“That’s right ah, my Second Uncle was killed at Buddha Mountain!” Xiang Xun lamented. “My Grandfather had become furious when he had found out that my Second Uncle had been killed there. Thereafter, he had led a group of Ten Thousand Elephant Clan’s experts, killing all the way to Buddha World, but it wasn’t long before they were almost annihilated by the Buddhas serving under the Lord Buddha. In the end, my Great-grandfather had to rush over and save my Grandfather!”

“Is Buddha World this strong?” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“Very strong!” The little cow answered with conviction. “The Divine World, Buddha World, Hell, Devil World, and the Demon World are known as the Five Great Boundaries. Several billion years ago, after the Lord of Hell went missing, Hell had no leader. The Asura World, Ghost World, and Spirit World were kicked out from the Five Great Boundaries. Although the Ten Thousand Elephant Clan was the strongest clan in Hell’s Asura World, they were too weak to be even compared to the Buddha World!” 

“The Divine World, Buddha World, Hell, Devil World, and Demon World.” Huang Xiaolong repeated.

These were the five great boundaries amongst innumerous world surfaces!

“Was the Ancient Heavenly Emperor stronger, or the Lord Buddha?” Huang Xiaolong asked out of curiosity.

The little cow shook her head and said, “Hard to say. The two had never battled, but in my opinion, the Ancient Heavenly Emperor with his Ancient Heavenly Court supreme treasure would have been a bit stronger.”

The Ancient Heavenly Court!

Suddenly, Huang Xiaolong had a strong desire to own the Ancient Heavenly Court supreme treasure. 

They talked as they flew, and soon arrived at the center mainland of Royal Buddha World, the Royal Buddha Mainland.

They had already inquired, and learnt that the Thousand Autumns Buddha Sect’s Sect Chief had consigned his high-level God King Realm master’s Buddha Pellet and Buddha Paste to an auction house in the main city of Royal Buddha Mainland, the Esteemed Buddha City. 

Needless to say, the Royal Buddha Mainland was big. Even though they had arrived at the Royal Buddha Mainland, it would take them another three to four days’ journey to reach the Esteemed Buddha City.

As the auction was scheduled to take place after three months from now, Huang Xiaolong was in no hurry to rush to the Esteemed Buddha City, so he decided to stay a couple days in a city along their way to the Esteemed Buddha World.

Upon entering this city, Huang Xiaolong planned to find a place to settle down first.

Huang Xiaolong’s group strolled along the city streets and came upon a square at one side of the street. The square was surrounded by layers and layers of people. Huang Xiaolong stopped a person who was hurrying to the square and inquired about the gathered crowd. This person was extremely displeased after being stopped by Huang Xiaolong, and said, “The Fortune Gate is recruiting core disciples, you too want to register? I see your talent is only so-so, I advise you against joining if it’s just for fun. A million people register, but they are only accepting one thousand core disciples!”

As Gu Yi saw this person’s bad attitude, he was about to step forward, but he was stopped by Huang Xiaolong, indicating to everyone not to act recklessly.

The person sneered mockingly as he looked at Gui Yi. “Kid, you don’t like what I said? Do you know who I am?”

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