Chapter 1377: Nine Dragons Emperor Palace’s Special Envoy

“Master, watch out!” Void devil beast Xu Baisheng roared. In the same instant, his claws enlarged several hundred zhang to block the terrifying ray of blade light from hitting Huang Xiaolong.

Corrosive devil qi turned into a sea of angry waves.

At this moment, void devil beast Xu Baisheng no longer held back his strength, the power of a late-Third Order God King Realm master soared to the highest.


The ray of blade light pierced through the sea of corrosive devil qi, and slashed into void devil beast Xu Baisheng’s paws.


Black-colored blood spurted out from the crack lines that appeared on void devil beast Xu Baisheng’s paws, splattering to the ground like a rain of stones hitting the ground.

Void devil beast Xu Baisheng let out a low grunt as his body staggered back from the collision several li, before regaining his balance.

Fortune Gate and sea tribe’s groups were caught off guard and were beyond shock, as everything had happened suddenly and unexpectedly.

They were shocked because void devil beast Xu Baisheng’s strength was stronger than they had estimated. On the other hand, the ray of blade light that had shot out of nowhere had actually repelled the void devil beast Xu Baisheng!

On top of that, the Third Order God King Realm void devil beast Xu Baisheng was calling Huang Xiaolong ‘Master!’

While everyone was in a state of shock, there was a soft glimmer in the void as a middle-aged man clad in earthy yellow-colored robe appeared in front of them. There was an emblem of nine dragons on the chest of his robe. His body was naturally exuding a strong momentum that surpassed the void devil beast Xu Baisheng.

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes narrowed as he looked at the middle-aged man. Even though void devil beast Xu Baisheng was a late-Third Order God King Realm, his battle strength was higher, comparable to an early Fourth Order God King Realm master. But this middle-aged man had injured Xu Baisheng with just a ray of blade light. Then, this middle-aged man was at least a late-Fourth Order God King Realm!

At the very least, a peak late-Third Order God King Realm if not a late-Fourth Order God King Realm.

The sea tribe’s group was lifted out of their despair when they saw the middle-aged man’s yellow robe, and they were now full of joy and ecstasy.

Feng Yingying, as well as the sea tribe’s Ancestors and Patriarchs quickly hurried to greet the middle-aged man, and knelt respectfully in salute, “Greetings Lord Nine Dragons Emperor Palace Envoy!”

As expected, the middle-aged man is on the sea tribe’s side! A cold glint flickered across Huang Xiaolong’s eyes.

Golden Brow Ancestor, Blood Knife Ancestor, Zhu Yi, Black Ice Ancestor, and others’ nerves were stretched taut.

Clearly, they already knew this middle-aged man’s identity.

The Nine Dragons Envoy nodded at Feng Yingying and the rest of the sea tribe and said, “I’ve heard that a disciple of the Vientiane World’s sea tribe has inherited the Sea God’s bloodline, therefore, the higher echelons sent me over to investigate into this matter. All of you rise…”

Feng Yingying and the others respectfully complied, and stood up.

The Nine Dragons Envoy’s gaze fell on Feng Yingying. He nodded with appreciation and said, “You’re Vientiane World’s new generation of sea tribe’s Sea God that has fully awakened the Sea God’s bloodline, right? Not bad, not bad, you can follow me back to the Nine Dragons Palace.”

Feng Yingying’s face lit up with joy, and she looked charming as she said, “Thank you, Lord Nine Dragons Envoy!” She then turned and glared hatefully at Huang Xiaolong, “But, Lord Nine Dragons Envoy, if you would have come a step late, I would have been killed by this person!”

The Nine Dragons Envoy smiled faintly. “Don’t worry, I will kill all of these people. My Nine Dragons Emperor Palace’s disciple is not someone they can bully!” His cold gaze was fixed on the void devil beast Xu Baisheng as he continued. “Hell’s void devil beast? I was just planning to refine a furnace of ancient divine pills, and need a high-level Hell’s magic beast’s blood. Your blood is just right!”

His tone implied that it would merely take him a few slashes to kill void devil beast Xu Baisheng! 

His gaze then shifted onto Huang Xiaolong. “In fact, I’m very curious, how a late-First Order Ancestor God Realm like you managed to tame a late-Third Order God King Realm magical beast! Of course, I would know once I capture you and search your soul.”

In the distance, delight resurfaced in Black Ice Ancestor’s heart at Huang Xiaolong’s impending doom. She had not expected these unlikely turn of events, after that day’s roller-coaster of emotions..!

Even the Heavens want Huang Xiaolong dead!

In a flicker, both Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor arrived by Huang Xiaolong’s side.

“This person is a Nine Dragons Emperor Palace’s special envoy, and even though he is only a lower-level envoy, disciples selected to be special envoys are all highly talented. More importantly, their cultivation must be at least Fourth Order God King Realm and above!” Golden Brow Ancestor cautioned Huang Xiaolong. His expression was filled with worry as he added, “Xiaolong, Master and the void devil beast will block this special envoy, so you quickly run for it!”

“The Nine Dragons Emperor Palace is the force behind the sea tribe.” Blood Knife Ancestor added, afraid that Huang Xiaolong hadn’t yet figured out the relationship between the sea tribe and Nine Dragons Emperor Palace.

A surge of grief filled Huang Xiaolong’s heart as Golden Brow Ancestor asked him to escape, while he and Xu Baisheng would block the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace’s special envoy. His Master Golden Brow Ancestor was just a First Order God King Realm, therefore his strength was simply not enough when compared to the Fourth Order God King Realm Nine Dragons Emperor Palace’s special envoy. The only outcome in blocking this envoy was his Master’s death.

But Golden Brow Ancestor had still decided to protect him.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace’s special envoy, and cold light gleamed in the depth of his eyes. Since a Nine Dragons Emperor Palace’s lower-level envoy had the strength of the Fourth Order God King Realm, it was obvious that the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace was a super force of the Divine World.

The Nine Dragons Emperor Palace’s special envoy sneered while looking at Huang Xiaolong and mocked, “Flee? None of you will escape today, all of you will die here!” His eyes shone with murderous intent as he said to Golden Brow Ancestor, “Since you wish to die, I will fulfill your wish by killing you first!” In a flicker of light, a giant blade appeared in his hands.

The giant blade’s body was wide and it exuded an eerie coldness with yin souls wound around it. It would prompt a person to wonder about the number of lives reaped by this blade to have such dense yin souls energy.

“Ghost King’s Great Blade Hack!”

The Nine Dragons Emperor Palace’s special envoy’s great blade suddenly hacked down on Golden Brow Ancestor.

Clang! A crisp noise shook the world as rows of blade images hacked down on Golden Brow Ancestor from above. Countless yin souls ferociously bared their fangs like a blade from hell—like the blade of death!

“Metal Domain Canon, Golden Crow Shooting towards the Sun!”

Golden Brow Ancestor’s face tightened, but his counter-attack came swiftly as he executed the strongest attack from his Metal Domain Canon: ‘Golden Crow Shooting towards the Sun.’ Surging metal element godforce formed an enormous ancient golden crow that shot out like the sharpest sword towards the rows of blade images.

But it was useless. The rows of Ghost King’s Great Blade images tore through the enormous ancient golden crow in the blink of an eye, and attacked Golden Brow Ancestor with unstoppable momentum. 

A strong and intense feeling of death enshrouded Golden Brow Ancestor.

As Golden Brow Ancestor was close to being perforated by the blade images, a beast’s roar suddenly shook the heavens. Void devil beast Xu Baisheng opened his mouth and spat out a light beam formed of corrosive devil qi onto the rows of blade images.

Under the corrosive devil qi light beam, the rows of blade images’ power were greatly weakened, and finally disappeared.

At the same time, Xu Baisheng was forced back repeatedly from the impact, as he dealt with the special envoy’s attack.

”Hmph, let’s see how many tricks you have up your sleeves!” The Nine Dragons Emperor Palace’s special envoy harrumphed coldly, as the great blade in his hands hacked into the void devil beast Xu Baisheng and Golden Brow Ancestor.

Feng Er, Huang Xiaolong, and the rest quickly retreated to a safe distance. Even though Feng Er, Gui Yi, and Gui Er desperately wanted to help Golden Brow Ancestor, the battle between the God King Realm masters was beyond their capacity.

The Nine Dragons Emperor Palace’s special envoy kept hacking down repeatedly at rapid speed, and the whole sky was filled with blade qi.

At one point, Golden Brow Ancestor was hit by one of the blade qi, and he was shot backwards while vomiting blood. Though the void devil beast Xu Baisheng fared better than him, he too was bleeding all over from the unavoidable blade qi.

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